Three burly men came from downstairs. They were dressed in thick tiger skin and had their hair loose. On their waists hung accessories of unknown sizes. They looked like beggars.

However, from the scabbards on their waists, it could be seen that even if they were beggars, they were definitely very powerful beggars.

Zhao Xiaoxue saw that the other side looked like a beggar, and the waiter also seemed to see that the other side looked like a beggar, so she said in an unconcerned manner,

"No matter who you are, our shop is already full. Please come to another house!"

Just as the waiter finished speaking, his collar was pulled up. Seeing the person make a move, the waiter instantly became flustered. His hands kept hitting the person's arms, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't break free.

"Damn it, you dare to order us to the other clan. Do you believe that we can tear down this All Star Restaurant in a fit of rage?!"

Hearing this person's words, the waiter's heart was full of regret. He didn't think that this person was actually such a ruthless character. But he was only a small fry. Moreover, he hadn't been here for long, so he didn't know what to do with him.

"Aiyo, honorable guests, don't be angry. This is our new assistant. He didn't know that you are the masters of the Hall of Justice, so he offended you!"

Seeing that the situation wasn't going well, the shopkeeper finally rushed out and helped smooth things over.

"But he said that there are no more private rooms, and we need to eat. Don't tell me he wants us to suffer?"

Hearing this, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was standing upstairs watching, couldn't help but hold her tongue. How could someone as unreasonable and unreasonable as them suffer any grievances? It could even be considered as being tyrannical.

"Of course not! "Since you have all come to pay your respects, our Restaurant of Myriad Stars must prepare a top-grade private room. Actually, our boss has always reserved a private room for himself, and now that our esteemed guests have come, we invite all to take your seats in Heavenly Mystery No. 1 private room!"

As the shopkeeper spoke, he led the way and even pulled the shop assistant aside.

As the saying goes, you shouldn't hit someone with a smiling face. Now that this manager was so sensible, it wasn't good for them to make things difficult for him.

"I wonder what all of you gentlemen would like to eat today?" "You are all our restaurant's regular customers, I'll definitely give you a discount today!"

As the shopkeeper spoke, he went upstairs. Under his care, the few people who were originally angry immediately became a lot friendlier. Some of them even had smiles on their faces.

Zhao Xiaoxue finally understood why this restaurant's business was so booming. It turned out that this shopkeeper really knew how to do business. Of course, it seemed that he also knew how to conduct himself well.

"Milords, please come this way. The Sky No. 1 Room is inside!"

Under the shopkeeper's guidance, the three of them quickly arrived at the corridor.

When they approached, they felt that the person before them was very beautiful, causing them to drool. Even though the shopkeeper had personally guided them, the three of them did not head in the direction he had pointed out. Instead, they moved towards the second entrance.

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly discovered that all three 'beggars' were actually walking towards her. Although she didn't mind being poor and loving rich, but the eyes of the three people in front of her were simply too obscene, making her feel disgusted. She turned her head away, no longer wanting to look straight into their eyes.

"Beauty, don't go!"

Seeing that the beauty was about to turn around and leave, the three of them felt a sense of loss on their faces.

"Beauty …"

One of them extended his dark and fat palm, but before he could touch it, it was blocked off by a long and cold sword sheath.

"One more step and my sword will be unsheathed!"

At this moment, the several bodyguards beside the Southern King were all present. If they allowed such an inexplicable person to insult Miss Xiao Xue, then they really weren't worthy of being the Southern King's bodyguard.

"You think I'm afraid of you? "But I …"

"A warrior recruited by the Hall of Justice, right?"

Luo Ze seemed to understand the identities of these three people very well. When she saw their incomparably shocked expressions, Zhao Xiaoxue knew that Luo Ze was right.

"You know that we are from the Justice Hall, but you still dare to be so arrogant. Are you not afraid that if you offend us, you will not be able to survive in the whole of Guanxing City, or even the entire West Wu Country?"

In the past, when they reported their name as' Hall of Justice ', everyone else would have been scared to death. However, seeing that the other party actually dared to act so arrogantly when they clearly knew of their identity, it could be seen that they truly possessed some ability.

"Haha, I'm afraid you don't have the ability to make us stay in the West Wu. The Hall of Justice …"

After saying that, Luo Ze suddenly moved his arm and his sword quickly left its scabbard. With a "zi" sound, the sword had already taken off the ornament on the other party's waist.

"You …"

The enemy's attack was so fast that the three of them could not see it clearly. Needless to say, the enemy was an expert. They could not afford to offend such a person. They also no longer wanted to argue and immediately retreated backwards.

"Forget it, we were just joking with this lady just now. Since we're all here to eat, it's better to be friendly with her. Let's go!"

The 'beggar' in front of him had changed his mind quite quickly. As he spoke, he turned to leave.


At first, the three of them did not want to bother with him, but soon, an invisible pressure forced them to stop. This was the first time they had encountered such an oppressive force, and in an instant, fear filled their bodies.

"What else does this young master want?"

With fear in their eyes, one of them spoke up.

"Nothing much, just that three dogs have been following my carriage the whole way, seemingly picking up a lot of good stuff. Today, I want to have a good meal in this All Star Restaurant, but the money …"

Chu Yufeng spoke very slowly and his tone was very gentle. It looked like he was discussing something with the three men, but the three men were so scared that their legs went soft. So they were the three men they had been following.

The reason why they were called big figures was because they had killed countless monsters along the way. Moreover, there was no lack of third grade spirit beasts among them.

This was because even though these big figures had eliminated the spirit beasts, they actually didn't collect any spirit beast blood essence or fur, allowing them to bring these items to the Hall of Justice to receive rewards.

The bounty offered by the Hall of Justice was very generous. Because of this, they had planned to come to the Mercenary Restaurant to have a good meal. However, they had not expected to meet those important figures here.

"The money for the meal, right? We'll give it to you! We'll give it to you! "

It was just a meal's worth of money. As long as he didn't make things difficult for them, giving them some silver was nothing.

"That should be enough, right?"

The three of them passed a small bag of silver to the shopkeeper. Needless to say, there was more than enough for a meal.

"Enough! That's enough! "

The shopkeeper was slightly flattered. He had originally thought that these people would eat an overlord's meal, but now that they had received so much silver, he was extremely happy. He kept nodding his head.

"Today's money is enough, but what about later?"

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