Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C1 001】 Purple-eyed Youth
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C1 001】 Purple-eyed Youth
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C1 001】 Purple-eyed Youth

On the land of China, a couple is running for their lives. Behind them were dozens of men in black, "Sister Lian, You go first, I'll cover you!" Gu Haitian looked at the men in black who were chasing closely behind. He spoke urgently, but his words did not let that Sister Lian leave. Lee Lian said firmly, "Brother Hai, I am not leaving. How can I abandon you and leave!"

"Silly girl, at this time, our child is more important than anything else. Quickly leave. It doesn't matter if we die. If the only lifeline of our Gu Family is broken. . . Then, how can I have the face to meet the ancestors of the Gu Family?! " Gu Haitian said in a stern voice.

"Brother Hai, no matter what, I will not leave you, even if I have to die, I will die together with you! Tianer, can you forgive Mom?" Lee Lian said as she looked at the baby in her arms. The baby had devilish purple pupils. At this moment, he grinned at Lee Lian. A strange colorful light shot out from the purple pupils! Lee Lian hugged the baby in her arms and her feet did not slow down at all! She shuttled through the mountains and mountains with the man!

"They are coming soon, Lotus Sister. Let's hurry. Sigh. Whether he can live or not will depend on his luck! " Gu Haitian sighed and pulled Lee Lian up. He forcefully took a breath and quickly rushed down the mountain. There was a garbage pit next to a small town at the foot of the mountain. Lee Lian reluctantly put the baby in her arms into it. Her face was already covered with tears. "Sister Lian, let's go!" Gu Haitian's eyes were also filled with tears. But he still urged her, Lee Lian softly said, "Tianer, Lee Lian gently said, Tianer, don't blame mom. You have to live well!" After saying that, she left with the man with tears in her eyes! Not long after they left, A slovenly old man slowly walked over. His originally lifeless eyes immediately burst forth with brilliance. He quickly ran to the side of the pit and picked up the baby in the pit. And the baby was actually smiling at him!

"Such a good baby, who would be so cruel to leave him here!" The old man's old eyes flashed with excitement. He muttered to himself! He looked at the child in his arms again, "Eh? It's actually a purple pupil. What is this?" The old man picked up a piece of jade from the child in his arms. Looks like their parents also have their own difficulties, Jue Tian. That's right. It's really hard on you to follow my old man! " After saying that, the old man limped towards the town!

In front of Lee Lian and Gu Haitian who were as fast as lightning, an old Taoist in black suddenly appeared. He said arrogantly, "Don't run anymore. You won't be able to walk out of here. Hand over your children and we can let you go!" Gu Haitian protected Lee Lian behind him and said coldly, "Who are you? Why did you make things difficult for us husband and wife?"

"Hmph, don't say that your Gu Family doesn't know that once the Purple Pupil appears, all methods will be broken. Anyone who encounters the Purple Pupil will be killed without mercy! This saying has been circulating in Cultivation World for thousands of years. Even if I am a devil cultivator, I can't let the Purple Pupil grow! " The black-clothed old Daoist coldly snorted, not backing down in the slightest!

"Since that is the case, there is no point in saying anymore! Humph! Watch my move! The wind and clouds gather together!" Gu Haitian sneered and a white Long Sword suddenly appeared in his right hand. Instantly, the surrounding air began to gather towards Gu Haitian, and in the blink of an eye, it formed a tornado. With a wave of Gu Haitian's hand, it swept towards the black-clothed old Daoist. The black-clothed old Daoist looked at Gu Haitian with disdain. His finger turned into a sword. A sword curtain welcomed him, and the sword curtain met the tornado. In the blink of an eye, it turned invisible, but the surrounding ground. . . Just a foot in the hole!

"Kid, if it was your father. . . Maybe I would be a bit more afraid, but with just you. . . Hmph!" The black-clothed old Daoist snorted in disdain. Gu Haitian formed a seal with his hands. One after another, the seals kept hovering around him. Layers of light began to envelop Gu Haitian. A burst of spirit burst out from the black-clothed old Daoist's eyes. He saw that Gu Haitian was holding a strange seal in front of his chest with both of his hands. He was mumbling something, and as time passed, The dark green halo around Gu Haitian became heavier and heavier. Countless spiritual qi began to gather towards Gu Haitian. The surrounding air current fluctuated, and the entire ground began to tremble slightly.

"This kid is going all out. Dark Shielding! Magic Seal!" The black-clothed old Daoist shouted loudly. Countless black fog began to appear around his body, slowly forming a barrier around him. Lee Lian saw Gu Haitian use this move and did not stay idle. A red Flying Sword appeared in her hand, and her hands formed a seal. A red sword pillar appeared on top of her head. At this moment, Lee Lian had also used her ultimate move. And the price for using such an ultimate move was a great blow to their vitality!

"Swift! Go!" Gu Haitian shouted out loud. At this time, the true essence and hand seals around him turned into countless spell seals and talismans. Those colorful spell seals and seals superimposed layer by layer. In front of Gu Haitian, a Yin Yang Eight Trigrams pattern appeared. It kept spinning and rapidly flew towards the black-clothed old Daoist. At the same time, that soaring sword column also slashed down!

