Zhao Xiaoxue did not understand. She clearly had a name, and it was' Zhao Xiaoxue ', but no one here asked her her last name or name. Everyone gave her different names, from the beginning of Snowflake, to the present Lady Shuang, no one knew which one was real.

"The Lady Shuang they're talking about is Lady Qin Shuang, right?"

Zhao Xiaoxue fiercely stared at the man who was resting with his eyes closed. Ever since she entered the carriage, this man had been resting with his eyes closed. He didn't say anything, but she knew that he definitely wasn't asleep.

"You did it on purpose. You had Lady Qin Shuang change me into clothes similar to hers and then made me …" "Become her …"

It was like a criminal who needed a motive, but why did they do it? If it was to cover for the disappearance of Lady Qin Shuang, then there was no need, after all, as long as this man in front of them asked Lady Qin Shuang to leave, no one would stop them.

"Oh right, who are those people outside? They don't seem to be your subordinates! "

Although the others seemed to be quite respectful to this Southern King, from their faintly discernible eyes, it could be seen that this Southern King was not their master. There was even a hint of incomprehension in his words.

Zhao Xiaoxue kept staring at the man in front of her. Unfortunately, the man seemed to have turned into an ice sculpture, and her thin lips showed no signs of opening. After staring for a while, no one paid any attention to her and could only give up.

"If you are not Shuang'er, your appearance is unexplainable. This King needs you to be my servant girl, so naturally, I have to give you a name!"

The man finally opened his mouth, but when Zhao Xiaoxue looked at him again, he was still silent with his eyes closed, as if he had never changed. This caused others to suspect that what he had just said was the voice of a ghost.

"If that's the case, then who is that person outside the carriage?"

If he was a subordinate of the man in front of him, he wouldn't have needed to go through so much trouble. When he thought about it carefully, they had actually entered the room through the window, which meant that the man in front of him didn't want anyone to find out.

"Are they the ones watching you?"

Zhao Xiaoxue instantly felt that the Southern King wasn't in a very good situation. In fact, if she thought about it carefully, the matters of the Imperial Family were actually more complicated than that of ordinary people.

The man didn't reply, but the corner of his mouth curled up slightly. This woman really did like to use her brain. He liked to play with people who use their brain, otherwise, he would feel bored.

"Since they're not on the same side as you, why don't we run away?"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how to be a servant in the end, but in her heart, she and this Southern King were temporarily on the same side. Especially when she thought of that vulgar face, she felt that this man with his eyes closed was much better.


The man finally opened his eyes and looked at her with suspicion.

"That's right!" It was just running away! Don't you think there's anything more desirable than freedom in this world? "

Although she was an orphan since she was young, her uncles and aunts from the hospital were always kind to her, because she was smart and smart, investing in her to attend school, even going abroad to study. If it wasn't to repay her debt, she would have already decided to travel around the country and become a traveling doctor.

"That makes sense. What plans do you have?"

Discovering that the man was interested in this plan, Zhao Xiaoxue was immediately overjoyed. This man was extremely powerful, and with her careful observation, the people around should not be as strong as this man, because the man in front of her would not fall just because he opened the door too quickly.

"At a time like this, if you need any more plans, you can just leave!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't like roundabout tactics. She liked to solve problems quickly. Of course, this was also her attitude as a cardiac surgeon.

"Go straight out?"

Before the man finished his sentence, Zhao Xiaoxue had already lifted the curtain with a swoosh. Her actions were very domineering. With a man behind her, she was not afraid at all.

"Stop the car!"

Hearing this roar of confidence, almost everyone reflexively reined in the reins, then controlled the horses to stop.

"Miss Shuang, is something the matter?"

Lai Qiang welcomed him with a question. As long as there was an opportunity on the road, he wouldn't let go of this great beauty. Of course, if he could find a suitable time, he also hoped to be happy for a while.

"We are leaving this place. You don't need to follow us anymore!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's words startled everyone at the scene, to the point that they didn't have any reaction for a long time. Could it be that he hadn't said it clearly enough, so how could these people not have any reaction?

"If I say we're leaving, then you bastards get out of my way!"

Was the words too gentle just now? Zhao Xiaoxue deliberately became coarse, and then she placed her hands on her hips, wanting to anger this group of people, because she was sure that these people wouldn't let them go so easily, so the final result could only be knocking them down, and then leaving without a hitch.

"Wow, this Lady Shuang sure has a taste when a beauty is infuriated!" His voice is also quite special. Indeed, he has been trained.

Not only did Zhao Xiaoxue's words not infuriate these people, they instead made the men who were staring at her reveal vulgar smiles, making them feel disgusted.

"Lady Shuang, there's no need for you to get so angry, are you anxious? You want to make things convenient, right?"

Lai Qiang pressed his face close to hers with a face full of concern.

"You all … Don't you understand? It is me and the Southern King who are leaving! "

Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly suspected that there was something wrong with her expression.

"Oh!" His Royal Highness is also anxious, isn't he? "But in this wilderness, the roads are also uneven. What if the Southern King falls?"

Perhaps it was because the Southern King had expended too much energy last night, and thus became weak. Indeed, this woman was a demoness. Thinking of this, Lai Qiang looked at the woman once more. With just one glance, his heartbeat sped up once again.

"What are you looking at!?" We are leaving, we are leaving, don't you understand? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was so angry that she didn't know what to say.

Seeing the beauties on the carriage panicking, the people below the carriage were also panicking. It was better for Lai Qiang to be more composed. After a brief moment of thought, he began to arrange for people to come over.

"Everyone gather, His Highness the Southern King is in a hurry, the two of you are in charge of bringing down the Southern King, and the rest of you are in charge of clearing the way, you must ensure that nothing unexpected happens when you squat!" If His Highness the Southern King falls and injures, or if a drop of blood breaks, all of you must lift your heads up to see him! "

"Yes sir!"

Hearing Lai Qiang's order, the group of subordinates all stretched their necks, as if they were facing a great enemy.

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