Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C10 Forced Admissions?
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C10 Forced Admissions?
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C10 Forced Admissions?

Xu Wenlei seemed very excited. He immediately went in front of the male student, lifted up his clothes, and carefully observed his stomach.

"Doctor, I was running well in the sports field just now. Suddenly, my stomach started to feel uncomfortable. I thought that I would be fine after a while, but who knew that my stomach would grow bigger and bigger. Now it hurts me to death!" The male student said.

Hearing the male student say this, Xu Wenlei immediately went to the medicine cabinet and mixed the medicine. He picked two boxes of Western medicine, one for relieving his gas and one for relieving his pain.

Looking at Zhou Tian who was sitting calmly on the chair, he couldn't help but say, "I've already prepared the medicine! Why haven't you made a move? What is your treatment method? "

"It's nothing, you go ahead."

Xu Wenlei frowned. He really didn't know what Zhou Tian was thinking. He wasn't worried at all. Didn't he know that they were currently competing?!

This was blatant contempt!

Then let's see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve!

Xu Wenlei walked in front of the male student and said: "This box of pills works twice a day three times a day two times. This box of pills works three times a day, but only one pill at a time. "Take some medicine here to ease the pain.

"Alright, thank you so much!"

"I'll remember. Next time you run, when your body isn't feeling well, remember to rest for a while. Otherwise, it will be easy to get into trouble."

Just as the male student was about to take his medicine, Zhou Tian spoke up. "As long as you give me a shot, I guarantee your stomach will immediately dissolve."

"Can you stop laughing? Do you think my stomach is a balloon? If I can get some air, I'll be fine! " The male student was slightly angry.

"It's already inflated, so what can we do if it doesn't leak out?"

Zhou Tian stood up, and without caring about the reaction of the male student, he directly injected the needle into his stomach to clear his breathing. Then, he lightly patted his belly a few times.

The male student originally wanted to scold him angrily, but his mouth kept burping and beating faster and faster. His stomach was like a rubber ball that had been pricked by needles, rapidly letting go.

"I, I, my stomach is recovering? And it didn't hurt anymore! F * ck! Doctor, you are truly amazing! "

The male student was immediately filled with admiration towards Zhou Tian. He didn't even want the two boxes of Western medicine anymore, he just placed them on the table and walked away happily with a look of shock on his face.

Not only was that male student shocked, but Xu Wenlei's mouth was wide open so that an ostrich egg could be stuffed inside.

"How did you do it!? Do you know some kind of demonic magic!? " Xu Wenlei still didn't believe it.

"Isn't that simple? It's only right that you need to calm down if you're going to inflate yourself. "

Zhou Tian shrugged with an innocent look.

"This, but a person is different from a deflated ball!"

"What's different?"

Zhou Tian smiled. What was treatment? Many people would have their own answers, but for him, it was as natural as if he had to eat and sleep when he was hungry.

"Alright, let's see what you can do next time!"

Xu Wenlei turned around in anger, while Zhou Tian continued to read.

Then there were three more girls, two of whom were supporting the sick girl.

This was also a stomachache, but it wasn't a bloating. It was a stomachache.

Before Xu Wenlei could ask, the sickly girl said, "I know I need to make a gastroscope, so I haven't eaten since I woke up in the morning."

"Well, here, I'll do your gastroscope."

Xu Wenlei also wanted to flaunt the power of Western medicine. After all, there wasn't such a thing as a gastroscope in Chinese medicine. As for the symptoms of a person's stomach, he could only understand them by looking at them.

If Zhou Tian told him that under his eyes, he could clearly see every symptom and every place, Xu Wenlei would probably cry and doubt his own life.

It was only about ten minutes after the gastroscope was completed.

This is because your diet is irregular, your stomach is in a state of fasting for a long time, and there is no food to neutralize the large amount of gastric acid secreted by the cells in the wall of your stomach. As a result, your gastric mucosa has always been under the attack of gastric acid, resulting in superficial gastritis.

Xu Wenlei purposely walked in front of Zhou Tian and gave him a poke.

"If you take the medicine, as long as you take good care of yourself, you'll be fine."

This time, Tian Zhou didn't treat him. Firstly, he didn't want to show off his shocking abilities, and secondly, there was still more than 20 minutes before dinner. He didn't mind playing with Xu Wen Lei a little longer.

Xu Wenlei, who had successfully won one round, was very happy. With a face full of smiles, he walked around Zhou Tian and said: "See, your Chinese medicine is helpless when it meets this type of illness! At this point in time, you still have to rely on us Western Medicine. "

"Do you know what you are advocating now! "It's science. You have to use the power of science and technology to solve problems, and medicine is the same as well. Although traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has existed for many years, under modern technology, it's already lagging far behind. I think it's better for you to learn western medicine before coming back to be an assistant professor."

Zhou Tian thought for a moment, then decided not to hurt his confidence anymore, and let him be proud of himself for a while longer.

