"How dare you, you scoundrel! How dare you cause trouble in the territory of the Qian Prefecture. You really don't put our Xue Family's troops in your eyes!"

Dozens of people flew down with long swords in their hands. They quickly surrounded the group of bandits.

"So many people!"

The bandit boss was very worried. Even though they hadn't fought yet, the fact that these people could instantly escape meant that they were definitely not people with low spiritual energy.

"Seventh Brother, don't stay in a daze!"

Now that they were surrounded and attacked, they really needed the help of Seventh Bro's special perception.

"Boss, I'm not lost in thought. I'm restricted by someone. That person is too strong!"

"Restricted space? This... How is this possible? "You already have the peak of the third grade spiritual energy, what kind of person can restrict your space?"

Although he was asking, the answer was obvious.

"It's him!"

Everyone turned to look at the purple-robed young master, but unfortunately, the purple-robed young master didn't have any intention of turning back. He only stared at the woman in his arms with some curiosity:

"What are you doing?" Didn't you just say that you wanted to leave by yourself? You're not letting go now? "

Hearing the man's question, Zhao Xiaoxue also complained in her heart. She didn't want to be blamed on this man, but just now, she unexpectedly heard that Zhao Jie's voice.

Zhao Jie was a subordinate of Big Brother Snowy. Plus, she had seen him before, so she didn't want to be found out. Zhao Xiaoxue could only cover her face in the man's embrace, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to explain herself.

"I feel dizzy, and I don't want to walk anymore. If you don't want to hug me forever, then find a place for me to rest!"

Zhao Xiaoxue really wanted to urge the man to leave quickly, but she heard the sound of soldiers clashing not far away. She worried people about whether Zhao Jie's men could fight against those bandits.

"Don't move. If you resist again, chop him!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't worry for long. Soon, she heard Zhao Jie's high-pitched berating voice not too far away. Needless to say, she knew that these people had already been subdued by Zhao Xiaoxue.

So Zhao Jie was this powerful? Why didn't Zhao Xiaoxue see it before?

"Young master, please wait!"

After taking care of the bandits, Zhao Jie quickly approached the purple-robed gongzi.

"What's the matter?"

Chu Yufeng didn't turn around, but his footsteps had already stopped. Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head even more as she felt Zhao Jie was getting closer to her, afraid that Zhao Xiaoxue would notice.

"Just now when the bandits attacked, I didn't know that Young Master …" "Huh?"

Zhao Jie arrived in front of the purple-robed gongzi. He had already noticed this gongzi's extraordinary bearing from far away. Now that he could see the other party clearly, his face was filled with shock. He quickly withdrew his sword and kneeled down on one knee:

"The Xue Clan's Left Wing Commander, Zhao Jie pays his respects to the Southern King!"

The appearance of the Southern King in the Qian Prefecture surprised everyone. Without General Xue, Zhao Jie wouldn't dare to be rude in front of the Southern King.

"Get up. Commander Zhao has arrived in time to catch the bandits. He's worthy of being General Xue's capable subordinate!" You can get busy. This King is just passing by, there's no need to mind it too much! "

Feeling the nervousness of the person in his arms, Chu Yufeng didn't intend to chat with them for long.

"Your Highness, this lady is..." Is he injured? "

The Southern King's health was not that good, and this was something the entire world knew. But now, such a weak Southern King was carrying a girl. It could be seen how extraordinary this girl was.

When Zhao Xiaoxue found that Zhao Jie had shifted his gaze to her, she became even more nervous. She was wondering if she would explain herself soon.

However, no matter how she explained it, it seemed like she was wrong. Moreover, she was still being carried by the Southern King. In this world, it was unknown whether a married woman being held by someone else would be considered guilty or whether she would soak in a pig cage.

The more she thought about it, the more scared she became. Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head even more and clutched her head even tighter.

"Injured? She should be scared! "

Chu Yufeng could not describe the woman's actions as ridiculous. He could not understand why she would hide from her big brother, but he was also very curious. Why did she seem to have no idea about the relationship between him and her?

But no matter what the reason was, as long as she was not willing to expose him, he would continue to play with her in this manner.

"The girl was scared, then... Should I ask the military doctors to come over to take a look? "

Hearing that the military doctor was coming over, Zhao Xiaoxue tensed up again. Oh god, we are all familiar with each other, no! Definitely not!

"Commander Zhao, she's just a servant of this king. She doesn't need to trouble the military doctors, and the bandits behind her aren't so obedient either. Does Commander Zhao want to execute her on the spot, or escort her back to the military camp?"

Mentioning the bandits, Zhao Jie looked behind him and answered without any hesitation.

"All of them need to be escorted back to the military camp and will be dealt with by the general!"

"Alright, then I'll have to trouble Commander Zhao!"

Having said so, Chu Yufeng didn't linger any further. He walked straight to town with the woman in his arms.

Looking at the back of His Highness the Southern King, Zhao Jie deeply frowned:

"The magnificent Southern King would actually hold a servant girl. This servant girl is really bold. Maybe one day she will even try to bully Miss Xue. No way, we have to report this to the general immediately!"

It was an urgent matter, and Zhao Jie began to instruct everyone behind him to bring the seven bandits back to camp quickly.

Zhao Xiaoxue was very clear that she was not injured. Moreover, she was an adult. Although she was a bit thinner than before, she was still quite heavy. It would definitely be very tiring for a man to carry her like this.

After a short distance, Zhao Xiaoxue slowly turned her head and looked at the man with an embarrassed expression.

"That... "I was feeling a bit dizzy just now, but I'm fine now. It's alright now, I can walk by myself!"

"Is that so?"

The man lowered his head and looked at her. From his gaze, Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that he seemed to be suspecting something. That's right, his actions just now were so obvious, he would definitely have felt that something was wrong.

"Actually, I …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was still hesitating on how to explain, but the moment she opened her mouth, her head began to buzz. The cold energy in her body began to invade her entire body, causing her body to tremble.

"Xiao Xue, what happened to you?"

The man had already noticed the change in the woman, so he held her tightly and asked carefully.

"I... So cold! Should be... It's a relapse! "

Taking advantage of the fact that she was still conscious, Zhao Xiaoxue had to tell Chu Yufeng the way to save her:

"I have some medicine in my bag, you … Let me eat one and... "It will be fine!"

Once again, darkness was approaching. For some reason, Zhao Xiaoxue felt very happy, because with this man by her side, she believed that with him around, she would definitely be able to wake up again.

"What?" Chu Yufeng was in the State of Qian? He's even carrying a servant girl? "

In the army camp, after hearing this news, Xue Mei Shan exerted his strength and the porcelain cup in his hand quickly shattered into pieces.

"This guy clearly doesn't have much time to live, but he's still playing around. It's only been a few days since his wedding, and he's actually brought a servant girl out for a sightseeing trip. Could it be that he specially came to the Qian Zhou to let me know?"

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