"Good!" "Let's go to the Qian Zhou Province to find General Xue. Only he can get rid of these ferocious beasts!"

"Good!" Let's go together! "

This method was quickly echoed by everyone.

"Goddess Doctor, shall we go together?"

Right now, the Goddess Doctor was their protector, so they naturally couldn't leave her behind.

"I... "Fine!"

Although she didn't want to see her brother at this time, for the sake of the people of the town and for the sake of her own survival, she could only ask for his help.

"Everyone, let's go!"

Someone started to give the order, and Zhao Xiaoxue also happily stood up. However, just as she was about to take a step, she found that the sky was spinning and the earth was spinning, and her body was swaying uncontrollably.

"Lady! "Young lady!"

Seeing how abnormal Miss Xiao Xue was, Guan Xiao Xun and Qiu Niang rushed forward and supported her from the left and right. However, Zhao Xiao Xue still fainted.

Why did he faint? As a surgeon, Zhao Xiaoxue was very clear that this was due to the loss of blood, but there was no other way. She was doing this to save people, and as long as they were fine, her actions were worth it.

"Miss, you're finally awake!"

Zhao Xiaoxue finally opened her eyes and saw a pair of teary eyes looking at her.

"Xiao Xun, why are you crying again? I'm fine, I just lost too much blood and don't have any strength. I'll be fine soon!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how long she had been unconscious for, but she believed that everyone had already arrived at the Qian Zhou city. However, she didn't know why she hadn't seen her big brother.

Zhao Xiaoxue began to search in all directions. The familiar scene surprised her. Similar houses, similar streets, this was clearly Sand River Town!

Not only that, there were still only the civilians of Sand River Town. There were no reinforcements, and the ferocious monsters were also dragging their bodies as they surrounded them all like tigers eyeing their prey.

"Xiao Xun, why are everyone still here?"

Looking at the dense crowd of people squatting down, Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled. Didn't these people say that they were going to run away? Why are they still sitting on the spot?

"Miss, these monsters have been following us the entire time. After you fainted, everyone tried to leave Sand River Town, but only the Mount Pan road was allowed to walk, the road was narrow, and it was difficult for people to gather. In addition, the blood you applied to everyone was also losing effectiveness, so …"

Guan Xiao Xun also felt despair.


Suddenly, they heard the sound of a wild beast's attack not too far away. Everyone looked towards the source of the sound nervously and saw a middle-aged man holding his hand towards the incoming beast.

"Quickly shrink the circle, mine is no longer effective!"

Hearing his shout, the people standing in the same position as him started to quickly move their feet, and the middle-aged man quickly retreated into the circle, finding an empty space to sit down.

"Quick, quick!" Mine is no longer working! "

This situation continued, and every few seconds, someone would retreat to the inner circle. Compared to before, the situation was clearly more orderly, but how long could it last? Zhao Xiaoxue knew that she had to contribute more blood!

"Qiu Niang, give me the dagger!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had already discovered that her dagger was still in Qiu Niang's hand, so she asked for it.


Just now, in a moment of desperation, Qiu Niang helped keep it. This was originally Miss Xiaoxue's possession, so naturally, Qiu Niang would not keep it. However, as soon as she handed the dagger over, someone snatched it away.

Seeing that someone was trying to steal the dagger, Madam Qiu was surprised, but when she realized that the person who was snatching the dagger was Miss Little Xun, she felt very puzzled.

Although Qiu Niang did not know Xiao Xun's intentions, Zhao Xiaoxue was very clear about it. She reached out her hand in front of Xiao Xun and said in a low voice,

"Xiao Xun, stop messing around, hurry up and give me the dagger!"

"NO!" I won't give it to you. Little girl, you have just woken up, do you know that you are very weak right now?

Guan Xiao Xun had already guessed the girl's intentions, she still wanted to hurt herself, Xiao Xun would not allow it.

"But if you don't have my blood, everyone will be attacked by monsters. Do you want to see the citizens of Sand River Town disappear right in front of your eyes?"

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she tried to move her outstretched hand. She needed a dagger.

Seeing the girl being so determined, Guan Xiaoru knew she couldn't win against her. Tears started to roll down her cheeks from her anxiety. She insisted while crying and complaining,

"But girl, your blood is limited. If you faint again, or if you lose too much blood … If they lose their lives, then who is going to protect the citizens of the Sand River Town? "

Even Zhao Xiaoxue herself knew that her blood was not limitless. Even if everyone had the ability to produce blood, it would still take time. Clearly, she did not have enough time to do so.


In the crowd, there were people attacked by monsters again. After a while, the crowd could only surround the goddess again to protect their safety, and the people outside were once again in danger of being attacked by monsters.

"Xiao Xun, give me the dagger. I can't think too long and can only grasp the situation now!"

Taking advantage of the moment that Guan Xiaoxue wasn't paying attention, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly took the dagger away. Listening to the screams coming from all around her, Zhao Xiaoxue did not hesitate and quickly slashed her dagger into her palm.

'Bang! '

It hurt so much. His fingers loosened because of the pain. The dagger instantly fell to the ground.

"What's going on?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was also confused. Just now, when her finger was hit by the small stone, the pain caused her to release her dagger. But now, looking around, she didn't find anything different.

What happened just now was like an accident. Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to be tangled up with it. She bent down to pick up the dagger again, but the originally motionless dagger instantly moved.

Not only that, the dagger seemed to have become a living being, swaying in front of Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes. Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was about to reach out and grab it, the dagger leaped out of the crowd and stabbed towards the ferocious beast.

'Bang! '

The dagger seemed to possess godly powers. The beast that was pierced by the dagger collapsed with a loud bang. There was almost no room for struggle.



"Is this true? The fierce beast died! "


Even with the protection of the Godly Doctor, everyone was still thinking about how to defend themselves. There was simply no one who could attack the fierce beasts, but just now, that huge fierce beast was actually knocked down. Although there was only one, it gave everyone confidence.

"My dagger?"

Everyone was cheering, but only Zhao Xiaoxue was still paying attention to her dagger. Although it had defeated the berserk beast, it had also disappeared without a trace.

"Look!" There's someone there! "

Zhao Xiaoxue turned to look and sure enough, a devilish looking weirdo wearing a long red robe and long hair was slowly approaching while playing with the dagger she had just flown away.

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