Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C8 008】 Not in the Mood to Cause Trouble
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Divine Cultivator With Purple Eyes/C8 008】 Not in the Mood to Cause Trouble
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C8 008】 Not in the Mood to Cause Trouble

When he couldn't convince Yu Xiang, he asked Yu Xiang to pay the bill. Yu Xiang had secretly asked around and found out that Jue Tian's family was definitely not wealthy. That was why he wanted to pay the bill! After bidding farewell to Yu Xiang, Jue Tian walked towards YC Real Estate Company. After all, Jue Tian was homeless now!

At the entrance of YC Real Estate Company, the salesperson saw Jue Tian from afar. Jue Tian was dressed in white casual clothes. Although he was ordinary, his temperament was absolutely outstanding. Even though his affinity was so far away, how could the shrewd salesperson not feel it? He immediately ran out and stood at the entrance!

Seeing Jue Tian slowly walk over, the clerk's heart was about to burst out laughing. This was a huge bonus. It had only been a few days since the start of this month. How could she not be happy that she had completed the task for two months? "Hello, sir. Do you want to buy a house?" Although the clerk was happy, She just asked enthusiastically!

"En!" Jue Tian said. The salesperson was even more enthusiastic. After welcoming Jue Tian in, he went to the front of the model of the commercial house and began to introduce a new housing area that was newly developed in YC. It could be said that it was economical and practical. There were villas, buildings, and buildings. No matter what kind of customer it was, they would like it!

"Are there any relatively independent ones? I don't like it to be too noisy!" After Jue Tian heard the clerk's words, he looked at it again and said. The clerk's eyes lit up and brought it to the other side of the model. He said, "This is the villa district. The advantage of this house is here. What do you think?" Jue Tian looked around and found that the surroundings had turned green very well. The villas were also quite far away from each other, and they looked really good. Although they were in the same community as the buildings, they were still quite far away from each other!

Just as Jue Tian agreed and was about to look at the houses with the salesperson, YC Real Estate welcomed another two guests. It was Lee Bingqian and Du Wenyuan, who was following behind Lee Bingqian. Lee Bingqian was also quite helpless. She did not care where she went. "Could it be that everyone is dead?" Du Wenyuan saw that no one paid attention to him when he entered. He immediately became angry. The clerk immediately walked over to apologize and said, "Sir, I'm really sorry for the delay. May I ask if you have any requests? " Then, he looked apologetically at Jue Tian. It was nothing much for Jue Tian. He motioned for her to greet the others first, and then he would take a look around himself!

With the salesperson, Du Wenyuan was going to flip out again. Lee Bingqian said coldly, "Is there any more independent house?" The salesperson was stunned and then took them to the villa area Jue Tian had just seen. Lee Bingqian looked at the house that the clerk had introduced to Jue Tian and said, "This one. I want this one!" She did not even ask for the price because this one was relatively independent and could get rid of Du Wenyuan's entanglement!

"Um. . . Miss, I'm sorry. This house has just been chosen by that mister. Do you think you can change to another one?" The clerk said in embarrassment. At the same time, she thought to herself, "What's going on? Usually, there were no big clients. There are two of them today. What the hell? "

Lee Bingqian frowned slightly when she heard the clerk's words. She did not say anything, but Du Wenyuan looked up at Jue Tian. He immediately recognized that this was the guy sitting next to Lee Bingqian, just like him. He was wearing cheap clothes. He was even more unhappy that Jue Tian was sitting next to Lee Bingqian. One should know that. . . Who was he, Du Wenyuan? How dare this poor guy sit on equal footing with him? He had no intention of getting lost.

Actually, Du Wenyuan didn't want to either. You are clearly the latecomers. He still had the nerve to call Jue Tian, but as the standard praising disciple, Du Wenyuan was the one in charge of this small YC. Therefore, Du Wenyuan said disdainfully, "Is it that guy over there?" The clerk nodded. At this time, Jue Tian also turned around. Because he heard that the house he wanted seemed to have a dispute!

"Hey, kid. For the sake of our classmates, get the hell out of here!" Du Wenyuan said coldly. Since Lee Bingqian liked this house, Du Wenyuan must help her achieve it! Jue Tian frowned. He was not in the mood to cause trouble, but there were still people who came to find fault with him. One must know that Jue Tian had been living in the lower class of society and had long seen through human nature. Plus, he was an orphan, so his nature was a little extreme. After obtaining a powerful ability, he originally planned to keep a low profile and then look for his parents. He asked for the reason why he was able to get into university at the same time. He wanted to fulfill his grandfather's wish!

"Good boy, kid. You're not happy, right? Looking at you, I know you can't afford it. There's a hundred thousand here. Take it and get the hell out of here! " As he spoke, he took out a bank card and said: At the same time, he sneered in his heart," Kid, my money isn't that easy to take! " The reason why he said that now. . . He wanted to show off his worth in front of Lee Bingqian. It was just a drop in the ocean!

"First come first serve!" Jue Tian said lightly. For someone like Du Wenyuan, Jue Tian knew Du Wenyuan very well. Du Wenyuan thought that this guy still had so much backbone. However, it was obviously not appropriate to fight here, although he hated it in his heart. However, there was nothing he could do about it. He let out a cold humph. He turned to the clerk and said: "Call your manager, tell him that my Du family is here. Hmph!"

The clerk was stunned and quickly went inside to call their manager. After a while, a middle-aged man with a greasy head and big ears walked out. His body seemed a little bloated because of his slight fat. He quickly walked over. Although it was a little funny, he still said respectfully, "That mister is from the Du Family!"

Du Wenyuan raised his head proudly and snorted coldly. I, Du Wenyuan," he said. Is there a problem with buying this house now?" The manager looked at Du Wenyuan. He immediately said, "No problem, of course there is no problem! Little Qin, What's wrong with you? Since Mr. Du wants this house, Why don't you sell it?" At the end of his words, he had already scolded him harshly!

Little Qin, who was also the clerk, felt wronged and said in a low voice, "But that gentleman decided it first!" After saying that, he pointed at Jue Tian. Although Jue Tian's temperament was unquestionable, his casual clothes were obviously not expensive. The armor was made of divine weapons and armor, especially those that could be seen through by the naked eyes!

"He, he can afford it?" The manager obviously did not believe that he could afford it. One side was the son of Du Family. Others did not know about Du Family. He had been in real estate for many years. Du Family was the biggest real estate company in the entire SX Province. How could he dare to offend a small YC real estate company?

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