Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C2 002】 Kang Hai Middle School
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C2 002】 Kang Hai Middle School
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C2 002】 Kang Hai Middle School

September 1st, the day all the students start school. It was also the most vexing day for the group of students who had just entered high school, because today represented the end of their summer vacation! However, after entering high school, They all changed because they were already high school students. They had to work hard for the turning point in their future lives, and it was also a good place to get to know their brothers. You have to know, in junior high, When you are young, you are not sensible. When you are in university. . . As it involved interests, there were very few brothers who knew what was good for them! Secondary school was the best era!

Early in the morning, Jue Tian put on his white casual clothes and came to Kanghai Middle School. It was already packed full. There were luxury cars and luxury cars everywhere, and the students were all wearing branded clothes. Half of the students in this Kanghai Middle School relied on their own abilities to get in, and the other half came in with money. It could be said that it was a noble school!

Jue Tian's class was in Grade One, Class Three. Although Jue Tian got in with excellent results, because he didn't have money, he couldn't get into the key class. Kang Hai Middle School's key class was a place for the rich. There were also students who got in there with their own abilities, but their family was very rich!

When Jue Tian came to the classroom, it was almost full. After all, Jue Tian's home was very far from the school, and he didn't have the money to ride a car. There were only a few seats left in the last row. Jue Tian walked over quietly. Because it was their first time meeting, they were all curious. Every time they came in, they would observe for a while to see if there were any beauties inside. Jue Tian could be said to be very handsome. He inherited the excellent memories of his parents, but his clothes were a little shabby. As the saying goes, "People rely on clothes, and Buddha relies on gold!" Jue Tian's overall appearance had already been categorized by the gossipers in the class as a lower level handsome guy. It was only slightly lower than a handsome guy! But this was also enough to make those infatuated girls cry out for a long time. However, everyone could also see Jue Tian's clothes. It was not like the scene of a handsome guy rushing at them when he came in!

After Jue Tian sat down, a young man in front of him turned around. He said, "Brother, my name is Yu Xiang. What about you?" Jue Tian looked up. He looked at the young man in front of him, who had a bright smile on his face, and guessed that he must be a friend of his. He said in a friendly manner, "I'm called Absolute Heaven!" That youth let out a whoa sound, immediately attracting the gazes of the entire class. Everyone looked at Yu Xiang, and Yu Xiang pointed at Jue Tian. The surrounding students were curious as to why he didn't say a single word. They immediately looked at Jue Tian. Even Jue Tian, who had been keeping a low profile, felt his face heat up when he was looked at.

"He. . . It's actually purple pupils. Oh my god. Are you a human or a demon? Or a transvestite?" Yu Xiang's words almost made Jue Tian fall. Now, it was as if his classmates had discovered a new continent. All of them surrounded Jue Tian and looked at him. It was as if they were looking at precious animals. One of them said something that everyone agreed with after a long time. "This kid is a mixed-blood!" Yu Xiang patted his chest in an exaggerated manner and said, "So that's how it is!" Jue Tian could only remain silent. He smiled awkwardly. What could he say? He was an orphan. He didn't even know who his parents were. Whether or not they were mixed-bloods meant nothing to him!

"Brother, where are your parents?" The curious Yu Xiang continued to ask. Jue Tian could only shake his head helplessly and said, "I am an orphan. I don't know who my parents are!" This sentence immediately made Yu Xiang choke. He hurriedly said, "Brother, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it. Don't be sad. Don't you have a brother like me!" Jue Tian looked gratefully at Yu Xiang. He nodded!

The class had just started, and the class teacher was a middle-aged woman. After giving her name, she pulled all the students to the sports field. The so-called mobilization meeting was a few encouraging words from the principal. As for letting them study well in the future, Jue Tian was naturally dragged out as well. Jue Tian only returned to the classroom after sunbathing for more than three hours. He was already used to these things. In the past, he would pick up rubbish every day under the sun. Comparatively speaking, it was just his ears suffering. However, the others were already complaining incessantly. After all, most of them were the only children in the family. They had never suffered such pain before!

After the homeroom teacher continued his speech for an hour, school finally ended. Jue Tian and Yu Xiang had gotten familiar with each other. At the same time, Jue Tian also understood that Yu Xiang's family was relatively wealthy. It could be said that it was a well-off family. After separating at the school gate, Jue Tian took out an electronic watch from his pocket. Uh. . . It's only twelve o'clock, go and pick up some trash. Let's eat!" Since school had just started, there weren't any classes in the afternoon. Today was just a report. Jue Tian began his "treasure hunt" activity again!

The reason why it was called "treasure hunt" was because he could find something useful in the garbage dump every time. He could also use it to play with it. In a small stone house in the outskirts of YC. . . There were already things piled up, and they were basically all broken fans. Broken television! This was Jue Tian's home! In these ten years, Jue Tian had learned how to survive!

"Today's luck is not bad. I actually picked up so many cans. It can be sold for three or four dollars!" Jue Tian laid on the only rotten wooden bed in the small stone room and thought happily. He had grown up to be content with what he knew since he was young. It was also the idea that the old man had poured into his mind when he was alive, so Jue Tian was still very satisfied.

Jue Tian, who was lying flat on the bed, turned around and prepared to take his afternoon nap. The jade pendant that had been on his neck slid out from his clothes. Jue Tian picked up the shining jade. On it was carved a golden dragon that soared into the sky. On the back of the jade pendant was the word 'Jue Tian'! Jue Tian's family had been in danger many times, but they were almost unable to vent their anger. However, the old man had never pawned the jade, and only passed it to Jue Tian when he died. No matter how tired Jue Tian was, he did not sell the jade pendant!

"Father, mother, why are you so heartless to leave me behind? It's just like what grandfather said, you have no choice but to have difficulties. Why have you been doing this for so many years? You're not looking for me!" Jue Tian muttered. Although Jue Tian was only sixteen years old, He could imagine that the family that owned this piece of jade was definitely not an ordinary family. However, Jue Tian didn't know why they didn't look for him. He could only shake his head and turn around to sleep!

In the capital of China, BJ. . . A 40-50-story building stood there, it was China's number one company. "Gu's Group!" The Gu's Group and the other four aristocratic families could be said to be the economic pillars of China! The four aristocratic families. They had always been on the same side, so their overall strength was higher than the Gu's Group. Although there were small conflicts, they did not dare to easily offend the Gu Family!

At this moment, in front of the glass window on the top floor of the building, stood a middle-aged man with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes. His eyes were filled with sadness as he looked out the window. His eyes were still filled with a faint fog. He muttered, "Tianer, I really don't know if you are still alive. I have let you down!" This middle-aged man was Gu Haitian! It was as if he had heard the middle-aged man's call. Jue Tian, who was sleeping on the rotten wooden bed, trembled and shrank. He continued to take an afternoon nap!

"General Manager, Mr. John has come downstairs. May I ask if General Manager is willing to see him?" A young female secretary walked in and said behind Gu Haitian. Gu Haitian tidied up and said, "I will follow you down to see him. Let's go!"

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