"Gulp, gulu."

When Zhao Xiaoxue woke up, she felt really hungry. Yesterday, because Xiao Xun was not by her side, no one prepared food for her. Even so, she only ate some dry food for dinner.

However, this time, Zhao Xiaoxue was sure that the rations were eaten by humans. They were very delicate and tasty, just that they lacked a bit of food and couldn't fill her stomach.

"Where are we? When can we eat? "

Zhao Xiaoxue wobbled to the window and gently opened the curtain.


When he saw the various shops neatly lined up outside the window, his eyebrows shot up in joy. Whether it was the town or the city, there was certainly food inside.

"Quick!" Stop! "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't wait to eat. Compared to these people who didn't eat, Zhao Xiaoxue was like a hungry ghost.

It was unknown when the few guards beside the Southern King began to accept Miss Xiaoxue's orders. Obviously, they did not listen to anyone other than the Southern King.

However, they couldn't be arrogant towards this Miss Xiaoxue, so the moment Zhao Xiaoxue opened her mouth, the carriage obediently stopped.

"Miss Xiaoxue, you …"

As soon as Zhao Xiaoxue got out of the carriage, Imperial Guard Shi quickly asked.

"I'm going to buy food!"

Zhao Xiaoxue answered straightforwardly, but just as she was about to get off, she thought of a very important question, so she turned back to the carriage and looked at the man who was looking up at her. She sweetly smiled, and said with a fawning face:

"Can you lend me some money first?"

Money was a good thing, no matter where it was, it was very important. Previously, when she ran away, other than those medicines, she didn't find any other money. If it wasn't for the bag of 'pocket money' that the steward of the Wang Family gave her, she would have been penniless.

Unfortunately, no matter what, it was only 'pocket money'. Thus, when they were in Sand River Town, she had already distributed the money. Now, she was truly penniless.

Fortunately, the Southern King and the others had given their burden to him for safekeeping. Luckily there was medicine, or else, what would they do when the disease arose in the future?

"I'm not borrowing money!"

The man replied straightforwardly, causing the woman's smile to freeze on her face.

"Why are you …"

"People can lend it to you!"

The man spoke again, but Zhao Xiaoxue felt somewhat confused. Lend it to someone? Why should he lend her any money?

"Sigh!" "Don't say it so deeply, I'm just hungry and want to eat!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was so hungry that she didn't want to think.

"This King is also hungry!"

The man's short sentence stunned Zhao Xiaoxue.

"What?" You just said... Say you're hungry too? You actually know how to be hungry? "Haha!"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this was the funniest thing she had ever heard. So this man also knew what hunger was.

"Although This King can split valleys, he is still human. Of course he will be hungry!"

Chu Yufeng didn't understand what the woman in front of him was so happy about.

"Good, good, good! It's good that you're hungry! "

The more Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, the more excited she became. She turned around and said to the guard who was driving the carriage,

"Big brother guard, please find the biggest and best restaurant in town and stop. Your young master is hungry!"

Zhao Xiaoxue purposely said the last two words with such charm that even the bodyguard, Shi Mu, couldn't help but shiver.

In the past, when Master hadn't eaten for a month, he wouldn't say he was hungry. But now, it had only been a few days, and he was actually hungry? Maybe this' hungry 'was not the same as being' hungry '! But no matter what it was, he could only do it.

The main reason was that the decorations here were grand enough and the taste particularly delicious. Furthermore, the owner of the restaurant was very straightforward and would occasionally try out some preferential treatment projects, so he had recruited quite a few customers.

When Zhao Xiaoxue and the others entered the restaurant, it was already 10: 00 AM. There were already many guests inside, and even the children in the restaurant were too tired to even move their feet. However, they still greeted the guests with smiles.

"Guests, please come upstairs. You're really lucky. We still have one more room!"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue also nodded. As expected, luck was good, but at the same time it also meant that the business here was good.

"Buddy, bring the fastest dishes from your store here, I …" Our Young Master is very hungry right now! "

The thought of Chu Yufeng saying that he was hungry filled Zhao Xiaoxue's heart with joy. She couldn't let go of the thought and wanted to use it wherever she went.

"Eh!" Alright, this little one will do it immediately! "Please go upstairs first, box three, on the right!" Hearing the waiter's explanation, Zhao Xiaoxue nodded.

"Alright, alright. Quickly go and bring the dishes over!"

As she said this, she sent the waiter away. In this group of people, the one who was the hungriest was actually Zhao Xiaoxue, so she also kept urging the waiter to leave.

The waiter was also very positive. Since the customers were pressing harder on him, he no longer led the way and directly turned into the inner hall as he shouted:

"The fastest and most delicious dish is requested by the customer in the number 3 room upstairs!"


The inner hall quickly responded. No matter if the time to serve the dishes was fast or not, hearing the other party respond so simply made people feel very comfortable. With anticipation for the delicacies in her heart, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly went upstairs.

Following the directions given by the waiter, Zhao Xiaoxue walked to the right. There were quite a number of private rooms upstairs, a total of four corridors, and each corridor had a sign. However, the words on the sign were like a Glyph, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know what it was.

It didn't matter if she couldn't read, Zhao Xiaoxue thought that her hearing was quite good. Listening to the noise in front of her, she guessed there must be someone, so it should be the back tunnel.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was about to move, the purple-robed man standing behind her couldn't help but frown. He was quite sure that this woman had seen the words on the tunnel, but she was still heading in the wrong direction. Was she illiterate?

"Miss Xiaoxue, where are you going?"

Luo Ze originally didn't want to speak, but as he saw Miss Xiaoxue walking further and further away while also looking towards the other rooms with a strange behavior, Luo Ze couldn't help but ask.

"Of course I'm looking for a place to eat!"

After saying so, Zhao Xiaoxue rolled her eyes at the people behind her. Such an idiotic question, did she still need to ask?

"But box number three is in here!"

Luo Ze said as he pointed to the second passage, looking at Miss Little Snow in confusion.

"Ah?" Is it the second one? "

At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue felt how stupid she was. So she didn't have such terrifying education and confidence. Zhao Xiaoxue lowered her head and carefully followed behind the man.

Now, she had to accept the fact that she could not read. Because she could not read, she had to put in a lot of effort in order to do what she had previously been able to do so easily.

She didn't recognize the word 'earth', and similarly, she didn't recognize the word 'three' as well. Thus, she could only obediently walk over to the purple-robed man's side.

"Let's go!"

Seeing how depressed the woman was, Chu Yufeng didn't want to say anything more. He just couldn't read. If she wanted to, he could teach her.

"What did you just say? No box! Do you know who we are? Open your eyes and take a good look! "

A rude voice suddenly came from downstairs, causing the people upstairs to stop their footsteps. Zhao Xiaoxue curiously looked downstairs.

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