Zhao Xiaoxue endured the pain and finally straightened her body. She lightly touched her extremely painful nose and mouth, then fiercely asked the man:

"Why? Why do you want me to fall? "

Hearing Miss Xiaoxue's questioning, Protector Shi trembled as he replied:

"Miss Xiao Xue, just now … "Just now, I met another spirit beast running over, so …"

"You already know that monsters are blocking the way, can't you inform us in advance?"

Right now, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have the time to care about the bodyguard outside. Her eyes were staring straight at the man in front of her. She couldn't understand why he didn't make a move just now.

Standing in front of the man, she placed her hands on her hips and assumed a posture. If the man didn't give her a reasonable explanation today, she definitely wouldn't let him off so easily.

"You are the one who told This King to first let you go when this happens! Therefore, This King respects your decision! "

The man's words were reasonable. He wasn't a nosy person to begin with, so if the other party didn't need his help, he couldn't be bothered.

"Did I say that?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully recalled.

"If you didn't lose your memories, you probably wouldn't have forgotten!"

The man replied plainly.

Very soon, the woman realized that she had indeed said those words. However, the purpose of her words was not to leave the man in front of her to face death!

"You … There's something wrong with your understanding! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't expect that she would blame herself for saying the wrong thing when she was injured. She felt that it was wrong, so she didn't grab hold of the man and quietly turned around to sit on her seat, feeling a bit depressed.

Thinking that even if she really said that, this man wouldn't be able to watch her fall. Her nose and mouth really hurt.

"If you need This King to make a move next time, don't say any ambiguous words in front of This King. Otherwise, you will suffer a loss!"

It was obvious that this man wanted to teach the woman beside him a small lesson.

"You … I understand, you did it on purpose! "

The man's words exposed his true nature. Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to speak to him, but when she was about to speak, she was stopped by the man's gaze.

"Are you sure you don't mind what This King said just now?"

The man gently asked, but Zhao Xiaoxue was quick to go mad. She couldn't help but shout with a depressed heart:

"What is this place? Why are there spirit beasts blocking the way?"

"Miss, in front of us is the Hong Xing City of the West Wu. I heard from Guard Luo that there are a lot of low-level spirit beasts. Ordinary citizens of the Wu Country have already left their homes, so we might encounter them again on the road later …" "Many spirit beasts …"

Protector Shi's voice became lower and lower. If he didn't give a proper explanation now and Miss Xiao Xue falls down again, the Southern King would definitely find him and interrogate him.

Protector Shi had finished speaking, but there was no sound in the carriage. After being scolded by Miss Xiaoxue, he didn't dare to take the initiative to ask. In such a situation, it was better to be careful while driving.

"Guanxing City! In front of us is Hong Xing City! "

It wasn't that Zhao Xiaoxue didn't say anything, it was just that her voice was too soft. She hadn't forgotten that the red-robed man who wanted her to lead the way ended up with his body covered in wounds.

Even now, he still didn't know his name. He didn't know if his sister had taken him to see a doctor, nor did he know if he was feeling better.

"He's just bragging. He should be fine, right?"

Zhao Xiaoxue sincerely prayed for him to recover quickly.

"What are you talking to yourself about?"

The guards outside couldn't hear her, but that didn't mean that Chu Yufeng couldn't either. Not only did he hear her clearly, he even knew who she was talking about.

"Oh no, is he going to fall again?"

Zhao Xiaoxue seemed to be afraid of the fall. She vaguely heard the man's voice and reflexively approached him. Then, she tightly held onto his arm. As long as she leaned on the man next to her, she would definitely not fall again.

The woman's sudden appearance made the man speechless. However, because of the other party's approach, the unhappiness in his heart was swept away.

"Hmm? Why is the carriage still moving? "

Zhao Xiaoxue seemed to have overreacted. She turned her head and looked at the man with a puzzled expression. Just as she was about to question him, the words that the man just asked quickly rang in her head.

He used to feel like he had a high IQ, but he didn't know since when, but his IQ was getting lower and lower. Now, he was probably not far from becoming an idiot.

"Hehe, sorry about that. I thought I met another spirit beast just now!"

With an awkward expression, Zhao Xiaoxue slowly let go of his arm and tidied up his robe.

"If This King can calm you down, This King won't mind!"

The man's words caused Zhao Xiaoxue's mood, which she had gone through great difficulty to calm, to soar again:

"Calm down? Do you think I'm too noisy? "

"What do you think?"

The man tossed the question to the woman. Zhao Xiaoxue's nose almost crooked from anger. This man's words were very vicious.

"I'm very quiet. From now on, I won't say a single word!"

"Is that so?"

the man asked softly.

"Yes sir!"

Zhao Xiaoxue answered very seriously.

"Alright, you just said one word!"

Having said so, the man turned his head towards the window in satisfaction and started bickering with the woman. He was in an exceptionally good mood.

Looking at the back of the man's head, Zhao Xiaoxue felt depressed in her heart. Why was she always unable to win against this man?

"Miss Xiaoxue, be careful!"

Outside the carriage, Protector Shi was shouting loudly. In order to prevent another tragedy from happening, he had made a huge decision. In the future, whenever he encountered an emergency stop, he would yell loudly.


Protector Shi's warning was not in vain. Zhao Xiaoxue was finally able to make preparations in advance. However, her preparations were not to tightly pull the carriage frame, but to reflexively hug the arm of the man beside her. It could be seen that in her heart, a man's side was the safest.

The man didn't reject the woman's approach and didn't say anything more. Perhaps it was a kind of warmth for the two of them as they snuggled together.

Since the man didn't say anything, Zhao Xiaoxue was still very conscious. She knew that she couldn't hold on to his arm forever, so after the danger had passed, she carefully loosened her grip.

"Miss Xiaoxue, be careful!"

Hearing the shout from outside the carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue tightly held the man's arm. She was very tired even after repeatedly doing this. In the end, she simply didn't let go of the man's arm.

She had been lost in her thoughts before, but now, as she leaned against the side of the man, she felt strangely at ease. Unknowingly, she had fallen asleep.

"Why are there so many monsters blocking the way?"

The sleeping Zhao Xiaoxue had already forgotten to keep quiet. She was still muttering in her dreams.

"The monsters at the border of the Western Wu Country have appeared so frequently. It seems like the problem with the golden pagoda is getting more and more serious. However, the people who are protecting this people are still unconscious. I wonder who else can help them!"

"Chu Yufeng! "You are the most amazing person I've ever met. I really like you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue held on to someone's arm and was about to enter the fairyland.

"Alright, for your words, This King will treat you as a good person!"

After speaking softly, Chu Yufeng instructed Luo Ze who was standing outside the window:

"Luo Ze, inform Zhuo Fan that there is someone waiting for him in Guanxing City!"

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