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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C11 Bai Ning Rou to Send out the Aid of the Attack Ecvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv
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C11 Bai Ning Rou to Send out the Aid of the Attack Ecvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv


Zhou Tian was stunned. What was this? Forcefully taking on a master?

"If you want to learn medical skills, you can choose to come listen to my class tomorrow."

With that, Zhou Tian walked towards the cafeteria.

After walking for a while, he noticed a small tail following behind him.

"How long do you want to stay with me?"

The man blushed and came in front of Zhou Tian. He said, "Can I treat you to a meal?"

This person was the woman he had met twice in the past two days. He agreed without thinking too much.

It was just a meal.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt that he was handsome and had a sense of security. Especially that calm, clean, and efficient way he saved people; every second he would rattle her heartstrings.

It was a pity that Zhou Tian was too focused on eating that he didn't even bother to say a few words.

After the meal, the woman wanted to follow, but was dismissed by Zhou Tian.

This kind of hastily come love experience, let him not help but sigh, really worthy of being a university, really suitable for the bud of love.

A hundred steps after dinner, happy as a god.

This was a good habit. Zhou Tian walked around the Medicine King's statue and found that the damaged parts had been repaired. He left satisfied, otherwise, he wouldn't mind making another trip to Wu Ming's place.

It was early in the morning and the sun had yet to rise.

Zhou Tian woke up early. Facing the direction where the sun was about to rise, he sat down cross-legged and began practicing his unique cultivation technique.

Their cultivation method was different from the other sects'. They only practiced in the morning when the sun was about to rise.

What Zhou Tian wanted was that tiny wisp of purple gas. To his divine eye, this was extremely beneficial.

As for the rest of the time, he would use various kinds of pills to assist him, and use them to increase his cultivation.

The old man had already reached the pinnacle of this path. He only needed to train step by step.

However, this was not a mountain. If he were to start concocting pills here, it would bring about a lot of unnecessary trouble.

In his original plan, he would practice medicine to save people while collecting all kinds of precious herbs. When he had gathered all of the herbs, he would find a chance to head deep into the mountains, open the furnace to refine pills, and then return to Jiangbei Province.

After he finished absorbing the purple gas, it was already early in the morning. He took a shower at 6 o'clock in the morning and came to the sports field to run. It had been his habit all along, but back in the Central South Mountain, he was running on the small mountain paths.

On the field, a group of students who didn't run in the morning were gathered, shaking their heads.

Zhou Tian had initially been wondering why the students of Jiangbei Medical University were so different from the others. It was only after he ran two rounds inside that he realized why a simple morning jog attracted so many onlookers.

Bai Ning Rou, the number one goddess of Jiangbei Medical School, was also running in the morning.

Wearing a white tracksuit, her body swayed as she ran. Her movements were graceful, and it was really quite eye-catching.

She didn't go home last night, but chose to rest at school instead. Today, she woke up early and wanted to take a run around the sports field, but she didn't know which busybody it was that leaked the news that she was in the sports field.

"Your running posture is not bad. It's just that your breathing technique is too poor. This way of training won't have much of an effect."

Zhou Tian said a few words as he walked past Bai Ning Rou.

Running was not just about the movement of the two feet. The most important thing was the coordination with the breathing, which would allow the exercise to have a significant effect. Although Bai Ning Rou had the guidance of a master, in the eyes of Zhou Tian, that breathing technique was still lacking.

Seeing that Zhou Tian was the one speaking, Bai Ning Rou became even more displeased. She had been a daughter of heaven ever since she was young. Regardless of beauty, ability to learn, or even physical fitness, she was much more outstanding than others. Her father had even invited her to teach her the breathing technique of running, which she personally taught to Master Li, who was the champion of three national long-distance running competitions. She was ranked first in every long distance running competition in Jiangbei Medical University.

How could her breathing be bad when she was running?

He was trying to attract attention to himself.

This trick was used by many boys in front of her, but in the end, they all covered their faces and left.

"People like you who think while you're running can easily fall when you're running."

Zhou Tian said a few more words than Bai Ning Rou.

"I don't believe it."

With a sliding step, Bai Ning Rou's body staggered and she almost fell to the ground. Luckily, her basics were solid, so she immediately steadied her body and stopped running.

Such a jinx's beak caused Bai Ning Rou to be so angry that she almost went crazy. She wanted to look for Zhou Tian's silhouette and discover that he had already left the field.

"Damn it."

Bai Ning Rou wasn't in the mood to continue running either.

In the classroom of Jiangbei Medical College, class three.

Students have learned from the school's administration that this morning's medical theory class was taught by a young assistant.

I heard that the young assistant was about the same age as them.

Many students immediately broke out into an uproar.

