The crowded street was full of human shadows. A handsome young man dressed in a "nameplate" suit walked through the crowd. The people beside him were all whispering to each other, "Look at him, he's so handsome, just a little poor." "What do you mean poor? Is he just a beggar?" "Yes, what a pity!" … …

This person is either the other person or our protagonist, Li Xuelong, who accidentally "fell" when he came down from the mountain.

He rolled down the mountain. After being treated like this, the already tattered clothes were even worse. Clothes are no different from beggars. The Snow Dragon muttered to itself, "Not moving for a few years? My limbs are not used to it. Fortunately, my body has been modified by Master, otherwise, I would have gone to meet him as soon as I came out." The truth was that the Heart of the Universe had helped him reform it yet again. His body alone wouldn't be enough to block an Immortal's Celestial Tribulation. A single sentence is f * cking perverted.)

"Ai, just how long have I been sitting there? Why is it that my body doesn't seem to belong to me? This caused me to roll all the way down the mountain. Luckily, he was not injured, but luckily, he was still in the midst of misfortune. "No, I'll change my clothes first. I don't want others to call me a beggar or something." Just like this, the Snow Dragon walked into a clothing store. But would he let him in like this?)

"Where did this beggar come from? Get out! This isn't a place you should be. Go somewhere else and don't affect my business." "I'm not a beggar, I have money, you see …" The snow dragon took out three hundred yuan from his tattered clothes. The shopkeeper looked at his money as if he was a hungry man looking at a pile of food and drooling! However, the boss came back to his senses after a while and said with a smile, "Sir, I am really sorry for what happened just now. It was I who had eyes but failed to recognize Mt. Tai. "Please follow me, your excellency has someone to measure you." He just said he was a beggar.

After a while, the Snow Dragon walked out in his famous casual attire. He did not understand why he was so happy when he gave him his three notes. I don't get it, forget it, it's not like I'm going to lose anything anyway, hur hur ~ (Author: What don't you want to lose? I let you have 300 yuan on you so you can give it to me. Do you know how much it is? How tens of billions, painstakingly made you bring three to wait for 3000 years ah, I will kill you, don't run. Snow Dragon: It's not like I know. Don't do anything rash. Ah — Flight! Author: You don't want to fly. Hey, come down — you just wait and see.

The Snow Dragon leisurely walked on the road, looking at the cars flying beside her. Eh? Why didn't the car have wheels? Weird, don't tell me I've been practicing for a long time (if not too long). No wonder I can't even walk. Hehe. Ah — what is it? Gao Da? I'm not dreaming. No way, how come there's the same kind of robot as Gao? How long have I been practicing? Forget it, I don't think it will last for more than 50 years anyway. "Ah, it hurts. You don't have eyes, so you don't have to look forward when you walk." You want to die? " A young girl stood up from the ground, patting her clothes as she scolded. It was then that the Snow Dragon realized she had run into someone else after being scolded by her. When he saw the girl's face, he cried out involuntarily, "Sherry?"

The girl was baffled to hear someone call her Shirley, and when she saw that she was the one who had knocked against her, what a face, silver eyes, long hair in a shawl, and hair the color of crystal, whiter than a girl's skin. It took a long time to wake up. He replied, "Sir, I think you've recognized the wrong person. I'm Li Xue, not Sherry."

The Snow Dragon also blankly stared at her until she said, "Sir, I think you've recognized the wrong person. My name is Li Xue, not Xue Li." When he came back to his senses, he thought, there really is someone who looks so much like him, but then he said, "Oh, I'm sorry, then may I ask how many years it has been since then. I don't seem to remember. Haha …" And then he gave her a gentle smile.

Li Xue was enchanted by this smile and said absentmindedly: "It's 5020. "You're so handsome, ah — what am I supposed to say?"

"Ah?" Not in 5020. I've practiced for over 3000 years? Didn't Shirley die a long time ago? I'll find her. "Oh right, Miss Li Xue, my name is Li Xuelong. This is a photo of my sister, do you think she looks like you?" Saying so, he took out the photo of her sister and showed it to Li Xue.

Li Xue took the photo and looked at it. It really was the same as her. She was practically the same person. "And this photo is dated July 2009. What's going on?" Mr. Snow Dragon, can you give me this photo? Anything you want? "

The Snow Dragon scratched its head and said with a smile, "No problem, but can you give me a place to stay? I have nowhere to go now. "Can I?"

Li Xue happily said, "Okay, I'll help you find a house, but it will take a few days. Why don't you come and stay at my place first? " And so the Snow Dragon followed her back to his new home. Hehe, what's the relationship between Li Xue and Xue Long? I think everyone is here. Yes, she was the descendant of Little Sister Snow Dragon.)

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