"Serve the wine!"


"Scraping the flesh!"

A short order was issued by the man next to her. Zhao Xiaoxue felt that it was very funny. However, when Zhao Xiaoxue saw the orderly rows of movements, she was dumbfounded. She never thought that it would actually work!

"They're so powerful!"

Zhao Xiaoxue praised from the bottom of her heart.

"Of course, these are all carefully chosen by me!"

Chu Yufeng's heart ached when he saw the woman painstakingly treating the wounded, but after observing a few people, he realized that this woman's treatment methods were not complicated, so he tried to find someone to imitate her. After all, the patients here were similar.

In order to find a person who was proficient in these techniques, Chu Yufeng had screened almost every single woman in the town. In the end, only these 20 were left. Fortunately, they didn't disappoint his expectations, and were all 'imitating' him well.

"Thank you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was really grateful to this man for what he did. She didn't know that behind his lofty authority, there was actually such a benevolent heart.

"Apply the medicine!"


With just a few simple commands, the 'female disciples' quickly mastered them.

"You guys stay busy, your master still has important things to do!"

As the man spoke, he pulled the woman towards him.

Seeing the back of Young Master Chu and the female Divine Doctor leaving in a hurry, someone could not help but guess:

"Could it be that Young Master Chu intends to accept the Godly Woman Doctor now?"

Hearing this, the others couldn't help but laugh out loud. The originally oppressive atmosphere was diluted by the laughter, and before, they were worried that a female Godly Doctor wouldn't be able to treat their own wounds in time, but now that there were so many 'Goddess Doctors', they all felt that hope was right in front of them.

Hearing the laughter in the room behind her, Zhao Xiaoxue felt her face turn hot. She didn't even need to look to know that her ears had already turned red. She gently pushed away the man's hand and said with an embarrassed expression:

"Can I admit my mistakes now? It was my mistake just now, so I thought that I could become your disciple. Now that I have thought it through, you let me go and let me continue treating the patient! "

Zhao Xiaoxue tried her best to struggle free from his grip, but no matter how hard she tried, the man refused to let go. He even looked at her with suspicion:

"Misunderstanding? Why would I understand you wrongly? I did want to accept you as my disciple! What? You feel that your disciple's position is unfair to you, and you want to change your position? If you don't want my wife, that's fine too! "

In any case, she was his consort, and men didn't mind at all.

"NO!" No! Young Master, you're getting more and more outrageous. I don't plan to be your disciple, and I don't know how to be some 'Madam'! It's enough to be a servant girl! "

Just now, Zhao Xiaoxue was actually feeling flustered. No matter what, she had already married someone, and the other person was also a prince. Although he was a prince with terminal illness, he was still her husband in name.

Now, if the Southern King were to say such words, then she wouldn't have the face to see anyone anymore. Not to mention in this strange world, even in the modern world, this was something that people despised and even violated.

"You reject This King? Why? Do you think This King is not worthy of you? "

The man was slightly injured by the woman's dodging behavior. The two of them originally had a good relationship with each other, but he didn't know why this woman would sometimes distance herself from him. As expected, women were hard to figure out.

"Your Highness is too serious!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how to explain, so she simply didn't explain and lowered her head.

"Humph!" This King is indeed overthinking it! "

Standing outside the yard, Chu Yufeng was instantly enlightened by the cold wind. What was he, a dying man, hoping for? He should have stayed away from her, but he couldn't help wanting to get closer.

"Snowy, do what you want and live the life you want. Take good care of yourself!"

After saying this, the man didn't wait for the girl beside him to reply, he turned around and left.

"He left just like that!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could see that the man was a bit angry, but when she thought about it on the road, he also had a lot of tantrums. In the end, everything was fine, but Zhao Xiaoxue thought that he would be fine tomorrow. Since the man didn't pull her, Zhao Xiaoxue decided to continue treating the wounded.

"Miss, why are you still here?"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue turned around, Guan Xiao Xun rushed over.

"Where did you run off to? I'm not here, so where else could I be?"

Even though Guan was dressed like a woman, her behavior was not that of a girl, and she acted like a tomboy.

"Miss, of course you should eat in the front yard! Under the orders of His Highness the Southern King, this servant has prepared a lot of food. His Highness the Southern King said that the miss didn't eat and didn't have the strength to save the girl, so the lady should go eat right now!"

As she spoke, she pulled Zhao Xiaoxue towards the exit.

"Wait, I can't eat right now. I have to go into that house later. It would be a waste even if I ate!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could guarantee that everything she ate would be spat out.

"Aiya, that won't happen. His Highness the Southern King has ordered people to prepare cloth to soak the herbs. As long as you cover your nose, you won't vomit anymore!"

As Guan Xiaoxue spoke, she continued to exert her strength. Zhao Xiaoxue no longer resisted and was only shocked in her heart. So that man had done so much.

"He, a South King, is doing all this for the common people?"

Zhao Xiaoxue whispered.

"Lady, why don't you feel that His Highness the Southern King is doing all this for you? In fact, even this servant can see that His Highness the Southern King likes you very much. Perhaps in the future, you might even be able to become his Highness' secondary wife. Although your status is not as noble as his wife, you will definitely be his most trusted concubine! "

Guan Xiao Xun found that the girl and the Southern King were especially compatible. The two of them standing together were simply a match made in heaven.

"Wangfei? He's married? "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know why, but after hearing this news, she felt a strange feeling in her heart.

"Yes!" His Highness the Southern King just got married not long ago, and because of that, we managed to get a jug of fine wine from the relay station's yamen. The fragrance of that wine … "

Guan Xiaoxue was still muttering nonstop, but Zhao Xiaoxue could only feel the buzzing in her ears. She could not hear anything, and the fact that he was already married was repeated in her mind.

"Xiao Xun, when these wounded are healed, let's leave this place!"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she could no longer shamelessly follow that man. If her consort were to find out, who knew what kind of trouble it would create?

"Are the Southern King and the others leaving?"

It seemed that Guan Xiao Xun was still unable to figure out her young lady's mood, and could only think that they would leave together with His Highness the Southern King.

"We are leaving!" "Let's pack our bags!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was currently depressed, she didn't want to explain too much. He ate some food. He was clearly very hungry, but he didn't have much appetite. By the time he got back to the house, most of the wounded had already been bandaged by those nimble 'female disciples'.

Needless to say, it was handled very well. Zhao Xiaoxue had no problem checking it once, so she quickly returned to her room to rest.

Early the next morning, just as dawn arrived, Zhao Xiaoxue's door was pushed open by someone:

"Miss, something bad happened!"

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