An unremarkable young man. (Is it a young man?) Why does he look like an uncle!) His name was Li Xuelong, and he was about 20 years old.

"Ai ~" a sigh came from his mouth. Why was it like this? So he was dumped by his girlfriend, and this was the 188th time he was dumped by her, it was the same woman. She had already taken all the money, but what was even more hateful was that he still had to pay off the debts of her girlfriend. How could he pay back a million? Even if he sold it, it wouldn't be worth it. "Furthermore, the usurer would come to me every day to ask for money. Without money, it would just be a beating!" Why did you do this to me, God? I, Li Xueyong, have never done anything wicked. I refuse to accept this! Shirley, I'm sorry, but I'll be watching you from below if you're going to stay alive. ([Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Snow Dragon: Hey, boy! Why are you down there? Am I miserable enough? You're still not letting me go. At least let me go to heaven. Author: People like you have to go down there. It's good enough that you don't go to the Eighteen Hells. F * * k! Snow Dragon: Dead author, go to hell, I'm going to kill you! Author: You. If you have the guts, then cut me. Ah, you really cut it. Sister, you must be very good at your uncle's house. He then jumped down from the mountain. The wind blew past his ears, but after a long time he was still in the process of falling. " Why? Are you not going to let me die? Why am I still descending? I should be on the ground! It can't be a bottomless pit! I don't want it! " The Snow Dragon shouted. At this moment, a voice called out, "Child, do you want strength?" The sound came from all directions.

The Snow Dragon thought, isn't this the same as in fantasy novels? What protagonist meets a very powerful master, and then teaches the protagonist. In the end, he would take the risk, but he would definitely do something for him. For example, revenge. After thinking for a while, the Snow Dragon said, "Okay, I know you must have something to help me with. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to give me strength, right?"

The voice laughed and said, "Haha, good boy, you're quite smart. Looks like I found the right person. I have something that I want you to complete, but the prerequisite is that you have to learn the < Ten Thousand Golden Body Cultivation Technique >. After you've mastered it, you can just kill the Emperor Qing, the Jade Emperor as you say. How is it? It was worth it? "Do you agree?"

Hearing his words, I said in shock, "What? You want me to kill the Jade Emperor? Is there a mistake? He is a god, and the head of a god at that. However, I'll promise you in order to gain strength. Don't blame me when I can't beat him! Right, get me out of here first. This kind of decline is not too good either! "

When the voice heard me agree, it said happily, "No problem! "Let's go." With that, the snow dragon's body disappeared. Because the pressure of teleportation was very painful for ordinary people, the Snow Dragon would not wake up for a moment. When he woke up he was in a place like a cave, surrounded by crystals. There were also night pearls the size of soccer balls hanging on the walls. However, he couldn't find anyone after a long time.

The Snow Dragon looked at Ye Ming Zhu and excitedly exclaimed, "This is great! With these things, I no longer need to hide and flee from this debt." And I won't have to worry about it for the rest of my life. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] [Next Chapter] Author: Just now, I was cursing at the heavens. Why are you moving so fast? F * * k! Snow Dragon: Do you have to care if your injuries were not severe enough last time?)

At this time, the voice that saved him shattered his beautiful dream, "Brat, do you still want to learn? I've been waiting for you for a long time. You're not going to make me wait. I don't have time to wait. "

This time, the fright was not small. The Snow Dragon turned around and saw a handsome guy who was only the size of an infant. "You! Whose child are you? Why are you here?!" Big brother will give you a hug. " As he spoke, he picked up the Myriad Gold Heavenly Lord. The Thousand Gold Heavenly Lord was the person who had saved him.

Allgold Heavenly Lord shouted: "Brat, let me go, I told you to hug me, I - almost do it! Listen to me, I'm called Heavenly Star, I'm known as Allgold Heavenly Lord. I am a Deity Cultivator. When I was cultivating my 20th Golden Body, the Jade Emperor took advantage of my cultivation to destroy my fleshly body and sealed my Nascent Soul inside Mount Hua. Trust me, I will use my cultivation of sacrificing eighteen golden bodies to break the seal and escape. I've been waiting here ever since. Now you know why I wanted you to kill the Jade Emperor. Hey kid, wake up if you have nothing to do. "

The Snow Dragon got up from the ground, shook his head and said, "Fuck, old man, you're really merciless, it's so painful that it's killing me." Right, I don't care what grudge you have with him. I only know that people do not offend me, I do not offend. If anyone offends me, I will kill. Do you understand? I've been waiting for you for a long time. You won't let me wait any longer. What do you mean? How long have I been asleep? Don't tell me it's a year, huh? "Five days, five months, not five years?"

