"General, a beast cloud has appeared in the sky above Sand River Town!"

Inside the military camp, the soldiers that had been observing the beast tide operation all this time reported urgently.

"Sand River Town! Dammit, how could the beast cloud be heading towards that place, it's only that it's not guarded! "

Sand River Town was located to the south of Qianzhou. It was the farthest from where the beasts roamed, but it didn't expect that it would still be attacked.

"General, it's not just the beast cloud. North of Sand River town, red fog has appeared in the sky!"

"What?" A fourth grade spirit beast had actually appeared? "

Hearing this news, Xue Ya Shan couldn't sit still any longer. He immediately stood up, no longer hesitating as he personally led a group of people towards the Sand River Town.

By the time Snowy Mountain reached the north side of Sand River Town, the red cloud in the sky had already disappeared. Snowy Mountain did not doubt the reports from its subordinates, because when he left, the red cloud did exist, but it disappeared when he approached it.

The reason for the appearance of the red cloud was because the Rank 4 spirit beast was using its spirit energy. Presumably, it was fighting. Now that the red cloud had disappeared, it meant that the fight was over. However, what was the result of the fight with the Rank 4 spirit beast? Thinking of this, Xue Zhaoshan began to issue an order:

"Zhao Jie, take your squad and go to Sand River Town to save him. This general needs to go and fight with this Rank 4 Spirit Beast!"

In the face of absolute power, he did not want his subordinates to take any risks.

"Yes sir!"

The military order was like a mountain. Upon receiving the general's order, everyone moved swiftly.

When everyone had left, he jumped down from his horse and planned to take a shortcut and walk over the cliff. Then, he would see what was happening behind the cliff.

However, just as he was about to move, he found that there was a sound coming from the side of the cliff:

"Who?" Who's there! "

Xue Yishan was extremely vigilant. Could it be that the Rank 4 spirit beast had not left yet? However, he quickly noticed that the other person wasn't a spirit beast but a person. He wore a dignified and composed purple robe, and his hands were clasped behind his back as he slowly walked over.

"It's you! Why is the Southern King here?"

Hearing Xue Yushan's question, Chu Yufeng snorted:

"General Xue should know that I'm here. Did your subordinate not tell you?"

Chu Yufeng was about to move forward, as if he had no intention of talking to the general.

"You … We just got married not too long ago and yet you are already running all over the place. Is the Southern King's body able to take it? "

Xue Yishan was doing his utmost to suppress the man in front of him, this man was only a sickly prince. If he hurt the man in anger, the consequences would be unimaginable. After all, he was now his brother-in-law.

"Yo!" General Xue, this first uncle, is rather concerned about this duke! "Rest assured, your little sister will not be widowed during this year!"

Chu Yufeng took another step, but Xue Xiushan didn't want him to leave. He sprinted forward to block the other party's path. Looking at the indifferent face, Xue Yushan's teeth itched with hatred.

He still hadn't forgotten what Zhao Jie had reported to him. This fellow had actually left Little Wu alone to play around with a servant girl. For such a loose character like him, Xue Yushan really wanted to slap him to death.

"If nothing happens to the Southern King, please return to the capital as soon as possible. Vicious beasts frequently appear here, and if there are any mishaps …"

"You don't need to be responsible!"

Before Xue Yushan could finish his words, Chu Yufeng had already given him an answer.

"You … This is for your own good! "

Seeing the arrogant look on the other party's face, Xue Yushan was so angry that his breathing was not smooth. However, reason told him that he could not make a move, so he had to hold it in.

"Thank you for your concern, General Xue. This king does not seem to have the right to command your actions!"

Chu Yufeng had never been so domineering. Even when he used to converse with General Xue, who was stationed at the border, his tone was gentle.

But now, when he saw this General Xue, he couldn't help but think of that woman. He even thought of the look she gave him that rejected him.

"Chu Yufeng, you... "You truly think of yourself as someone important. If you didn't know about Little Wu's secret, how could my family, Little Wu, marry you?"

The more Xue Yishan looked at this person, the more he disliked him. He clearly didn't have any ability, but he still had an arrogant appearance, which really made people feel disgusted.

"General Xue seems to understand that there's a problem. It's not that I've discovered her secret, but that she needs the Rank 4 Blood Essence Pill that I've prepared for her!"

Chu Yufeng was right, this was a hurdle the Xue Clan could not cross right now, and it was also the pain in Xue Yishan's heart. If he could obtain enough Rank 4 Blood Essence Pills, why would he feel wronged?

"Why are you doing this? A Level 4 Blood Essence Pill is not easy to obtain. Since you are willing to give it to Little Wu, why don't you cherish her properly? "

Xue Ya Shan only hoped that Xiao Wu would have a good life.

"She rejected This King and is unwilling to be with This King. Could it be that This King has to force This King to beg her?"

Chu Yufeng was already feeling depressed in his heart. Being questioned by others didn't feel good, and he wouldn't just stay silent.

"You … You just said... Little Wu … Little Wu is against you? "

When he was questioned again, Chu Yufeng only gave him a disdainful look, but didn't say anything.

But now Snow Goose Mountain had already confirmed, oh my god! It was really the doing of their family's Little Wu, but after careful consideration, it made sense. The Southern King only had one year left to live, so it was only natural for Little Wu to reject him.

After the death of this South King, Little Wu could find a good man to marry. Thinking of this, Xue Ya Shan's heart started to feel happy.

However, seeing that the Southern King still had a long face, Xue Qishan quickly restrained his mind and then said with difficulty:

"Your Highness Southern King, I'm truly sorry. Little Wu has always been rather willful since she was young, and her father has always been obedient to her, so …" If you want to bring your servant girl for a sightseeing trip, you can change the location, but this Qianzhou is really not a safe place, I hope that your Highness the Southern King can leave as soon as possible! "

"A servant girl?"

Xue Yushan's tone was a lot gentler, and Chu Yufeng didn't want to continue to vent his anger on others. However, when he mentioned his servant girl, he seemed a little surprised.

"That's right!" I presume that the maid that the Southern King wanted to find last time should be that one. She must be very strange to be able to catch the attention of the Southern King. If there's a chance, I really want to experience it! "

Previously, he was angry at the Southern King for picking the flowers and provoking the grass, but now that he knew Little Wu's intentions, he wished for her to be able to stay outside forever. Then, after a year, Little Wu could directly return home.

"That's right!" She is very special, and her entire body is filled with mysteries.

"Hehe!" "Is that so?"

Xue Yishan was conflicted inside. He actually talked about other women with his brother-in-law. This kind of feeling was a bit out of place.

"Southern King …" His Majesty the Southern King! Something's happened, something's happened! "

Seeing the purple-robed figure, Guan Xiao Xun and a guard quickly rode their horses over.

"What is it?"

Seeing Guan Xiao Xun, Chu Yufeng had a bad premonition.

Guan Xiao Xun dismounted from his horse, and without bothering to bow, he walked up and said:

"The young lady was taken away by a red-clothed weirdo, and Imperial Guard Luo went to chase after her, but …"

Just as Guan Xiao Xun finished speaking, the purple-robed man who was originally standing up quickly got on his horse, took the reins and left.

"The Southern King can drive horses?"

Guan Xiao Xun felt surprised.

"He can drive horses?"

Xue Yishan was also surprised.

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