Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C7 007】 Returning to School
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C7 007】 Returning to School
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C7 007】 Returning to School

The next morning, Jue Tian woke up from his meditative state. Although his cultivation base had reached the Divine Core realm, it was still forcefully enlightened. It wasn't his own cultivation base. He still needed to consolidate his mind before his cultivation base reached the Divine Core realm. "It's really good to have a divine cultivation base. Even if I don't sleep for the whole night, I will still feel refreshed!" Jue Tian opened his eyes and said. At the same time, he shook his body and appeared in the washroom.

Today was Monday, and Jue Tian had to report to the school. He looked at his watch. It was only 5: 30, and it was still two hours away from school. After washing up and washing up, Jue Tian went to bed. His mind entered the Heaven Reaching Ring and took out the armor he saw last time. After all, even a Nascent Infant Period Cultivator had its own heart armor! After Jue Tian took out the white battle armor, he smiled bitterly and said, "Really. . . I can only look at it before I reach the Divine Nascent Infant. Ai!"

After taking off his clothes, Jue Tian put on the white armor. With a single thought, the white armor immediately transformed into a set of white casual clothes, although the armor couldn't be worn inside. However, this did not mean that Jue Tian could not use it as clothes. One of the functions of the armor could still be used by Jue Tian! After all, this armor was refined by Ling Tian in the past. After giving it to Jue Tian, Jue Tian was forcefully enlightened by Ling Tian! For the time being, he would not be able to defend against the enemy. He had to reach the Divine Nascent Infant before he could do it, and it was still possible for him to slightly lower his attack!

After thinking for a while on the bed, it was necessary to cultivate the Purple Illusion Divine Technique every day. He also had to look at the cheap master's divine technique and sort out the general direction of his future cultivation. Jue Tian felt that he had to buy a house first. He only went to YC Real Estate to take a look at it at noon after school! Then he got up. He headed towards Kang Hai Middle School opposite him. Usually, Jue Tian would come at the right time. Today, when he arrived at the school's entrance, the school's door had just opened. Jue Tian shook his head and sighed.

When he arrived at the school gate, Jue Tian was depressed. Because the door was not open, he could not possibly enter the class with a Teleportation! After waiting for half an hour, The one who took the key came. When he saw Jue Tian, it was as if he had seen a ghost. Usually, Jue Tian would step on the dot, even though it had only been two days since the start of school. However, everyone associated Jue Tian with being late and privately spread it. Meeting Jue Tian on the road to school meant being late!

When the student with the key saw Jue Tian, he looked at his watch. He muttered doubtfully, "Is there something wrong with my watch?" Jue Tian smiled and did not say anything. After all, he did not know the name of this classmate! After sitting down in his seat, Jue Tian took out his textbook. He began his usual routine of predicting the textbooks. However, when Jue Tian really read it, he felt that it was so simple!

Unknowingly, he had finished reading the entire mathematics textbook. At this time, almost everyone in the class had arrived. No one paid attention to Jue Tian. After all, Jue Tian was in the last row. He usually did not speak to everyone! At this moment, a loud shout was heard. Everyone's eyes were focused on him. "What the hell?! Why are you here so early today!" Jue Tian did not look up and knew who it was. It was Yu Xiang in front of him. He was also his only friend in the class!

Jue Tian rolled his eyes at him unhappily. Yu Xiang walked in front of Jue Tian and sat down. He said, "Brother, why do I feel like you are different today?" Then he looked at Jue Tian with confusion. Jue Tian smiled and did not say anything. After all, he had already broken through to the Divine Core realm. It must be different from the past! Let's have lunch together!" Yu Xiang said. Jue Tian thought for a moment. He nodded. At this time, the old mathematics teacher also came to the first class!

Just as the mathematics teacher finished his class, the teacher walked in. He said, "Students, two transfer students came to our class today. We welcome them with a round of applause! " Everyone stretched out their heads to see if it was a male or female. Seeing that there was no response, The form teacher was a little embarrassed, but the two transfer students would soon walk in. A male and a female, the male was handsome. The woman was beautiful. It could be said that they were a pair of male and female attendants!

"Alright, you guys can introduce yourselves!" After the form teacher finished speaking, The man took the lead and said, "Hello, everyone. My name is Du Wenyuan! Please take care of me in the future!" After saying that, he smiled at the girl beside him. A look of disgust flashed across the girl's face and she said coldly, "Lee Bingqian!" Then, she walked down from the podium and stood beside Jue Tian.

Everyone looked at Jue Tian enviously. Du Wenyuan did not feel anything. It was as if he had gotten used to it. He followed behind Lee Bingqian and saw her sit down. He also sat next to Lee Bingqian. The form teacher saw that they had finished introducing themselves. At this time, it was time for class to end. Yu Xiang turned around. He looked at Lee Bingqian, his eyes staring straight. After all, Lee Bingqian had the aura of a plum blossom standing proudly!

Jue Tian looked at Yu Xiang's straight eyes and coughed lightly. Only then did Yu Xiang react and said, "Student Li, Hello, my name is Yu Xiang!" Lee Bingqian lifted her eyes and glanced at Yu Xiang. He ignored her and made Yu Xiang feel awkward for a long time. Du Wenyuan, who was beside her, looked at Yu Xiang with contempt. He said gloomily, "Bingqian is not someone you can greet!"

Yu Xiang was about to say something when he met Du Wenyuan's contemptuous eyes and the qi emitted from Du Wenyuan's body. He obediently shut his mouth! Jue Tian glanced at the two men beside him. From the moment they entered the room, Jue Tian found out that they had a very weak energy, which was much weaker than Nangong Qin and Nangong Fen!

Lee Bingqian had been so cold all morning. She was like an ice cream that would never melt in ten thousand years, but in this hot summer, Sitting beside her was still very enjoyable. It was simply like a portable air conditioner. However, these were nothing to the current Jue Tian. After all, Jue Tian's cultivation base had already reached the stage where he was immune to cold and heat. Everything around him was no longer that important!

After the school bell rang at the end, Yu Xiang came over to greet him. After looking at the two people beside him with lingering fear, he said to Jue Tian, "Brother, Let's go eat!" At the same time, Lee Bingqian stood up without a sound and walked out. Du Wenyuan followed her out like a follower. Yu Xiang secretly drew a hand gesture that everyone in the world knew about behind Du Wenyuan. He raised his middle finger!

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