"Good!" Then let's give it a try! "

Zhuo Fan didn't have a better way, so he could only gamble once.

"Stop! You two quacks, if you don't have confidence, then don't touch my big brother! "

Just as Zhuo Fan was about to use the needle, the curtain next to the bed was opened. A young woman wearing a pink dress walked in aggressively.

"We are here to save him. If you stop him, then King Leng Yi will really be hopeless!"

The other party had already introduced himself, and with such a domineering character, and also claiming to be the sister of King Leng Yi, he must be the delicate princess of Wu Guo. However, Zhuo Fan would not stop just because the other party was a princess, because he knew that he could not stop now.

"Who believes you. I've heard what you guys said just now. I won't let you touch my big brother again!"

Wu Jiao said as she continued to walk forward.

"Princess, don't go over there!"

Wu Jiao had just moved when someone behind her quickly rushed in and grabbed her arm.

Unfortunately, Wu Jiao didn't appreciate his kindness. The other party had only just touched her arm when he turned around and slapped the face of the person that arrived behind him without any hesitation and roared loudly.

"How dare you!"

This was the first time Zhao Xiaoxue had seen such an overbearing young lady. The last time she was in the forest, she had been quite lucky. If she didn't fall off the cliff, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

"Princess, even if this subordinate is beaten to death, this subordinate will not let you go. Right now, you can't go to King Leng Yi's side. If King Leng Yi is truly gone, then you …"

Everyone could see the benevolence and painstaking efforts of the person who had come. The reason why the originally high-spirited City Lord Han had become so humble was only to persuade this unruly princess.


Another crisp slap landed on City Lord Han's face.

"Let go of me, you don't even have the right to meddle in my matters!" I warn you, my big brother will be fine! He will live well! "

Wu Jiao's delicate face was determined, but Zhao Xiaoxue could see that this princess seemed to be enduring a great deal of pain.

"Ah …"

Just when Wu Jiao and City Governor Han were deadlocked in a stalemate, the Cold Will King who was originally lying on the bed instantly let out a shrill cry. Such a heart-wrenching and lung-splitting scream caused everyone present to be shocked.

Could it be that the needle was placed in the wrong place? When she saw Zhuo Yuan Tang poke the golden needle into the location indicated by her, Zhao Xiaoxue's originally resolute heart instantly collapsed.

"This... "This is …"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to ask about the situation, but she was unable to find the right words to say. She could only look at Zhuo Fan in a daze and blame herself:

"It's my fault, it's all my fault!"

Maybe she shouldn't have been so sure.

"You two quacks, I'll kill you!"

Seeing her elder brother in such pain, Wu Jiao could no longer stay calm. She kicked City Lord Han away, drew her sword, and charged straight at Zhuo Fan who had administered the acupuncture.

"Be careful!"

She took a step forward and forcefully pushed away the still dazed Zhuo Fan. Fortunately, Zhao Xiaoxue was quick enough, and when Wu Jiao's long sword came piercing over, Zhao Xiaoxue and Zhuo Fan had already fallen to the sides of the bed.

"Want to hide?" Is it useful? I will definitely take your lives today! "

Wu Jiao adjusted her direction and continued swinging her sword forward. But just as she was about to move, her body started swaying inexplicably. The longsword in her hand started falling uncontrollably.

"Princess!" Danger! "

Noticing Wu Jiao's strangeness, City Governor Han swiftly moved forward, wanting to catch her the instant she fell. Unfortunately, he seemed to be a step too late.

Wu Jiao, who was originally in high spirits, quickly fell to the ground as the sword in her hand fell. Her eyes were lifeless. She felt that the spirit energy in her body was being absorbed by a terrifying force, but she was powerless to stop it.

"Princess …"

Mayor Han wanted to step forward to help, but he was stopped just as he was about to do so. At this moment, Zhuo Fan stood up and blocked in front of Mayor Han while coldly saying:

"Now you are just as dangerous!"

"But, the princess …"

City Lord Han really couldn't let this matter slide.

"She'll be fine!"

As Zhuo Fan spoke, he quickly pulled out the golden needle from within the cloth strip and started stabbing at Wu Jiao's hands and head.

"You … What are you doing? It's not good for her now, so don't add insult to injury! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was really afraid that Zhuo Fan would take revenge on this princess. Although this princess was indeed a bit unruly, in general, it was because she had deep feelings for the two brothers and sister that her actions were understandable.

"Eh!" Miss Xue, don't worry. I'm doing this to help her, I don't want to add insult to injury! "

Even if the motive of being slandered was impure, but the person who spoke was Miss Xue, Zhuo Fan didn't dare to express his displeasure other than having an awkward expression on his face.

"Help her?"

Zhao Xiaoxue clearly didn't understand.

"That's right!"

Zhuo Fan nodded.

'Bang! '

Just as Zhuo Fan nodded, he received a scorching slap on his face.

"No …" There's no need for you to be so kind, even if … Even if you help me now, once I recover my strength, I'll kill you anyway, using … Use your blood to pay homage to my big brother! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't believe that Zhuo Fan was really helping him just now, but seeing that this princess could hit him and even talk so much, it could be seen that Zhuo Fan's acupuncture was truly miraculous.

"You crazy woman, if you want to use my blood as an offering to your big brother, you have to wait until your big brother dies!" Now that I have finally helped him pass the sixth trial, you want to thank your brother's savior like this? "

Zhuo Fan became famous. Although he did not have any spiritual energy on him, his title as an Origin Doctor allowed him to enjoy the respect of countless people. How could he bear such grievances? When he saved someone, he even got slapped.

"Benefactor? You just said... "Speak of my big brother …"

Wu Jiao cried tears of joy upon hearing this. Even though she hadn't fully recovered her strength, she still moved forward while lying on her stomach. She would only believe this to be true if she personally confirmed it.

"Big brother, I'm Jiao Jiao. Are you really alright?"

Seeing her elder brother lying on the bed, whose complexion had become much redder, a smile finally appeared on Wu Jiao's delicate face. She was originally beautiful to begin with, but her rage made everyone ignore her beauty. Her smile actually caused Zhuo Fan, who was standing beside her, to be unable to open his eyes.

"Jiao Jiao, I … I'm fine! "

After a moment of torment, Wu Leng finally regained consciousness. Hearing his younger sister's voice, he was agitated in his heart as well.

"Big brother, you can speak now. You're really okay!"

Wu Jiao excitedly shouted. Her shout caused the originally dazed Zhuo Fan to finally react. He silently arrived beside Zhao Xiaoxue and said in a low voice,

"Now that he's fine, it's time for us to leave!"

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