Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C5 005】 Selling Spirit Stones
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C5 005】 Selling Spirit Stones
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C5 005】 Selling Spirit Stones

Immediately, Jue Tian spread out his divine sense. A few dozen kilometers around him appeared in his mind like a three-dimensional structure. Jue Tian quickly dashed out. In less than a second, Jue Tian appeared on the surface of a lake out of thin air. "Putong!" With a fierce dive, Jue Tian swam around in the lake. He washed off the stolen goods on his body and turned around beautifully. Jue Tian was already on the shore. The water on his body was also vaporized by Jue Tian's martial arts!

"Fortunately, this place is not far from YC. Eh? That was the Teleportation just now?" Jue Tian was about to leave when. . . His whole body suddenly trembled. He did not even think about it just now. He appeared on the surface of the lake all of a sudden. Now that he thought about it, It was definitely the Teleportation. One should know that in the introduction of the cultivation techniques Jue Tian had read, Suddenly, a wave of information rushed into his mind. Jue Tian's face looked like it had turned out like this!

Because Ling Tian, which was also Jue Tian's cheap master, had reached the Divine Emperor Period. Therefore, his ring was also refined in the Divine Emperor Period, and it had the function of a short distance Teleportation. As long as it was within the range of Jue Tian's Divine Sense, it could be a short distance Teleportation. As for interstellar teleportation, that was impossible. It was only a few kilometers at most. After all, the Teleportation was a skill that only Divine Emperor Period warriors could learn. However, just a few kilometers was an inestimable help to Jue Tian. To others, it was a nightmare. Who would have thought that Jue Tian would know the Teleportation?

After two short distances of the Teleportation, Jue Tian finally appeared in his shabby house. The stone house was still there, and nothing had changed. However, Jue Tian had a feeling that he had returned to his previous life. One should know that when he was thrown down by the sloppy old man. . . Since I, Jue Tian, have returned, then my path in the future will undergo a tremendous change. Humph, damn old Daoist. Don't let me see you again, or else. . . " Jue Tian gritted his teeth and said.

He entered the broken house and found a pocket watch. Looking at the date on it, Jue Tian let out a huge sigh. "Lucky, lucky!" It was Friday the day Jue Tian was captured. It was only Sunday afternoon, and he had only been there for a day! Other people wanted to cultivate to the Divine Core realm. But Jue Tian was forcefully enlightened by Divine Emperor. Naturally, it wouldn't take that long!

Jue Tian looked at the bed that he had once slept on, and everything in the little room. He was filled with mixed emotions. These were all treasures back then. But to the current Jue Tian, his life was destined to be full of colors. With a wave of his hand, the entire cottage disappeared in front of him. Jue Tian carried it into the ring and leisurely walked towards the city. After all, the ring that Ling Tian gave Jue Tian had a lot of sparkling stones. Jue Tian now knew that those things were called Divine Stones, and were used for divine cultivation. There were also some immortal stones and spirit stones on the other side, and immortal stones were used by immortals. The spirit stones were used by Cultivators! In order not to shock the world, Jue Tian intended to sell one spirit stone. He wanted to settle down first!

Arriving in front of a jewelry store in YC City, In the entire YC, There was only one jewelry store. After all, it was a small and medium-sized city. There wouldn't be many such high-end shops. This store was actually quite famous. It was a national chain store, and it was said to be a subsidiary of the Nangong Corporation!

After entering the main hall, Jue Tian came in front of a waiter and said, "Miss, I want to sell jewelry. Do you want to buy jewelry here?" At this moment, Jue Tian was cultivating his spirit. In addition, Jue Tian was a handsome man to begin with. Although the clothes he wore were cheap, it did not affect Jue Tian's current temperament! The female attendant's eyes lit up. Because she saw that Jue Tian's temperament definitely belonged to the upper class, plus Jue Tian's affinity. The waitress did not care about Jue Tian's cheap clothes and said with a smile, "Sir, We are here to buy jewelry, if it is too expensive, I can't make the decision. I can help you call our manager over! " Jue Tian's 1. 75m height and temperament. . . The waiter did not know that Jue Tian was just a kid who had just been in his first year of high school!

"Then I'll have to trouble Miss to call your manager. I'll sell jewelry!" Jue Tian also smiled and said. In Jue Tian's impression, the service lady would not manage him. After all, he was wearing cheap clothes and he was still a young man. It was reasonable for her to ignore him! Jue Tian also respected others. After all, he had always been in the lower class of society!

"Sir, follow me!" After saying that, the waitress turned around and led Jue Tian upstairs to an office door. The waitress knocked on the door and said, "Manager, There's a gentleman selling jewelry!" A middle-aged man's voice came from the office, "Bring that gentleman in!" The waiter opened the door and led Jue Tian in. Then, he went out to get some water!

"Hello, little brother! I am Wang Tianhe. The manager here, are you the one who wants to sell jewelry? Can you take it out and let me take a look?" The middle-aged man cut straight to the point. They did not show any disdain because of Jue Tian's cheap clothes. It could be seen that they were very cultured! Hello! It's me who wants to sell jewelry. Mr. Wang, estimate the price!" Jue Tian did not beat around the bush. He directly took out a top grade spirit stone, because the lowest grade in the ring was this top grade spirit stone!

Wang Tianhe's eyes lit up. He stared at the spirit stone in Jue Tian's hand with his eyes wide open. At this time, there was a knock on the door, and Wang Tianhe finally reacted. He told Jue Tian to put away the spirit stone first, then said, "Come in!" At this time, the waiter came in. He served Jue Tian a cup of water and then went out! "May I ask how I should address this little brother?" Wang Tianhe pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses and said!

"Oh, Manager Wang. My name is Absolute Heaven!" Jue Tian said. After Wang Tianhe invited Jue Tian to sit down, He said, "Little brother Jue Tian, this humble servant of yours can't make a decision on your jewelry. Can you wait for a few hours? I'll ask the general manager and appraiser of our company to come over. It'll also be good to appraise your jewelry! " Jue Tian nodded, indicating that it was okay. After all, this thing was a spirit stone. It was not something that an ordinary person could decide!

Seeing Jue Tian agree, Wang Tianhe immediately said happily, "Little brother! After all, it wouldn't be safe for you to go out. It's good to be here. I'll inform the manager of our company! " Jue Tian nodded. What a joke, there were only a few things on Earth that could steal Jue Tian's things. Jue Tian was a Divine Core realm cultivator, which was also equivalent to the Fusion Stage! Moreover, he also had a divine tool, the Heaven Reaching Ring. Under Jue Tian's divine sense, Jue Tian knew that the manager was not lying. That was why Jue Tian agreed!

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