Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C10 010】 Bingqian in One Breath
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C10 010】 Bingqian in One Breath
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C10 010】 Bingqian in One Breath

Jue Tian sighed. Yu Xiang nodded his head in agreement. He didn't know that Jue Tian was lamenting that cultivation had no time! After the two of them casually chatted about some topics, Lee Bingqian walked in. Her indifferent expression only slightly changed when she saw Jue Tian. There was no response. She then sat there. Just like a meditating old monk! Yu Xiang looked at Lee Bingqian and started to peek at the door again. Finally, he said, "Strange. Strange!"

Jue Tian guessed that it was because Yu Xiang did not see Du Wenyuan that he shouted strange, which was exactly what Jue Tian thought. Students, most of the new students did not have a good reaction to their seats. Therefore, the school decided to give everyone a test, and let the test results arrange the seats. This afternoon will be the exam time, but everyone can rest assured. It's just three tests! Language, mathematics, and English! " The class teacher announced the news as soon as he came in. The crowd exploded!

"Haha, that's great! This time, perhaps I can be separated from the beauties, and I can guarantee a happy life in the future!" One of the brothers said. His voice almost covered the entire classroom! Everyone looked at him as if he was an idiot! He also looked around awkwardly, annoyed that he had accidentally spoken his heart!

Very quickly, the test paper was sent out. The first subject was mathematics. For Jue Tian, mathematics was his top priority. This was definitely something he was good at. Plus, he had already finished reading the math textbook for the first year. These questions were like child's play, and Jue Tian was writing very quickly! Even Lee Bingqian looked at Jue Tian curiously. A trace of shock flashed across her eyes, and she quickly calmed down. She began to answer her test paper!

Only after the afternoon and evening self-study classes did she finish the three exams! Because of today's exam, the teachers had freed them from self-study. Yu Xiang immediately turned around and said with an expression that said he knew everything, "Brother, how is it? You must have done well in your exams!"

"Barely!" Jue Tian said lightly, as expected. Jue Tian estimated that other than a few points in language, the other two schools should have full marks! Yu Xiang immediately said with disdain, "Forget it! When you entered the school, you were in the top 50 of Kang Hai Middle School. First place in the class, humph. I didn't know before, if it wasn't for the fact that I looked at the ranking last time. . . I still don't know!"

That's right, Jue Tian's results at that time had definitely reached the level of entering the Important Class. But because he didn't have money, he could only be in the Common Class!" Alright, it's getting late. My house is far away, I still have to go there! Let's talk another day!" Jue Tian changed the topic and said. Yu Xiang looked at Jue Tian and thought that it made sense. So he didn't bother Jue Tian anymore. He and Jue Tian cleaned up the place. Then he walked out and broke up at the school gate. The villa area was called Beautiful Scene Sky City. Most of the people in the villa area had some assets.

"Student Jue Tian, can we go together?" Behind Jue Tian, a crisp voice of a girl was heard. Jue Tian slightly turned his head and saw the girl. He said, "Sorry, I don't have the habit of going home with people. " After saying that, he walked straight away. He stayed behind. It was just the girl who was there! This girl was Lee Bingqian!

"I didn't expect. . . " Lee Bingqian said half of her sentence and did not continue. She looked at Jue Tian, who was in front of her, with glowing eyes. She slowly walked behind him. Jue Tian frowned slightly, although his footsteps did not stop. However, in the range of his divine sense, Lee Bingqian's every move. . . Jue Tian knew it like the back of his hand. He saw Lee Bingqian following behind him. He frowned. However, the path was for everyone to walk. They were not from Jue Tian's family, so they did not care about Lee Bingqian who was behind them.

The Beautiful Scene Sky City was located in the outskirts of YC City. It was just a car ride away from Kanghai Middle School, which was located in the center of the city. It would take half an hour, not to mention leaving. However, Jue Tian was just used to it. Liu Bingqian was purely curious. How could a person who could afford a villa not have money to take a taxi? Jue Tian was still walking slowly like that. She was curious as to why Jue Tian kept walking!

Just at this time, "What a beautiful female student! Look at how fair her thighs are!" A frivolous voice sounded. Lee Bingqian looked up and saw five fashionable people in front of her. With one look, one could tell that they were the delinquents of society. "Tsk tsk ~" The person who spoke made such a sound again. Lee Bingqian frowned. At this time, she also saw that Jue Tian did not care about it and walked through them. He did not have the intention to help at all!

"What are you guys doing? Otherwise, I will call the police!" Lee Bingqian said in a slightly panicked voice. At the same time, her voice also became a little louder. She wanted to see if Jue Tian was really that heartless, but. . . It disappointed Lee Bingqian. Jue Tian did not stop at all. As if they did not see anything, the five hooligans said arrogantly, "Haha. If you scream, no one will come to save you even if you scream until your throat is broken. Don't count on that kid in front of you, who does he think he is! "

Jue Tian's body, which was originally moving forward, suddenly stopped, but it was only for a moment. He continued to walk forward. These five were just ordinary people. He did not want to lower himself to their level, but with Lee Bingqian's skill, Haha, little girl. How about it? It's better to be obedient and have fun with big brothers. How about being my girlfriend?" That young man laughed even more brazenly!

"Hmph, you heartless fellow!" Lee Bingqian snorted lightly. Her small mouth actually moved like the wind, looking as cute as possible. Suddenly, the five hooligans in front of her looked at Lee Bingqian with the face of a pig. Lee Bingqian, who had reacted, once again coldly snorted. She raised her leg and only used a roundhouse kick. From time to time, screams came out of their mouths. Lee Bingqian did not even look at them and chased after Jue Tian!

"Hey, how can you be like this? You don't have any manliness?" Lee Bingqian said angrily. At the same time, she stopped in front of Jue Tian. Jue Tian looked at her face, which was a little red because of anger, in front of him. He said lightly, "Didn't you get rid of them too? Do you want me to play a scene of a hero saving a beauty? Boring!" Then he bypassed Lee Bingqian and continued to walk forward!

"You. . . " Lee Bingqian was speechless. Why was this guy so ungentlemanly? But when she was about to chase after him again, Jue Tian was already ten feet away! Then, in a few blinks, he strangely disappeared. Lee Bingqian widened her eyes and helplessly stopped a taxi by the side of the road, heading towards Beautiful Scene Sky City!

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