"Alright, I'll challenge you." A young cultivator stood up and said.

"Okay, then how many people are you preparing? One? Or ten? " I saw that he was only a Late Spirit Realm warrior, so I asked him if he wanted to fight Dora or not.

The young man arrogantly said, "No need. I alone am enough to deal with you. Come on down, we're starting the race. Why is it gone? " Suddenly she saw me disappear. However, he could not sense what kind of escape technique it was.

I patted my shoulder. "Hey, where are you looking? I've come running. Your reaction is too slow. Forget it. Competing in magic or something? If it's a competition, you will definitely lose. " I just ran over as fast as I could. Because this place is very clean, there's not much that's blown away by me.

Everyone was startled when they saw me 'suddenly' appear beside that person. And that, of course, was not light. His tone became respectful, "About that, since Senior gave me the choice, of course I would choose the worst one, Senior? "Can I?"

Faint, what did I think it was? He actually wanted to use my weakness to deal with me. "But I don't seem to have any weaknesses, right?" I don't think so, but I'm better at it than you are! I will be lenient on you anyways. If you won't die, then so be it. " I said it on purpose.

After that person heard my words, he immediately said angrily, "Damn, who do you think you are? If I call you senior, you'll be as light as a feather. I'll let you see who's getting beaten up like this. " With that, he took out his flying sword. The onlookers also stepped back, giving us space.

"Old Cheng, who is that guy? How come I've never heard of him? You invited him, you should know, right? " An old man carrying a sword on his back asked Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng saw that someone was challenging me so he replied, "Haha, it's nothing. Didn't I say last time that I met a senior who saved us? It was him. Oh right, isn't the one challenging him your prideful eldest disciple? "

"What?" Was it him? Damn, is that kid courting death? If it's really as powerful as you say, Little Shi will definitely lose really badly. " She ran to watch our match.

The young man took out his flying sword and used the Imperial Sword Technique to condense the true energy and flying sword in his body. Instantly, the flying sword started to emit bursts of golden light. Go! Golden Sword Explosion Technique! " After saying that, the golden sword in the air immediately flew towards me. So fast that even I couldn't avoid it. The power of the attack seemed great as well. I just need to prepare to receive it head on, to condense my divine power, and use my hands to directly receive his sword. The entire arena shook.

When all the dust and debris had dispersed, everyone was stunned. I caught the other party's flying sword with my bare hands. I saw that my opponent's mouth was already bleeding, and I knew that my strength had injured him when I caught him. His previous move could be said to be very dangerous. Because if the opponent destroyed the flying sword, then his people would die, and even if they didn't die, their cultivation would be greatly damaged! I threw the sword back. "I'll return it to you." You have yet to reach the Nascent Soul stage, so if you do, the risk will be reduced and the power will increase. "God's Dew!" With that, she healed him and his injuries were healed in an instant.

"He felt his own body in disbelief, then put away his sword when he felt nothing had happened." "Thank you, senior for showing mercy." With that, he left the arena.

"Fortunately, that senior showed mercy. Otherwise, Little Shi would definitely die. Right, is he going to participate in the battle for the divine tool? If we were to participate, how many of us would be able to beat him? " The old man suddenly said.

Cheng Feng laughed and said, "Hehe, Old Jin, you're overthinking it. He wouldn't care about some divine artifact. Don't worry. "Alright, it's about time for us to go to the competition as well, right?"

"Sure. This time I must be the last one to fall. " An old man with a red beard said.

When Lin heard this, he laughed out loud and said, "Hahaha, Old Hu, stop laughing. You were the first to get drunk at the last race. Let's have a good drink this time! Cheng Feng, pity your wine ceremony is about to fall to me again. " With that, he moved towards their battlefield.

When Cheng Feng heard this, he took out his wine as a competition utensil again and complained, "What? Why is it always me? Didn't you bring wine? I protest! " But no one seemed to hear his protest. There was no way for him to immediately run in front of them and hide the wine.

"A few more from my side have already failed." What's wrong? No one came to challenge him? I said ten people would do. Why is it just one person challenging me? Is it because of ten people challenging me? " I said to those who had not yet drawn their lots.

Finally, under my persuasion, ten people from a sect walked onto the field. They lined up in a row and bowed to me, "Senior, I thank you for your guidance. Prepare the sword formation! " After saying this, the ten of them immediately dispersed to a location in the respective arenas. to form an irregular shape. Then, they began to activate the formation.

