Li Xue's home was really big. There was a garden and a swimming pool. He was definitely a 5-star esper, it was great to live here.

"Snow Dragon, what are you standing there blankly for? "Why aren't you coming in yet?" Li Xue saw the Snow Dragon in a daze and shouted.

"Ah?" Oh, I'm sorry, this is the first time I've seen such a luxurious house, so — Hur Hur. Is your family rich? I can't tell. " The Snow Dragon said dumbly. He never would have thought that Li Xue's father was the richest person in the world.

Li Xue smiled and said, "Really? Not very rich. That's right! Even the photos you gave me cost millions! So I'll find the place for you. And I'll help you find your sister. "

Xue Long happily said, "Sure, but you can help me get my ID." Mine dropped. Can I? What else can I do when I get my ID? "

Li Xue pulled the Snow Dragon and said, "No problem." Right, let's go see my dad and mom first. "Let's go." He dragged the Snow Dragon along as soon as he said he was going to play. At one of the doors, they stopped, and a conversation broke out.

A voice said, "Director Li, I think you should just sell me 51% of your company's shares. If you don't sell, you're ready to go bankrupt. Or if you marry your daughter to my son, I'll invest tens of billions of dollars in you.

Chief Li said resolutely, "Stop dreaming. I won't sell you the shares in the company. I would never trade my daughter's happiness for tens of billions of dollars. I don't want to see you again. "

"Good, very good. Then you are ready to go bankrupt. Let's wait and see. I will make you die a miserable death. "Ha ha-ha," the voice said. After which, he turned around and walked out. He opened the door just in time to see the Snow Dragon and the others at the entrance. He snorted and left. When Li Xue walked behind her father, Boss Li said unhappily, "Didn't I tell you to go? How come, it's Li Xue? I thought it was that bastard? Oh right, who is this person? Not bad, my daughter has good taste. "What's the name of this young man?"

Li Xue blushed and said, "Dad, don't talk nonsense. He's a friend that I just made. By the way, I just heard Uncle Wang say that your company is going bankrupt. What's going on? "

Director Li sighed and said, "My company's confidential documents have been stolen. That's our new breed of software. At the same time, the software developed by Wang Huatan Company and the technology in our confidential documents. I don't have enough liquidity to develop new products. So that was what happened just now. "

Xue Long thought about it for a while and said, "Uncle, how much liquid money do you need? If it's not a lot, I think I can help. " As he spoke, he used the God's Creation Power to condense a gem behind his back.

Director Li said in shock, "800 million, do you have it? If not, forget it. "

The Snow Dragon smiled and said, "Is this enough? If it's not enough, I have more. Are two enough? What about the other three? " As he spoke, he took out three bowl-sized gems from his clothes.

Director Li stared blankly at the three gems that the Snow Dragon had pulled out like magic. He trembled as he held the gems and said emotionally, "Enough, two is enough. "Oh right, what request do you have for me? I will definitely fulfill your request. What do you think?"

Li Xue was curious in her heart. Where did he take it out? She must ask him first. You'll be miserable if you lie to me. Hehe!

The Snow Dragon did not know how the hair on her head, when ah, no one should know I do not have a gem ah. When he saw Li Xue, he remembered that she knew he was finished. That's right, I can just say that I have special abilities. Hahaha! I'm a genius. After thinking it through, he smiled and said, "Uncle, I just want you to help me get an ID card. My name is Li Xuelong, 20 years old, graduated from high school. Just write down the address for me. " Just let your uncle find a job when you're done. But Boss Li took him to his daughter's school to study. It will definitely be very interesting in the future.) The Snow Dragon lay on his bed and thought about her experiences. This was a small head sticking out from the door. Who else could this person be other than Li Xue? Yesterday I wanted to ask him a question, but he told me that if I wasn't feeling well, I would let him escape, but now I won't.

The snow dragon knew what was coming, so he said, "Alright, I'll tell you why I have the gem. It's because I have special abilities. Look! " He was afraid that she wouldn't believe him, so he experimented on the spot. A gem slowly grew from the size of a sesame seed to the size of a bowl in the Snow Dragon's hand. This scene shocked Li Xue but she quickly smiled and said, "Snow Dragon, you're really strong." By the way, my dad has your ID card ready. Also, he helped you register at my school, so you can go to school the day after tomorrow. My dad also said that now is the time for you to study, so you have to go no matter what. "Otherwise, hehe …"

Only now did the Snow Dragon know what a demon's smile was. Embarrassed, he said, "Uncle has been kind to me, so I have no choice but to go. But don't laugh so treacherously, okay? Terrifying. Haha, ah, that was a joke — killing! Help! " Just like this, the Snow Dragon enjoyed at Li Xue's home for two days before it had to go to the execution ground. And Li Xue's father, with the help of the snow dragon. Our protagonist is going to school. What happens there? You'll know the next chapter. Thank you for your support, I will continue to work hard.

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