"Bang!" A heaven-shaking and earth-shaking explosion sounded out. In the center of the collision, countless tiny light pillars shot out. The explosion caused the surroundings to be filled with small holes, and Gu Haitian and his wife were also sent flying by the powerful rebounding force. Blood splashed down from the sky, and the man in black who was chasing them was also sent flying. However, the old man in black took three steps back, his face pale. It seemed that he was not feeling well either!

At this moment, a white-clothed old man descended from the sky. The black-robed old man snorted and shouted, "Blood Escape!" A bloody light flashed. The old man in white said indifferently, "Humph, bullying the people of Gu Family. It's really letting you off so easily!" After that, the old man's body flashed and appeared around Gu Haitian. At this moment, Gu Haitian and Lee Lian could no longer resist and fainted! But they wanted to say something, but they did not have the time to say it!

"Sigh, child, you didn't even tell my old man about such an important matter. It seems like everything is destiny!" After saying that, the white-clothed old man carried Gu Haitian and Lee Lian and quickly disappeared from where they were.

"Child, we are home. Haha, poor!" The old scavenger beamed as he spoke to the child in his arms. The child smiled cooperatively. His devilish purple pupils caused the old man's heart to palpitate. "Although I don't know what your surname is, I know that you will definitely be limitless in the future. Jue Tian!" After saying that, the old man placed Jue Tian on the rocking bed and started to rummage through the boxes and cabinets. He found half a bottle of old and white dried up, and finished most of it. He said very happily, "I never thought that this old man, after picking up trash for my entire life, would actually pick up such a precious grandson. Haha, the heavens have treated me well! " That day, the old man carefully took care of Jue Tian and went to sleep!

Jue Tian was different from ordinary children. He never cried or made a fuss. The more the old man looked at him, the more he liked him. It was just that he was limited by his own financial situation. He could only go to different places every day. Gradually, the old man brought little Jue Tian out of the town. Along the way, they lived by picking up trash, because Little Jue Tian was abnormally cute. Therefore, wherever the old man went, he would beat him up again and again!

Ten years passed very quickly. Little Jue Tian was now ten years old. He was much more sensible than ordinary children. Now, they lived in a small wooden house. The old man was currently lying on the wooden piece. He was out of breath and murmured, "Jue Tian. . . " Jue Tian quickly ran to the front. The old man took out a piece of jade from his pocket and said, "Child. . . This was left to you by your parents. You were abandoned in the garbage pit. I think they must have their own reasons. We've traveled so many places in the past ten years just to find your parents. Unfortunately, I still can't find them at the moment of my death. Grandpa can't trust you! " As he spoke, the old man was already smoking. When he died, his eyes were still open!

"Grandpa. . . No. . . Jue Tian doesn't want to leave you. . . Wuwuwu. . . " This was the first time Jue Tian cried. Ever since he was young, This time, he cried extremely sadly. Slowly grabbing the jade in the old man's hand, Jue Tian's purple eyes flashed with a cold light. He hated his parents for abandoning him. Why did good people not pay with their lives? In these ten years, He had tasted the warmth of the world, and had seen through the filthy faces of the world. At the age of ten, he had already experienced the suffering of the lowest class of people in the world! Little Jue Tian, who had always showed a smile to others, was extremely sad at this moment!

He found a place outside the city, and Little Jue Tian did not know where the strength came from. After digging for a day and night, he actually dug a hole. He hastily buried the old man in front of the old man's wooden monument. Jue Tian knelt there and sobbed, "Grandfather. I will find my parents. I will take care of myself. Grandpa ~" Just like that, after kneeling in front of the tombstone for a day, Jue Tian only left this place after turning his head back three times a day! At the same time, he swore to himself that he would create a name for himself, so that all orphans in the world would not be like him! He went to the old man's residence. Jue Tian took out the old man's lifetime savings. It was just a thousand yuan deposit. Facing the deposit, Jue Tian swore, "Grandfather, I must be successful and fulfill your wish. I will go to school and then get into university! "

Jue Tian resolutely took the bank account book and withdrew the money from the bank. He first bought all the books from the first to fifth years of primary school. Then, in the days to come. . . Jue Tian relied on his extraordinary talent to pick up trash and study. Due to the lack of funds, In the end, the principal of a junior high school let him participate in the middle school examination because he pitied him. At this time, Jue Tian was already sixteen years old! In these six years, He also relied on picking up trash to maintain his life, and even accumulated 2,000 yuan. This was much better than the old man!

Jue Tian did not disappoint the principal's good intentions and won the top ten in the school. He was successfully admitted to Yunc City's key high school, Kanghai Middle School, due to his special circumstances. The principal of the school valued talents and exempted him from paying tuition fees. As for the rest, he would have to rely on himself! It made Jue Tian believe that there were still good people in the world. Regarding his grandfather's death, He also let go of his worries and returned to the smiling Jue Tian every day.

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