"Yes, when you were trying to teleport, I helped you improve your body so that you could absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Who told you to absorb all the spiritual energy in my body and absorb eight levels of my cultivation right after you finished modifying me? So I don't have much time. It's been five years since you woke up. Don't blame yourself, I'm not blaming you. Listen carefully, the "Ten Thousand Golden Body Cultivation Technique" is to integrate all living things in the world. It is divided into four levels: 1, Innate Realm, 2, Divine Soul, 3, Golden Body, 4, and Fusion. Okay, just do what I told you to do. Now that you have reached the first level, you can start your cultivation here. That's right, cultivating the 10,000 Golden Body Cultivation Technique required one to cultivate 10,000 Golden Body Realm martial skills. After successfully cultivating it, one would need to fuse them all together. In the end, once you pass the Allgod Tribulation, you will be invincible. In addition, he had to go through a Heavenly Tribulation to train in every Golden Body. Alright, I have nothing else to say. Okay, don't cry anymore. I don't blame you. I've lived for 100,000 years, so it's time for me to have a good night's sleep. Farewell. " With that, his body began to fade until it disappeared.

The Snow Dragon kowtowed three times towards the place where he disappeared and said, "Master, I will avenge you. Don't worry. "Why, heavens, you will take away those who are good to me, ah ~ I swear that I will protect those I want to protect. I will not lose any more of my family and friends." With that, he began his long journey of cultivation. Why was it so long? Because he had trained for ten thousand years. Ten thousand years? However, to the outside world, it had actually been more than three thousand years. This was because the Thousand Gold Heavenly Lord had set up a time enchantment in the Snow Dragon's cultivation area. During this period of time, the Snow Dragon would train 10,000 of its golden bodies together. For others to only know how to cultivate one at a time, it was a miracle that he did not die by bodily explosion. At this moment, his body was emitting seven different types of light, constantly changing. This was the most critical moment of the fusion. If he succeeded, he would become a god. But of course, only after experiencing a Celestial Tribulation would one truly be a True God. Within his body, ten thousand golden-armored warriors held onto a nascent soul, passing their energy to it. Just like that, the Snow Dragon's Nascent Soul exploded into pieces. Then, a seven-colored light slowly emerged from the golden body. His golden body gradually grew to the size of a single grade. The color of his golden body was crystal colored. The Snow Dragon happily opened its eyes. Immediately, two rays of golden light shot out. When he saw what was happening around him, he was stunned because he was no longer where he had been. Before him was darkness, endless darkness. From the birth of the universe to the birth of life, everything happened so quickly.

It was a voice that said, "Finally someone has come. Child, you are the first and last person to come here. Do you know where this is? "

F * * k, why is it that when you listen to it like this, you can't even see anyone? The Snow Dragon nervously said, "No …. I don't know. "May I ask who you are? Why am I here?"

The voice listened to me and continued, "This is the center of the universe. As for how you came here, you comprehended the Heart of the Universe, so you came here. Alright, now that I am also in the name of the universe and this youngster before me, I shall give you the power of the universe. " After saying that, the energy in the surroundings quickly gathered together and formed a meteorite sized ball. He then flew towards the Snow Dragon.

"Hey, wait, I don't want to be in a body with you. "Ahh ~ ~ ~ ~" Before he could finish his sentence, he bumped into the meteorite. Then, it slowly fused into the Snow Dragon's body. Due to the excruciating pain, the Snow Dragon lost its consciousness …

After a very long time, the Snow Dragon woke up and found that he was still at the same place as when he was training. He muttered to himself, "So it was just a dream. It scared me to death. Oh right, I really want to succeed!" Then why can't others? Forget it, no matter how hard I think about it, I can't figure it out. Alright, it's time to go back. I don't know if my sister is in a hurry or not. I disappeared for five years and trained for a few years. My sister must be worried to death. I don't want to go anymore. " With that, he teleported out. The next time he appeared was at the place where he had jumped off the cliff. He thought that if he hadn't jumped off the cliff here, he wouldn't be where I am now. He also wouldn't run into his master, and he didn't know whether or not he would see him again. Sigh! Come on, the Snow Dragon tried to leave, but her body wouldn't obey him and she fell down. This fall was not light? He fell down from the sky. A scream echoed for a kilometer. How desolate! Hahahaha)

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