"Rabbit? City Lord, could it be that you plan to let us physicians save these rabbits? "

When the City Lord's men walked in with blood dripping rabbits in their arms, most of the physicians frowned.

In the Spirit Continent, the profession of an elementalist was a noble one. Therefore, almost all of the elementalists were quite proud. They would only treat injuries caused by spirit energy, and would not stoop so low as to treat rabbits.

"I know that all the masters of the Yuan doctors are skillful and do not want to use rabbits to test their skills, but in this Guanxing City, not many people have spiritual energy attacks. If you use medicine to stimulate them, your life might be in danger.

Therefore, after thinking it over again and again, I can only get someone to find these rabbits and cut off their lifeline with a single slash.

Although the mayor gave a simple explanation, the result did not change at all. Han City mainly used rabbits to test themselves, which was also a matter of necessity.

No one knew how the exact levels of the doctors were divided. These people all said that they had already reached level 3, or even level 4.

Before, it was one thing for there to be less people. However, with the help of such a large amount of money, there were actually quite a few doctors that met the requirements. This both surprised Mayor Han and injured his brain, so he could only come up with this plan.

"This won't do, I definitely won't do it!"

Some of them were still very much against it.

"This …"

City Lord Han was in a dilemma. If the other party was unwilling to make a move, there was nothing he could do.

"The reason why you don't dare to use the needle is because you don't have the ability to save the rabbit!"

From behind the crowd, a different voice could be heard. The crowd dispersed and a young man wearing an azure robe slowly walked over.

"Don't tell me you have the ability?"

He could not help but want to slander the other party, but the moment he opened his mouth, he felt a strange change in the surrounding atmosphere. He seemed to have inadvertently revealed the fact that he could not save the rabbit.

"Of course I have the ability!"

As he walked, he opened the wooden chest that he was carrying around, took out a strip of cloth wrapped with golden needles, and took out a slender golden needle. Under the astonished gazes of everyone present, the needle pierced into the rabbit's head, stopping the blood that was still flowing.

"God, the bleeding has stopped!"

The moment the expert made a move, he knew if it was real or not. Not only did this move startle the layman, even the doctor beside him was also shocked.

Some people were unwilling to continue the competition due to the technology. They all took out their gold needles test. However, the results were very clear. Although they could slow down the flow of blood, they still could not stop the bleeding.

The people who were the first to raise objections saw that the situation was no longer good and knew that arguing was useless. However, they knew that their abilities were limited and did not want to be humiliated any longer, so they clasped their fists and said:

"Your esteemed self has reached the pinnacle of perfection. With you here, we are already of no use. Goodbye!"

With this departure, the others followed suit.

Very quickly, there were not many people left in the hall, the remaining people were not saying that there were people more powerful than the young doctor previously, but they were all curious to see what kind of background the 'female Divine Doctor' had, and was it possible that she was even more powerful than the young man?

Everyone was paying attention to the 'female Divine Doctor,' but this female Divine Doctor was sizing up the Cyan Profound man on the side who was trying to stop the bleeding.

His eyes were like torches, showing that he had extraordinary insight. Although he didn't look very robust, the strength of his fingers was very precise. A golden needle could stop a bleeding, and it was even blood from a large artery.

While Zhao Xiaoxue was astonished, she felt that the person in front of her seemed very familiar, especially the wooden chest. She felt like she had seen it somewhere before, but she couldn't remember where, so she sized it up even more carefully.

"Miss, it's your turn!"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could find the answer in her memories, she was suddenly called back to reality. Although there was the Cyan Mystical Man, this medicine woman was still a rare expert. That would be even better.

"What do you want me to do?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was confused.

"Of course it's to stop the bleeding from the rabbit's vital veins!"

City Lord Han slightly frowned, seeing that this' female Godly Doctor 'seemed to be particularly unreliable, if it wasn't for someone specially explaining to him, he would have probably coaxed her out already.

"This rabbit has cut open a big artery. The way to stop it is a bit complicated, and it doesn't have enough tools, so …"

Zhao Xiaoxue was truly in a difficult position.

"So, little girl, you don't have the ability to do that!"

City Lord Han seemed disappointed.

"Actually, if I let the rabbit temporarily stop the bleeding, I can still press down on the arteries. This rabbit …"

Zhao Xiaoxue said as she approached. No matter what, she had to first check the situation of the rabbit, but just as she reached out her hand to approach it, the rabbit that was originally on the verge of death, immediately jumped up. Ignoring the blood that was flowing rapidly down its neck, it struggled to jump off the hand of the bailiff and onto the ground, but the amount of blood flowing out was too much.

"This... "What's going on?"

The surrounding people were all puzzled.

"Try another one?"

City Lord Han quickly called another person to come forward with a rabbit in his arms.

Looking at the approaching rabbit, Zhao Xiaoxue muttered in her heart. She can disperse the spirit beasts, but these animals that aren't spirit beasts shouldn't reject her.

When they had just arrived at the Spirit Continent, there was still a pack of wolves chasing after her. What was wrong with this little rabbit? Maybe it was just a coincidence,

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully stepped forward. It was likely that her actions just now had scared the rabbit, so this time, she was especially careful.

However, no matter how careful she was, the moment Zhao Xiaoxue reached her hands out, a strange scene occurred again. The rabbit that originally lacked strength suddenly jumped up again.

This time, the bailiff was prepared and did not let the rabbit escape smoothly. However, the bleeding rabbit was no longer calm and continued to move. Not to mention being checked by Zhao Xiaoxue, even the bailiff could not hold on.

"Chi Chi!"

Finally, the rabbit died of a sudden blood loss.

"This... Is there a problem with this girl? She doesn't look like an Origin Doctor, but instead a poison doctor! "

When the Poison Doctor was mentioned, everyone revealed a look of fear. Even though the Poison Doctor was feared, it still made people look down on him. As long as it was discovered, they would attack him in groups and there would be no one who would plead for his life.

"Miss, you … Is he really a poison doctor? "

City Lord Han grew cautious. No matter what someone had said to him previously, if the other party was really a poison doctor, he would not show mercy.

"I... "I'm not a poison doctor, how could I be a poison doctor? I don't know what's going on either, please believe me, I didn't want to kill the rabbits, they were the ones who …"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how to explain, why were these rabbits so afraid of her? Other people wanted to know why, but she herself also wanted to know the answer.

"You've already killed the rabbit, who would believe you?"

The other doctors who were watching the commotion had already started to back off. If the other party was really a poison doctor, they did not want to lose their lives for no reason.

"I believe her! Her medical skills are outstanding, and she is a fully deserving female Divine Doctor. These rabbits were originally meant to die, but when facing the 'female Divine Doctor', they struggled in death! "

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