"Thank you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue sincerely thanked him.

With this expert's support, even if the others were dissatisfied, they could not say anything. Furthermore, City Lord Han was especially polite to this' expert 'beside him.

Since the result was out, City Lord Han didn't want to waste any more time and quickly dispersed the crowd of people, leaving behind only Zhao Xiaoxue and that 'expert'.

"You're welcome, Miss Xue. I'm just speaking the truth!"

The 'expert' was modest. Ever since he had witnessed the extraordinary skill of Lady Xue in saving lives, he had been filled with admiration for her. He had thought that he would have a chance to ask for advice in the future, but who would have thought that the opportunity would come so soon?

"Hiss!" You... "You know me?"

Hearing the other party's address, Zhao Xiaoxue could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. Her body was also swaying uncontrollably; this person actually recognized her.

"Miss Xue, don't you remember me? Have you forgotten that someone fell from the top of the building, or that you and I cooperated in saving him! "

After the expert's reminder, Zhao Xiaoxue finally remembered. She couldn't help but open her eyes wide and say with a face full of surprise:

"So it's you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue finally remembered the Godly Doctor that had saved her life in the city.

"Since all of you have cooperated in the past, I hope that you can continue working together this time around!"

Although Mayor Han didn't want to be rude and interrupt the conversation of others, time was of the essence.

"Mayor Han, don't worry, we will do our best! As a doctor, you can't just stand by and watch him die. Furthermore, the other party is the future king of the Wu Nation, so you can't be careless! "

"The crown prince?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was surprised. Although she had not stayed in this foreign world for long, she should be a member of the royal family since she was known as the 'Lord of Storage'.

Since you already know, then you should also know the situation of our King Leng Yi. If I'm not mistaken, your distinguished self should be a level four peak Yuan Dan master. At your age, could it be that you are the legendary top Yuan Doctor master, Zhuo Fan?

City Lord Han was very confident in his guesses. He had already guessed the identity of this medical expert from the beginning, but he did not dare to say it out loud. Now, he was most likely not far from it.

"I am indeed Zhuo Fan, but I am not the young top-notch physician you spoke of. This title must belong to me, Master!"

When mentioning his master, Zhuo Fan had a look of reverence on his face.

"He really is a famous master with many disciples. May I know who is the master of Doctor Zhuo Yuan?"

The people of the world only knew Zhuo Fan's name, but they didn't know who Zhuo Fan's master was. If Zhuo Yuan Doctor's master could help, then the chances of King Qinguang clearing the level were much higher.

"You don't need to ask for my master's help. Even I, as his disciple, don't know where he is!"

Zhuo Fan saw through Mayor Han's thoughts with a glance.

"Then... Now that you're talking about King Leng Yi, is Physician Zhuo Yuan confident in his ability to deal with him? "

Mayor Han also knew that his previous thoughts were a bit extravagant. It was already difficult for Zhuo Fan to ask him to come, and now that he was able to come personally, it could already be considered as giving face to the Coldheart King.

"I have no confidence!"

Zhuo Fan's answer was simple. It could be seen that his answer was not out of modesty, but to state a fact. However, what he said made Mayor Han's heart clench.

"But I can give it my best shot!"

This was also the reason Zhuo Fan came here.

"Then I'll have to trouble Doctor Zhuo Yuan!"

Mayor Han bowed deeply as he spoke.

Ever since City Lord Han had started speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue felt as if she was transparent. She could hear that the 'expert' beside her was not ordinary, and his name seemed to have already demonstrated his ability. He was extraordinary.

"Mayor Han, aside from me, there's also this Miss Xue!"

After Zhuo Fan's reminder, City Lord Han began to seriously look at Zhao Xiaoxue. However, Zhao Xiaoxue seemed a bit embarrassed, and quickly said:

"Let's go see the patient first!"

City Lord Han was anxious to begin with, so after being reminded by Zhao Xiaoxue, he didn't say anything else and sent some people to lead the way.

With someone to lead the way, Zhao Xiaoxue walked quickly, but Zhuo Fan deliberately fell behind.

"What's the matter with you?"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt this Zhuo Fan was very strange. His face was full of thought, which made her unable to guess what he was thinking.

"Miss Xue, be careful. Leave this City Lord's Mansion as soon as possible! "Actually, you should stay with us …"

Zhuo Fan realized that he seemed to have said something wrong and hurriedly corrected himself:

"I mean, as a young miss of a big family, it's better for you to stay in a public place with more people!"

After saying this, Zhuo Fan couldn't help but shake his head. He was really making this up. There was no safer person in this world than the young master. He wondered why Miss Xue would want to leave for no reason.

"Even a place with more people might not be safe. I was caught in the place with the most people! Fortunately, I am only here to see a doctor! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't reject the idea of being a doctor, as long as it wasn't drinking her blood.

"Hehe, if we're in the City Lord's Mansion, please don't leave me too far!"

At this time, Zhuo Fan could only help to look after Miss Xue. He would only listen to her arrangements after contacting her master.

"You? Hehe, let's go see the patient first! "

From Zhao Xiaoxue's point of view, this Zhuo Yuan doctor was no different from City Lord Han.

As he watched the two people walk further and further away, City Lord Han, who was standing on the spot, suddenly opened his mouth and said in a low voice,

"That young lady is really a blood essence pharmacist!"

If Zhao Xiaoxue heard this, she would know that Mayor Han was purposely ignoring her. So he already knew about her identity.

"Of course she's a blood essence pharmacist. I saw it with my own eyes!"

Behind City Lord Han, a dark-skinned man wearing a grey long robe flashed out. City Lord Han did not seem surprised by his appearance at all. He continued to look at the two figures in front of him.

"Let the one with the surname Zhuo try it first. If it is not possible, then use the blood essence medicine man's blood. The Wu Nation cannot afford to not have a King of Cold Will. Although it is very risky, this is the only chance!"

City Lord Han's attitude was very firm. In order to save King Leng Yi, he was willing to do anything. Not to mention just asking for the blood of this lady, even if he destroyed the entire Guanxing City, he wouldn't have any objections.

"It's not the only chance. Just now, someone came to report, and His Highness the Southern King of the Southern Chu Country also came to the Grand Dominance City. Although we don't know what his goal is, he is also our opportunity!"

Hearing the words of the person behind him, City Lord Han frowned slightly.

"What does the Southern King want? I heard that he is so weak that he won't be able to last long. Previously, I tried to capture him, but now, he wants me to deliver myself to his doorstep. What a weirdo! "But the last time you came back and said he's not simple, I really want to see if the person who can make us Left Envoys so afraid of him has three heads and six arms."

The person behind him snorted softly when he heard Mayor Han's words.

"If you underestimate the Southern King, you will suffer! When that happens, don't blame me for not reminding you! "

With that, he no longer paid any attention to the other party and turned to leave.

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