On Monday, the Snow Dragon was woken up by Li Xue using water. Xue Long complained, "My young mistress, can you tell me to wake up in the future and not use cold water? Moreover, I can't use hot water. I also can't use warm water either. Can you go out for a while? I don't want to change my clothes in front of you! "

After hearing what the Snow Dragon had said, she remembered that he still needed to change his clothes. He ran out with a red face and said, "I don't care about you anymore. Oh right, I'm in the same class." The sound grew further and further away.

After arriving at school, the Snow Dragon walked into the school in a white suit. Why didn't they go in together with Li Xue? He didn't want others to misunderstand him. When they walked into the school, they heard people talking about it. The content was: "Wow, wow, so handsome." So handsome. Which class is he from? Does he have a boyfriend? " Something like that. Man: "Another pretty boy. Looks like our days are going to be tough." Do you want to ruin his appearance? " Something like that.

Xue Long ignored them and left. He went to the principal's office and knocked on the door. "Please enter." An old man's voice came from inside the door. After Snow Dragon entered, she took out the recommendation letter from Uncle Li and said, "Hello Principal, this is my recommendation letter." Please take a look. "

The old man took the letter, opened it and said, "Li Xuelong, Li Xue's cousin. Alright, you can go to class one of the sophomores on the third floor. Xiaolan, bring him over! Okay, you guys can leave now! " With that, he did his own thing. As for the one called Xiaolan, her original name was Fang Xinlan. It was Xue Long's homeroom teacher who taught them the language of their class.

In the classroom, everyone was talking about the handsome silver-haired guy they saw on campus today. Li Xue was also thinking about the Snow Dragon, but it wasn't as powerful as them. Shen Dan is Li Xue's good friend. She pushed Li Xue and smiled, "Xiao Xue, are you thinking about some guy? Speak quickly; be frank and lenient, and be strict in your resistance. Resist stubbornly until the end, and only death awaits you. " After Li Xue was pushed awake and heard her words, her face blushed as she said, "What? I was thinking that a transfer student would come to our class today. "I wonder how he looks like." Author: Didn't you know? A boast without a draft. Li Xue: It's none of your business. Are you bragging or something? Do you know? "

Shen Dan thought about it and said, "I don't know. Oh right, did you see a handsome guy with silver hair today?" Could it be him? Eh? It's a pity you didn't see it. You don't know how handsome he is! I love him. Oh right, don't fight over it with me, I can't win over a school beauty like you. "Okay?"

Li Xue smiled and said, "Okay, if he doesn't like you, I'll chase him, okay? "Hur hur." At this moment, the classroom door opened and a teacher walked in. But she had come in alone, and everyone was looking behind her. Teacher Fang coughed to draw everyone's attention to her. She continued to ask, "What's wrong today? Is there someone behind me?" Why are all of you looking behind me? " Everyone stopped looking at the door as soon as she said what she said. None of them said anything. Teacher, did a transfer student come today? Are you a handsome guy? " A girl in red said. Teacher Fang smiled and said, "Little Red, could it be that you are in spring? It doesn't matter. If you can catch up, then go ahead! Alright, let's not joke. Come in. This student is called Li Xuelong, he will be a member of our class from now on. Everyone needs to take good care of him! " Li Xuelong walked in and thought, "What kind of teacher is this, caring about me?" I think it's better not to get eaten. However, the words of a group of people caused him to enter the cold palace. "No problem, teacher. I will be as good to you as to my dog." It was a male classmate who said this. The woman said, "I'll be as good to him as my husband." I will think that my sister is as good to my brother as I am.

My tomorrow is over. After sweeping a glance at his classmates, the Snow Dragon found a person in a corner. He would never forget this person. She was Snow Dragon's girlfriend from 3000 years ago, Liu Jiayi. It turned out that Liu Jiayi was a cultivator who, after reaching the Nascent Soul stage, could no longer cultivate. Thus, when she entered the world to cultivate, she did not gain much. One day, when she was walking on the street, she was surrounded by a group of thugs. Coincidentally, the Snow Dragon just happened to pass by and save her. (Author: Mind your own business. She is a cultivator after all.) Liu Jiayi, on the other hand, had found out that the Snow Dragon was a natural born Dao Body (the Innate Empyrean God Body). Thus, she had befriended him. After that, his cultivation did not improve after reaching the late Nascent Soul stage. However, she did not want other cultivators to obtain the Snow Dragon. So he borrowed 500 thousand from a loan shark and went back to the mountain. When Li Xuelong came to her house, those hooligans came to collect the debt, and the result was that the Snow Dragon came to pay it back. He had even killed the Snow Dragon. That was how the first scene began.

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