"Let me go, you people are catching people for no reason, it's even more disgusting than bandits! "You guys …"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to continue shouting, but her mouth was covered by someone. The two bailiffs beside her exerted force, and before long, she was brought into the carriage.

"How can you just randomly arrest people? She is a female Divine Doctor, a good person! "

There were a lot of people watching, but no one stood up to speak. In the end, only a little girl dared to question them.

"Sigh!" We didn't capture her because she had a guilty conscience. Don't worry, Goddess Doctor will be fine! "

The bailiff admired this girl who had so much courage, so he gave her an exceptional explanation.

The yamen runner's voice was not soft, and Zhao Xiaoxue, who was sitting in the carriage, also heard him clearly. If I had known earlier that I should have been calmer,

But then again, there was probably no one who didn't feel guilty about their actions. Why did they have to capture her?


The horse carriage swayed for a short while before someone called for it to stop. Not long after, Zhao Xiaoxue was led off the carriage. Zhao Xiaoxue did not know where this place was, even though there was a large signboard on the wall directly in front of her.

There were very eye-catching words written on it, but unfortunately, she couldn't read. She only knew that the high wall in front of her was definitely not an ordinary house. After all, ordinary people wouldn't have people wearing armor patrolling the front gate.

"What are you doing? The Mayor wants you to go find an elementalist but you actually brought back a girl. No matter how beautiful that girl is, I'm afraid no one would dare to admire her now!" If you don't want to be beaten, then quickly take her away! "

The guards at the gate were all annoyed as they looked at this group of useless yamen runners. This group of useless men really had nothing better to do than to fail in their tasks. They had not found a single doctor for a day and had only wandered aimlessly on the streets.

"Lord Guard, this person is not a lady!"

One of the bailiffs hurried forward to explain.

Hearing the bailiff's words, the guard raised his eyebrows:

"It's not a girl. Could it be a man dressed as a woman?"

These useless yamen runners were getting more and more outrageous.

"No!" This subordinate does not mean, that person is actually not an ordinary lady, she is a female Divine Doctor who can bring someone back from the dead! "

This time, the bailiff's words finally moved the guard.

"Female Divine Doctor? Can you even revive the dead? "

This news instantly roused the guard's spirit, and he began to carefully size up the person in front of him. The lady in front of him was not ordinary, and her temperament was also superb, but even though he said she was a Godly Doctor, he really didn't see through it.

"Lord Protector, this lady is truly a female genius doctor. This subordinate personally saw her rescue an old woman who had already died! It's not only us who saw this, there were a lot of people on the street at that time. As long as you go and ask around, you will definitely believe that she's a female genius doctor! "

The yamen runner's words were quickly echoed by the other yamen runners. One by one, they nodded their heads and recounted the situation briefly, which made the guards start to believe it:

"She really is a female Divine Doctor! Fine, bring her in. The mayor has his own ways to test her abilities! "

With the approval of the guards, one of the bailiffs started to bring Zhao Xiaoxue into the high wall. There was no one at the side, so the bailiff carefully apologized for Zhao Xiaoxue's mistake:

"Goddess Doctor, I'm really sorry for what happened just now, because the matter of inviting you to save someone needs to be kept a secret, I was unable to explain it on the spot, and you were shouting so loudly, so I could only cover your mouth. Please don't take offense!"

As the bailiff spoke, he removed the cloth covering Zhao Xiaoxue's mouth.

"Phew!" "Who the hell is sick? What kind of illness did they have?"

Since she was here to treat the patient, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to pursue the matter. She just wanted to know where the patient was.

"Goddess Doctor, please come this way. Someone inside will naturally tell you!"

Following the direction indicated by the bailiff, Zhao Xiaoxue saw an open door. She slowly walked forward and discovered that there were many tables and chairs arranged neatly on both sides of the room.

At this time, there were many guests sitting in the room. They wore different clothes, some were wearing long robes, some were short others. Before Zhao Xiaoxue arrived, they seemed to be whispering to each other, but when she arrived at the door, everyone turned to look at her.



Such doubtful exclamations came out of everyone's mouth one after another.

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she was an alien in this room. Not only was she of a different gender, even the feeling of her body being shrouded was very different.

"Which one... Can any of you tell me where the patient is? "

Under the pressure, Zhao Xiaoxue carefully inquired, hoping that someone inside would tell her the situation. The reason she came in was to see the patient, but of course, she wasn't blindly confident.

"Patient? We also want to know where the patient is! However, since young lady has been invited to come in, you must also be an elementalist. I just wonder, what is young lady's current level? "

As Origin doctors, they all had their own pride. Even if they didn't have official positions, there would still be people that would respectfully call them 'Sir' outside.

Therefore, they would never take the initiative to ask where the patient was, because the patient would definitely come looking for them. They were more interested in this female elementalist than the patient.

In the Spirit Yuan Continent, there were too few female doctors, so it was not easy to meet one. Everyone was very curious about the level of this female doctor.

"Rating? Intermediate ranking? "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to lie. She was now a middle-ranking official.

"What do you mean, intermediate?" Have you already reached level 3 or 4? "

Hearing this question, everyone's gaze slightly changed, but Zhao Xiaoxue became at a loss.

"What's Level Three? And what is a level 4? "

Hearing Zhao Xiaoxue's question, everyone was stunned for a moment. Then, with a disappointed expression, they said with a face full of disdain:

"He actually doesn't even know the level. What kind of elementalist is this? You can't be pretending to be an Origin Doctor because you want to get the reward from the City Lord, right? "

In the circle of doctors, everyone hated those fake doctors.

"I... "I'm not pretending to be an doctor, I just …"

However, after thinking about it, she felt that saying all these things seemed to have no use at all. Worst case scenario, after seeing the patient, if it really wasn't within her capabilities, she could just explain it clearly. As for the reward, she naturally wouldn't take it.

"What are you just saying? It's just that I lack money, so I just want to give it a try! "

Hearing this, everyone laughed disdainfully.

"City Lord has arrived!"

Just when everyone was starting to tease Zhao Xiaoxue, a shout came from outside the door, followed by someone quickly entering the room.

"Greetings City Lord!"

Everyone stood up when they saw the newcomer. Zhao Xiaoxue turned around and greeted him with a pair of extremely sharp, measuring eyes. Zhao Xiaoxue did not dare to meet his eyes. She turned her head slightly and imitated those people from a moment ago, cupped her fists and said:

"Greetings City Lord!"

"Welcome, Goddess Doctor!"

The City Lord's words caused everyone to be shocked. So this girl really did have some ability. If she was a swindler, then this City Lord of Grand City wouldn't be so polite to her.

"Everyone, time is of the essence. I am very grateful that everyone was able to come here, but the person suffering from the disease is not in a good condition right now, so I am unable to have everyone receive treatment one by one. In order to save time, I need everyone to cooperate with us in conducting a small test!"

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