"Not good. F * ck, it's too late." "Looks like there's something to play this time." They had originally thought that it would be some sort of relatively weak sword formation, but then they suddenly saw that they had formed an offensive formation as well. Plus, I can't run away. That's the worst of it. Just as they thought of this, their formation began to move. Their swords suddenly left their hands and flew about in the air like living creatures. All of a sudden, all of the flying swords shot towards me. With a "sou" sound, the swords stabbed into my body. F * * k, so scary? Five Elements Divine Thunder! "Crack!" After saying that, I split the Five Elements thunderbolts up and charged towards the ten people. In addition, the ground they were standing on was beginning to crack. This was the effect of the fissure. Destroy their formations.

"Demon Destroyer Formation activated!" After speaking, he began the formation of the three types of true flames and lightning. They're all attacking me. I'll come over. My body was trapped by the sword formation that they had planted beside me. Before the Five-elemental Divine Lightning could even land an attack on it, it was cancelled out by the array formation. "In addition, all of the excess attacks flew towards me." Senior, it's better if you admit defeat. We don't have very good control over this formation either. If we injure senior, it won't be good. " The ten of them did everything they could to control the attacks that filled the sky. The attacks slowly formed a few days of Thunder Dragons, flying back and forth with the Fire Dragons.

"Hur hur, alright, I won't play with you guys anymore." After saying that, I used my energy to condense a sword to appear in my hand. A swing of the sword destroyed their flying swords. Following that, the fire and lightning dragons in the sky crazily flew towards me. The sword in my hand rapidly rotated to form a sword shield to block the attack. Taking advantage of this moment, he dodged and threw everyone out of the arena. However, the final attack still came. A huge hybrid dragon of thunder and fire appeared in front of me. With a quick movement of my mouth, I ran toward his huge body. This time, because of the dust and pebbles on the ground, the dust on the ground was blown into the air. He leaped up in front of the colossal dragon and slashed down on its back. In an instant, I chopped him into two. The colossal dragon struggled a few more times before it disappeared.

"Formidable." So he walked with speed. It's not some kind of escape technique! " The audience began to discuss this.

After defeating the colossal dragon, I dispersed the sword in my hand. After healing the people I beat out. He took the broken sword and said, "I'm sorry, my hands were too heavy. I'll fix your swords. "Sky fire, hold!" After speaking, the white flames began to heal the ten broken swords. Soon the sword was repaired by me, and stronger than ever.

"Thank you senior for helping us cultivate my flying sword." Senior, you are truly amazing. Our formation can't even deal with immortals. The few of us didn't put in much effort, otherwise we would have definitely been able to defeat senior. Is there really a Sky Fire that Senior just used? As far as I know, there's no one in Skyfire who can control it. How do you use it? " A young leader said.

"Nothing. I got it by chance, too. Right, your formation is really good. Alright, I should go and see if my brothers' competition has started. " I think they should start after I've played for so long!

The young cultivator asked, "Senior, why did you leave? Perhaps there was someone else who wanted to challenge him? What about you and the rest? " After saying that, he pointed at those people who hadn't drawn any lots to challenge him.

"Do you think they will challenge us again? Alright, not many of them could beat you. "Therefore, no one challenges me anymore. If no one challenges me, then of course, I'll watch the match." With that, he turned and left. Indeed, if it wasn't for their magic power being insufficient, I would have to seriously fight them in order to leave! The colossal dragon just now was a ticking time bomb. If I didn't defeat him, I think everyone here would have died.

After I left, those who didn't draw lots or challenge or succeed all went to watch other people's matches. Because now, there was no longer any way to draw lots. "And the person who asked me a question also followed me to watch the competition." Boss, here, here. How is it? Has anyone beaten you? " When Li Qiang and the others saw me walk over, they jumped and waved to me to let me know where they were.

"Of course there's no one. Who do you think the boss is? I don't think even those Sect Leaders can beat our boss. Don't you think so, boss? " Wang Lang flattered. Those who heard them were very angry, and all cast hostile looks at me.

When I saw their gazes, I felt very awkward. What had happened to me recently? "Who did I offend? Why is everyone looking at me like that?" You brat, stop talking nonsense. Let's have a good match! Don't give me any trouble. " I had no choice but to take it out on him. Who asked him to build so many enemies for me?

"We are the last few matches, the first few matches are all empty. "Lucky!" Li Qiang said happily.

Lin Shu interrupted, "They left after seeing your cultivation, waiting for you to meet an expert." 2.) You can take it when you want. We have to observe the enemy's situation. " After he finished speaking, he continued to watch the match.

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