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C4 Hermit vs little boy

Yin Manfeng was startled after hearing what the little boy said. Multicolored stone?

She spread out her small hand, and the Multicolored Stone lay quietly in her palm. The brilliance from before was long gone, and she didn't know if the fairyland was related to the Multicolored Stone.

Yin Manfeng hesitated as she handed the Multicolored Stone over to the little boy. This Multicolored Stone was originally her.

Yin Manfeng could not help but reach out and pinch his face. The little boy immediately glared at her, picked up the Multicolored Stone to look, and her small body stiffened up. Her expression changed as she asked: "What did you do to this Multicolored Stone?"

Yin Manfeng thought about the strange scene from before, and said with a little less confidence: "I didn't do anything!" It was this Multicolored Stone that had done something to her.

The little boy gave Yin Manfeng a deep look, then threw the Multicolored Stone to her and said, "You have already made a contract with this Multicolored Stone, it is yours now."

Yin Manfeng picked up the Multicolored Stone to examine it. Since when did she make a contract with this Multicolored Stone? No wonder there was a mental connection in her mind. Besides the Formless Needle, there was something else that could be contracted in this world.

"Thank you!" Yin Manfeng said to the little boy. She rather liked the Multicolored Stone, and treated it as his thanks for saving her life. Then she asked: "Where is this place?"

Seeing how Yin Manfeng was still pretending despite getting lucky, the little boy snorted coldly. She just gave her such a Supreme Divine Artifact and she said thank you so easily? He then asked curiously, "You don't know where this is?"

Yin Manfeng shook her ugly face and looked at the cute little boy in front of him with care. She didn't realize that he was also a little kid.

The little boy looked at her with disdain and said, "You were poisoned and your spirit energy was sealed. You don't even know that this is the Cloudfall Mountain Range. You don't even know how you managed to survive until now."

Cloudfall Mountain Range?

Yin Manfeng frowned, she was sure that she had never heard of this place before. Just as she was about to continue asking, a figure suddenly appeared beside the originally quiet stream.

"Who?" Yin Manfeng asked cautiously.

The little boy looked at her in surprise, not expecting her to be so vigilant.

The person who came didn't care about Yin Manfeng the noob, but knelt down respectfully in front of the little boy and said: "This humble one is late, Master, please punish me."

Yin Manfeng looked at the little boy in surprise. She did not expect him to be her man, he could appear soundlessly in front of her, his power was unimaginable, she did not know who the little boy was, to be able to configure such a superior subordinate.

The little boy did not wake that person up, but looked at Yin Manfeng deeply.

That subordinate didn't get Master's response and curiously raised his head. Seeing that the little boy had been staring at Yin Manfeng, he also looked towards Yin Manfeng, and when he saw the Multicolored Stone in Yin Manfeng's hand, his cold eyes were filled with astonishment.

The little boy suddenly waved his hand, and Yin Manfeng felt a strong gale rushing towards her. When the gale entered her body, a wave of pain swept over her entire body, and before she passed out from pain, she heard the boy say arrogantly: "Remember my name, Ling Junchu!"

Yin Manfeng was furious, before she fainted, she really did remember the little boy's name.

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