Compared to the old professor, they were more welcoming of the young and elegant teacher.

Even if your classes aren't that good, at least you'll be able to nurture the eyes.

Thus, when Zhou Tian stepped into the classroom, a group of young boys and girls were screaming.

It wasn't because he was really handsome, but because he was so handsome that he was so handsome that even in the sky, there were many people who were purely jeering at him.

"Students, do you know what's so good about learning medicine?"

Zhou Tian didn't recite the usual opening words. For example, what was his name, how old was he this year, and where did he come from.

A student shouted, "Learning medicine can't be a good thing. It's just that when you go out in the future, you'll be able to find a good job. Who doesn't know that students who graduate from Jiangbei Medical University are very popular in major hospitals."

"Very good, do any of the other students have any disagreements?" Zhou Tian smiled.

"I think that studying medicine is to save lives. Although earning money is also very important, to be able to pull a person back from the brink of death, what kind of achievement is that!?" Moreover, there are always many patients who still look down on patients. " A girl said timidly.

"When I was still young, I used to think that if a person who studies medicine could kill a person with just a few words, it would be as if I had the power to decide life and death, especially when performing surgery, the life and death of the patient depends entirely on the doctor's skill. Now that I think about it, studying medicine is just like that. There is no limit to the skill, and in the future, you can either be a doctor or open a pharmacy. It's a very ordinary job, a very ordinary skill, and there's nothing special about it. "

Another person said.

Zhou Tian nodded to himself. The level of students in Jiangbei Medical University was not bad, at least they had their own ideas.

"Teacher, what do you think?" A student asked.

Learning medicine is more important than heart. The way of medicine is not a path for a single person, there is no absolute truth. Each of you have a scale in your hearts, and the quality of learning medicine is something that you have your own thoughts about.

Zhou Tian didn't give his opinion because there was no need. He was only using this question to lighten the atmosphere and motivate the students.

Zhou Tian wrote down his name on the blackboard, then turned around and said, "Zhou Tian is my name. You can call me Teacher Zhou from now on."

He continued, "What do you guys think of Chinese medicine?"

Traditional Chinese Medicine? The students who were present were basically exposed to western medicine. Regarding Chinese medicine, they were mostly hearsay, and very few people truly understood it in depth.

After a moment, a student said, "When I was at home, I often heard my grandfather mumble about the wonders of Chinese medicine. When I was young, I really thought that Chinese medicine was omnipotent in healing and saving people, but when I grew up, I realized that many Chinese medicine was either a swindler or a scammer.

This student's words were very accurate, causing the professors who were sitting at the back of the classroom to nod in satisfaction.

Someone opened his mouth first, and then another student said, "I don't think so. Chinese medicine should be exaggerated by the traditional culture, but now we're talking about survival of the fittest. If Chinese medicine is really that great, then why are they basically Western pharmacies on the market? There are a lot more people looking at western medicine than there are in traditional Chinese medicine. "

"Teacher, learning Chinese medicine is too difficult, far less than learning Western medicine. Moreover, people of the older generation who listen to the teachings of the older generation often start to cultivate them as a child, learning from their teacher for twenty to thirty years is a very common thing. Nowadays, people don't have the time and perseverance to do so."

At this time, a classmate stood up and looked around, and loudly said: "I heard you guys talk about how bad traditional Chinese medicine is. Don't you all remember what those godly doctors did a few years ago? My grandma is 76 years old and has always had cold legs. This disease has been bothering her for dozens of years, and is one of the Godly Doctors who gently injected a few silver needles into my grandma. My grandma's cold legs couldn't have been cured, so isn't this the magic of Chinese medicine? "

The classroom was silent for a moment. Those several godly doctors that came down from the South Central Region did indeed create many legends, and also righted the reputation of traditional Chinese medicine. However, many people had only heard of it, and rarely encountered real people.

Some students retorted: "You also said that it's those Godly Doctors, but there are only a few of them, what does it represent? Chinese medicine is indeed in a backward state, there is no doubt about that. And one must make us believe that unless we see it for proof, otherwise, no one can tell the difference between the truth and the falsehood. "

Speaking to this point, Zhou Tian had achieved his goal. He wanted to let the students see with their own eyes the wonders of traditional Chinese medicine. Only by doing this would he be able to convince more people and arouse their interest in learning Chinese medicine.

Before Zhou Tian could say anything, a voice sounded from outside the door.

"The Teacher Zhou in front of you, Instructor Zhou, came down from the Central South Mountain. He is an orthodox Chinese medical disciple. You can let him show you what a real Chinese medical doctor is like."

Zhou Tian raised his head to look, the person who spoke was Bai Ning Rou.

Was this the legendary support attack?

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