Everyone had changed. This was something that Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to see, but she didn't expect that the reason that caused everyone to change would be such a strange one.

"Your Highness, be careful!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue regained her senses, two of her men had already rushed into the car and were helping the man off. What was even more surprising was that the Southern King was still being supported by the others.

"You all …"

Zhao Xiaoxue foolishly watched the group of people busy themselves. Their caution didn't seem to be faked, and their faces were even more cautious. The two of them helped the Southern King off the car.

In front of them, four or five people were groping about on the ground. Sometimes, someone would throw away a small rock, and sometimes, someone would pick up a tree branch and throw it away.

"Be careful, be careful! We've entered the forest, and all of you must be extremely alert, and not cause any trouble at all! "

Lai Qiang accompanied him throughout the entire journey with a nervous expression on his face. This was in stark contrast to his rude attitude from the morning.

"Could it be …" Was it his fault? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was like an outsider. From start to finish, she stood on the carriage and watched the performance until they carefully escorted the Southern King back to the carriage. Only then did she reluctantly return to her seat.

"Why are you staring at This King?"

Under the gaze of such a pair of emotional gaze, anyone would feel that it was very fitting.

"You lied to me, didn't you? They are actually your subordinates, so … "So you did it on purpose!"

Recalling their extremely cautious appearance, Zhao Xiaoxue felt like she was tricked, and her heart was hurt.

"Deceiving you? Did This King say anything to deceive you? "

Upon hearing the man's words, Zhao Xiaoxue became choked with sobs. She recalled that just now, everything was her imagination. Although the man didn't say anything, but his expression seemed to tacitly approve.

Seeing that the woman did not speak, the man did not seem to want to continue interacting with her. He quietly closed his eyes and began to slowly adjust his breathing.

Since the man didn't say anything, Zhao Xiaoxue could only sulk on her own, but no matter how she thought about it, she could only blame her own stupidity. If she was smarter, perhaps she wouldn't be played by others.

However, when she thought about it carefully, this man was quite generous. At the very least, he didn't expose her on the spot, and didn't let her lose face in front of so many people.

"Ah …" "Ahhh!"

Zhao Xiaoxue leaned against the side of the coach, deep in thought. Suddenly, the originally smooth carriage started to shake, and someone started to shriek.

'Plop! '

It was as if someone had fallen heavily onto the ground.

"Not good, Li Chang has an illness!"

Hearing someone's shout, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly opened the curtain of the carriage. The person who had been driving the carriage had already collapsed on the ground. For some reason, he was curled up into a ball, and then tightly grabbed onto his chest.

Was it a heart attack?

Thinking of this, she no longer hesitated. As a doctor, saving others was a duty and everything else could be temporarily put aside.

"Commander Lai, what should we do?" Li Chang was sick. He already had the second grade of spiritual force. If he wanted to break through to the third grade, he would probably need the help of a powerful spiritual force to clear the level! I'll have to ask Commander to save Li Chang! "

Zhang Yong had a good relationship with Li Chang, and he understood his situation very well. Amongst this group of people, only Commander Lai possessed a third grade spiritual energy, so if he could make a move, perhaps Li Chang would be able to save him.

"This dumb pig clearly knows that he's about to level up, why is he still wandering around outside? Such a person is truly stupid! "

Lai Qiang wouldn't do anything. He had just stepped into the third grade and his foundation was unstable. If he wasn't careful, not only would he not be able to save Li Chang, his life would also be in danger.

"But Commander Lai, if you don't make a move, Li Chang will really die!"

Commander Lai was Li Chang's only hope, and Zhang Yong really didn't want to give up.

"All of you, move out of the way. Let me take a look!"

While these people were speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue had already jumped off the carriage and quickly arrived in front of the patient. It was just that there were more people surrounding them, which was not good for saving the patient. She opened her mouth to disperse the crowd.

"Lady Shuang?" Are you a spiritual energy expert? "

Lady Shuang's appearance was very surprising. Zhang Yong's conjecture startled the surrounding people. Including Lai Qiang, everyone retreated a little distance away.

"I don't know what kind of Spiritual Qi expert you are talking about?" I'm just here to see if I can save her! "

Zhao Xiaoxue came to Li Chang's right hand and placed her right hand on Li Chang's heart. There was no way around it, there was no stethoscope, only the sense of touch could determine the patient's heartbeat.

Is it because of the stenosis of the valve?

With that in mind, she quickly placed her left hand on the patient's carotid artery. The pulse of the artery did not match with the beating of the heart, which was a serious problem. She continued to examine the patient's right radial artery and found that it was pulsing very weakly.

"The patient is in a very dangerous situation and needs immediate surgery …"

Before she could finish her sentence, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt a little depressed. She had forgotten that she was still in another world. It would be unrealistic to undergo surgery here.

"Lady Shuang, you are the Great Master of the Yuan Doctor, right? Please you must save Li Chang! "

Zhang Yong didn't think that he would meet an elementalist here. This was something that made people happier than seeing a strong Spiritual Qi warrior.

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I know that if you want to save someone, you have to prepare some clean gauze, disinfectant wine, and needle and thread for me right now!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't sure if she could make it in time in such an emergency.

"Why does Lady Shuang want these?"

Perhaps no one else had seen an elemental doctor, but Lai Qiang had. And this time, his successful promotion to the third grade was due to the help of the elemental doctors. However, the elemental doctors only used gold needles. The items that Lady Shuang asked for were all unheard-of.

"There's wine here!"

It was unknown who had the kindness to bring over a jug of wine, but it was more important to save him now. Zhao Xiaoxue did not have the time to explain to this vulgar man who was looking at her lecherously all day.

Grabbing the wine jug and opening the bottle cap, under everyone's astonished gaze, Zhao Xiaoxue poured the wine directly onto Li Chang's chest. Not only that, what made everyone even more amazed was that, without anyone noticing, Lady Shuang's right hand was actually holding a sharp dagger, while she was also pouring wine onto it.

"What is he trying to do?"

"Does she want to kill Li Chang to help her escape?"

The onlookers began to discuss but they were all intimidated by Lady Shuang's strange behavior. Even if Lady Shuang wanted to kill someone, they would not dare to stop her.

"Stop! "Bind this crazy woman up!"

Just when Zhao Xiaoxue was about to make her move, her arm was suddenly grabbed by someone. The other side exerted some force and her body quickly retreated.

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