Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C4 004】 Heaven Extinguishing Cultivation
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C4 004】 Heaven Extinguishing Cultivation
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C4 004】 Heaven Extinguishing Cultivation

"Return to God Realm!" Jue Tian swallowed his saliva with great difficulty, and Ling Tian lightly smiled. He said, "I'm not going for now. Since you're my disciple, then. . . No matter what, I have to give you the ability to protect yourself. Otherwise. . . As a master, I don't have any face! " Jue Tian smiled awkwardly. Actually. . . From the moment that slovenly old Daoist threw him down, Jue Tian knew that it was impossible to not have the ability to protect himself. However, this cheap master of his was from the God Realm, so he must have extraordinary abilities. Thus, when Jue Tian heard that Ling Tian was going to leave, he naturally felt a little. . .

"The seal has been opened, so I can't teach you properly anymore. Those old fellows will definitely arrive as soon as possible, and Master will only be able to enlighten you!" After Ling Tian finished speaking, A dark golden light flashed in his hand, and Ling Tian's hand instantly appeared above Jue Tian's head. The dark golden light entered Jue Tian's body, and Jue Tian's eyes immediately flashed with a devilish purple-golden light! The scenery around him had completely changed. In a cave, Ling Tian had also disappeared!

Ling Tian's disappearance didn't mean that Jue Tian could leave now. A burst of purple-gold light burst out from Jue Tian's body, and the dark golden light entered his body. * Hong Long. . . . . . * The light circulated within his body, causing him to feel pain. The cycle after cycle caused the meridians in Jue Tian's body to expand rapidly. At the same time, it also transformed Jue Tian's body. Finally, the purple-golden light entered his upper dantian. Only then did Jue Tian pass out from happiness!

After an unknown period of time, Jue Tian finally woke up. When he opened his eyes, a purple light instantly shot out from Jue Tian's eyes. Even Jue Tian himself was shocked! The originally dark cave was no different from daytime in Jue Tian's eyes! Suddenly, a message echoed in Jue Tian's mind. Jue Tian focused his mind and tried to understand it, "Jue Tian. I'm leaving. I believe you have already reached the early stage of the Divine Core! I have nothing to send you off. I can only give you this ring that I have with me. This ring was refined by Divine Emperor in the past. It's called Heaven Reaching Ring! You can drip your blood on it to know how to use it. I believe that there are still some things inside that I believe you can still use. You are currently cultivating the Ancient Divine Art. Even I. . . I don't understand. This technique can only be cultivated by Purple Pupils. My 'Void God Art' is also inside, you can refer to it. I'll wait for you in God Realm! "

Jue Tian opened his eyes, his eyes were full of vigor. According to what Ling Tian had said, this was a storage ring! He hurriedly bit the finger of his left hand. He dripped a drop of blood onto his right ring finger, because the Heaven Reaching Ring was on his ring finger! A dark golden light flashed. A lot of information suddenly appeared in Jue Tian's mind. He organized it slightly. Only then did he know that by releasing his divine sense, he could see the space of the ring that was connected to him!

After releasing his Divine Sense, Jue Tian was stunned. It was not because of anything else, but because this space was too big. Even Jue Tian's divine sense couldn't see the end of it, but there was a pile of sparkling stones in the ring. Like a small hill, Jue Tian was completely dumbfounded. After he regained his senses, Jue Tian flipped his hand. A stone glowing with a gentle light was held in Jue Tian's hand. He could feel the surging energy inside. "Amazing, amazing! I can't believe there is such a surging energy inside this stone!" After saying that, Jue Tian put the stone back. He needed to organize the things in his mind. Because the information in the ring was too big, Jue Tian had only divided it slightly just now.

At this moment, Jue Tian had already entered the state of a meditating old monk. There was a faint layer of purple-gold light flickering on his body. If there was a cultivator here, he would definitely shake his head. This kid was really bold. He didn't set up anything around him and just focused on his cultivation. He wasn't afraid of being disturbed by others. At the very least, he would suffer from qi deviation, and at the worst, his soul would be destroyed! However, as the saying goes, the ignorant are fearless. He was referring to Jue Tian!

After Jue Tian sunk his divine sense into his sea of consciousness, he began to look at the information that covered the sky and the earth. First, he looked at the cultivation technique, which was the cultivation technique that circulated the Great Cycle Revolution. It was called the Purple Illusion Divine Art. Jue Tian knew that the cultivation of gods was divided into the Xiantian, Divine Light, Divine Heart, Divine Bodys. The Divine Core, Divine Core, Divine Nascent Infant, Yuan Shen and Deity Realm, Void Transformation, and Deity Realm! Each realm was further divided into three small realms, the early stage. The middle stage, and the late stage. And Jue Tian was now at the early stage of the Divine Core. After being forcefully enlightened by his master, Ling Tian, to reach the early stage of the Divine Core realm, he could be considered to have stepped into the ranks of Divine Core cultivators! He lived in the human realm! Among them, the human realm was connected to the Cultivation World, and the Cultivator was also divided into Foundation Establishment. Light Opening, Revolving Illumination, Fasting, Heart Attraction, Golden Core; Nascent Soul; Aperture Expelling. Divine Clone, Combination, Tribulation Transcendence, Mahayana Realm (Every realm is divided into the first, middle, and late stages)!

The current Jue Tian was in the early stages of the Divine Pill, which was also the synthesis stage of the Cultivator (Comparing strength to each other, you can refer to the previous sequence. There is an introduction in there!) Between man and god! There were also immortals and devils. At the same time, Jue Tian also knew that he would directly transcend the Divine Tribulation and become a god at the end of his cultivation. He wouldn't transcend the tribulation and become a god like the Cultivator!

After he finished reading the cultivation technique manuals and the like, Jue Tian browsed through artifact forging and alchemy. As well as the formation, he roughly looked at it. Jue Tian suddenly realized that he still had to go to school. If he were to stay here all the time. . . He didn't even need to go to school. His grandfather's wish wouldn't be fulfilled! At this moment, no one knew how long had passed. Jue Tian suddenly jumped up, and a foul smell almost made him faint. Lowering his head, he saw that his clothes had long disappeared. A layer of black stuff also appeared on his body. Jue Tian smiled bitterly. How could he forget the things that were discharged from his body!

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