Tie Hu had at least one grade of spiritual energy, so when the dagger flew over, he instantly caught it. However, he didn't think this dagger would have any effect. Against such a huge monster in front of him, this dagger could only give him courage.

"Come! "You beast, if you want to hurt my wife and daughter, you have to get through me first!"

Tie Hu instantly became heroic, causing countless people to be moved.

"Brother Hu, if there is an afterlife, Qiu Niang will still be your wife!"

In the face of death, with the person you love the most, you can have boundless courage.

"Father!" Mother! Hong'er wants to be with you guys too! "

The girl's words immediately blinded everyone's eyes, and made Madam Qiu cry bitterly.


In such a tense moment, the beast suddenly let out a long breath and stopped attacking.

"The monster has no more attacks, could it be that it's been moved?"

Tie Hu's family was still alive, so Guan Xiao Xun almost cheered up.

"Brother Hu, what's going on? We're fine! "

Not only did the monster not attack them, it even went around them to the other side.

"I don't know either. Maybe it was the Godly Doctor's dagger that gave us good luck!"

Without being attacked by the monsters, Tie Hu, his wife and daughter quickly approached the crowd. Although Tie Hu's family was saved, the situation of the circle being packed with people still did not change. As more and more people joined the circle, almost everyone outside was attacked by the monsters.

"Why is that? Why are the people inside fine and why are the people outside attacked by monsters? "

In the face of death, everyone had the right to live. No one wanted to be a monster's prey, so the crowd became even more intense. Zhao Xiaoxue, who stood in the middle, was also pushed around.

From time to time, the crowd would let out the sound of stamping and stamping. Even if they weren't eaten by wild beasts, they would probably be injured by their own people.

"Lady, what do we do now? "So chaotic!"

The surroundings were all in a mess. Guan Xiao Xun felt uncomfortable, but she had no better way. She could only ask Miss Xiao Xue who was at the side.

The surroundings were in chaos, but Zhao Xiaoxue still hadn't recovered from the scene of Tie Hu's family being saved. Even until now, she still had her eyes on them.

He saw that Tie Hu was still holding her dagger, and on the dagger was the blood she had just stained. Could it be that there was something wrong with his blood?

Seeing the dried blood on her palms, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly had a crazy thought. If she sprinkled this blood on everyone's bodies, wouldn't she be able to save everyone here?

However, this method was only possible if her blood was truly useful. Therefore, she needed to find someone to test it on. As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head, she met with a pair of large eyes that were staring at her.

"Miss, what were you thinking about just now? You shouted for so long, but there was no response! "

"I'm sorry, I was thinking of a way to solve this chaotic situation!"

So the lady was thinking of a way. Guan Xiao Xun asked urgently:

"Has the girl thought of a way?"

Faced with Xiao Xun's question, Zhao Xiaoxue nodded hesitantly.

"What method is it? Miss, quickly tell me!"

Looking at the pair of flickering eyes on the other side, Zhao Xiaoxue instantly felt somewhat troubled. If she failed in her thought process, it might harm even more people.

"Miss, is it your blood? Can your blood disperse the monsters?"

Guan Xiaoru was not stupid, even her brain was very flexible. Seeing the girl's silent expression, she was sure that she had guessed correctly.

"No wonder Tie Hu's family was fine. So it was the girl who dripped her blood on the dagger. That's why they were saved!"

The more she analyzed, the more she felt this was the case.

"I think so too. However, this is just our conjecture, and there is no way to prove it. Therefore, we don't dare to spread it out. Otherwise, we might harm everyone!"

Under the threat of the monsters, everyone became frightened birds. If this method didn't work, then everyone's lives would be lost in the mouths of the monsters.

"Miss, if you don't let me give it a try, then you'll know!"

Guan Xiaoru volunteered.

"No, this is very dangerous!" If it doesn't work, you won't be able to escape! "

Regardless of the reason, Zhao Xiaoxue did not want Guan Xiao Xun to take the risk.

Seeing the young lady's opposition, Guan Xiao Xun's heart warmed. She took the initiative to take the young lady's hand and said in a serious tone:

"With a lady's words, Xiao Xun is satisfied!"

After saying this, Xiao Xun quickly let go of his hand.

"Please take care, young lady. If this method doesn't work, young lady, don't give up!"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that things were not going well. This guy had already wiped off the blood from her palm and started to run towards the outside of the crowd.

It was not easy to squeeze into the inner circle, but it was not hard to get to the outer circle. With Guan Xiaoru's agility, it did not take long for her to reach the outer circle of the crowd.

"Xiao Xun, don't!"

Zhao Xiaoxue regretted. She wanted to pull back Xiao Xun because she found that some berserk beasts had their eyes on Xiao Xun. If her blood had no effect, then Xiao Xun's life would be gone.

"Xiao Xun, come back quickly!"

Zhao Xiaoxue moved forward excitedly, but there were too many people. Her strength was limited, she was not far away, but she was still unable to reach it. She could only watch as it pounced towards Xiao Xun.


At the same time, Xiao Xun was so scared that she covered her head with her hands. When she raised her head, she realized that the monster had already left, and seeing the result, she couldn't help but shout out in excitement:

"Miss, this method is feasible. Look, I'm fine!"

Guan Xiao Xun was as happy as a child, but Zhao Xiao Xue was so scared that she forgot to respond. Luckily, Xiao Xun was fine, otherwise, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

"What about the girl? Why didn't that beast attack her? "

There was no lack of people who liked to think. If Tie Hu's family was saved by chance just now, then that girl's actions just now should have been intentional. Could it be that she already had a way to deal with berserk beasts?

"It's the blood of the female Godly Doctor!"

Finally, someone began to answer. Knowing the result, the crowd all went up and began to ask the female Divine Doctor for the blood of the vicious beasts.

"Everyone line up, take your time!"

Realizing that her blood could really be effective, Zhao Xiaoxue generously smeared the blood of everyone who stepped forward.

"Thank you, Goddess Doctor!"

"Thank you, Goddess Doctor!"


Everyone held the blood in their palms as if it were a precious treasure. This was something that could help them avoid berserk beasts!

"Since we have a way to avoid these vicious beasts, why don't we all start escaping?"

Someone suggested this. After all, they could only use their blood to avoid Fierce Beasts. There was simply no way to deal with them. If things continued like this, the result was still unknown.

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