By six o'clock in the evening, there was no third patient.

"It's already late. I'll go have a meal first. I'll have the third match with you tomorrow."

Zhou Tian didn't want to delay his meal.

Just as he stood up and was about to leave, he was stopped by Xu Wenlei, "No way!" Can't we eat later?! "Today, I will definitely fight with you!"

This was too persistent. Zhou Tian was regretting that he did not treat the second patient earlier.

Just then, a figure rushed in frantically and said in a sobbing tone, "Doctor, come with me! I have a friend who fell down on a bicycle! It was very serious! She's lost a lot of blood! "

"Where is he?!" Zhou Tian asked immediately.

"It's on the forest trail one hundred meters to the west of the infirmary. You'll see it the moment you step out of the door!"

Zhou Tian didn't dare delay any longer and hurriedly rushed out.

Saving a life was like saving a fire!

Previously, when he competed with Xu Wenlei in medical skills, it was just to pass the time. But when he met a patient who was in danger, he was definitely more concerned than anyone else.

"You haven't brought anything, even if you go over there, how are you going to save them!? How reckless! "

Xu Wenlei cursed. He also hastily picked some common medicine from the medicine cabinet and bandages to bandage his wounds. He also put on their respective injections and then rushed over with the girl who came to report.

With regards to saving others, Xu Wenlei was the same as Zhou Tian. After all, his life was in danger.

A forest trail.

A young woman with dishevelled hair was lying in a pool of blood. Beside her were two students who were taking emergency treatment.

"Out of the way, let me do it!"

As soon as Zhou Tian arrived at the scene, he immediately began to treat the patient.

He took out an acupuncture bag from his waist, spread it on his thigh and selected five silver needles, then quickly pierced them into the five acupoints of the patient.

The two students at the side originally didn't understand Zhou Tian's plan.

Unexpectedly, after stabbing the five needles, the blood seemed to have been locked and not a single drop of it flowed out.

Only then did Zhou Tian examine the patient's condition.

Fortunately, the head was only slightly cut, the right arm was pierced by a tree branch, the left big artery was cut, and the chest area was hit, causing a severe shock to the internal organs, causing the patient to fall into a coma.

Seeing Xu Wenlei rush over with a medical case, Zhou Tian immediately said: "Give me the gauze."

Xu Wenlei stared blankly. He was also scared by the seriousness on Zhou Tian's face and couldn't help but take out some gauze from his medical case.

Zhou Tian took the gauze and bandaged all the large wounds. He then quickly pulled out the four needles, allowing the blood to flow. Otherwise, with a long period of time, the patient would be in an even more dangerous situation.

After the problem of bleeding from the wound was solved, Zhou Tian stretched out his hand to feel the pulse.

From an outsider's point of view, this was to see how serious the patient's internal organs were. This was also Zhou Tian's goal. His divine eye should not be exposed.

He then took out five new silver needles and pierced them into various acupoints on the patient's chest. One of them was only half an inch away from the patient's taboo.

In order to make the patient's injuries recover faster, Zhou Tian slowly infused his zhenqi into the five silver needles, using his zhenqi to nourish the patient's internal organs.

When he felt that it was about time, Zhou Tian put away the five silver needles and finally pulled out the first one.

This was not something he had forgotten before, but this very first needle had a special knowledge within it.

If he met a patient who was in danger of dying, the needle would have to be pierced through before it could be pulled out. This was because the needle was called the Life Pin, also known as the Death Lock Needle.

This meant that this needle could lock onto the life drain, preventing the patient from dying. In other words, as long as this needle was inserted, the patient would not die without being pulled out.

In the mouths of many old people, the ginseng had the function of hanging one's life, and this was the function of the hanging needle.

"Alright, she's already out of danger. All we need to do now is to go to the hospital and retrieve this branch. Then, we can slowly recuperate for a while."

Xu Wenlei secretly wiped off his sweat. He had just seen what Zhou Tian had done. In less than five minutes, Zhou Tian had saved this patient from death with just a few silver needles.

This kind of medical skill was far more than just him!

He was simply an existence that he worshipped!

"Ah, so it's you!"

The female reporter looked at Zhou Tian with a face full of shock.

This girl was the girl he met outside the office in Baijin City.

It was indeed a coincidence.

"Hm, what a coincidence."

Zhou Tian also greeted him. Then, he looked at Xu Wenlei and said: "We'll compete in the third match tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll definitely be at school tomorrow."

Xu Wenlei's face was filled with a bitter smile as his face suddenly turned red. He was truly embarrassed.

In terms of medical skills, they were like heaven and earth. He was like a disgrace to them.

"The bet that we talked about earlier, does it count as a bet?" Xu Wenlei's eyes suddenly lit up.

"Of course. Don't worry, if I lose to you tomorrow, this assistant professor will be yours."

Xu Wen Lei smiled proudly and said: "Teacher, then I'll be learning medicine from you in the future!"

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