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C12 Orthodox Medicine

Seeing that the one who spoke was Bai Ning Rou, many of the freshmen students were stunned. There was probably no one in Jiangbei Medical School who didn't recognize her.

Bai Ning Rou continued, "Your Teacher Zhou once used his medical skills to save my life."

This time, it was even more shocking. Bai Ning Rou had personally come to cheer for Zhou Tian and publicize his glorious achievements.

Was there some secret between the two of them?

If Bai Ning Rou were to know what they were thinking, she would probably go crazy with anger. She just couldn't accept what Zhou Tian had said this morning on the sports field, so she purposely came here to cause trouble for him, and she really wanted to see Zhou Tian's true medical skills.

The reason why she chose the path of learning medicine, other than that small secret, was because she really liked medical skills. Becoming a great medical master of her generation was her goal.

As one of the best among her peers, there were very few who caught her eye.

Steward Lin had praised Zhou Tian's medical skills to the point that they were as common as heaven and earth. Naturally, she wanted to experience it and she didn't believe that Zhou Tian's medical skills were above hers.

Zhou Tian, who was standing on the podium, was speechless. Bai Ning Rou was not only sending him an assistant, she was also paving the way for him.

"Students, do any of you want to experience the magic of traditional Chinese medicine?" Zhou Tian said.

A fat man quickly stood up and said, "Teacher Zhou, I, I! I would like to ask Teacher Zhou, what kind of good method is there that can allow me to lose weight quickly and successfully? "

Laughter rang out in the class.

In fact, the question seemed funny, but it was hard.

Zhou Tian could give him a prescription to help him lose weight, but the results would be too slow and would not be too shocking.

No matter how he thought about it, he could only use silver needles along with his true qi to help him lose weight for a short period of time.

"Let me ask you, how heavy are you now?"

The fat student said embarrassedly, "Almost one hundred and eighteen catties."

He was only 1.62 meters tall, and with this weight, he could be considered a fatty.

"Can you go find an electronic scale first? "We'll take the last test." Zhou Tian said.

"Teacher, I'll go!"

The students who had something good to do hurriedly ran out.

After about ten minutes, an electronic scale was brought over.

"You go up and test the weight, and then write it down."


The weighing result was one hundred and eighty-three catties.

"Alright, come here. After I've treated you with acupuncture, I can guarantee that you will lose weight."

The fat student excitedly ran over. If he could really lose weight, then it would be worth more than anything!

After a careful examination, Zhou Tian found that the student was fat because the fat on his belly and thighs were too high.

Taking out three silver needles, he pierced them into the student's abdomen and into his thighs.

First, he had to reduce the fat on his abdomen. Then, Zhou Tian rubbed the silver needle gently on his abdomen. His zhenqi flowed through the needle and into his abdomen, dispersing the fat on his body.

As the true qi entered his body, it felt warm and comfortable.

The student closed his eyes in comfort, groaning uncontrollably.

This caused many students to laugh out loud. This was simply too shameful.

The fat student also felt that it was too embarrassing, so he covered his mouth with his hands.

Unbeknownst to them, the intermittent moans caused many students to blush even more. Many female students couldn't help but turn their eyes away. It was simply too stinging.

After dealing with the problems in his stomach, the next step was to do the same.

After about ten minutes, Zhou Tiancai slowly retracted the silver needle and smiled, "Now, you can go and weigh it again to see how effective it is."

Zhou Tian didn't even need to say anything as the student had already ran over.

As he ran, he felt as light as a swallow, as light as a feather.

He weighed it.

Only 165 jins remained!

"I'll take it!" How was this possible! It lost eighteen kilograms in an instant! It's only been 15 minutes! "

"Say, fatty, was it possible that you secretly carried something when you were weighing, to make yourself heavier? You only took that thing off now, otherwise how could something like this happen!"

Some people cried out in alarm, some people did not believe it, and some people even wanted to dissect this fatty to see what had caused this effect.

"Am, am I really not dreaming?"

The fat student cried out loud. He had used countless methods to lose weight. However, in the short span of ten minutes, he had successfully lost more than ten jin of fat. If he were to take this medicine a few more times, would he be able to become handsome and graceful?

"Wow, I also want my teacher to help me with acupuncture. I don't need to lose too much. I'm already satisfied with just three to five kilograms of acupuncture."

"Me too, me too! Can I beg teacher to give me an injection? "

Many female students looked passionately at Zhou Tian.

Which girl didn't want to make herself slimmer?

Seeing a beautiful new set of clothes appearing in front of him, yet being unable to wear it due to his figure, what kind of suffering was this?

Even Bai Ning Rou was a little moved. Although she thought that her figure was perfect, but there were still some places that she was not satisfied with.

It could be said that there was no limit to beauty, and there was no end to the pursuit of beauty.

Zhou Tian could only cough lightly and say, "Students, weight loss is not something that can be rushed. As long as you focus on training, your figure naturally won't be that bad."

"But teacher, there's still a huge gap in power."

Some girls looked at Bai Ning Rou.

Bai Ning's soft figure was called perfect, her curves and curves were exquisite, her curves and curves were curvy, and her areas were flat, she absolutely had the perfect body shape.

Zhou Tian looked at them for a while and suddenly said: "Look at her breasts, they are still a bit lacking. They are not round enough, and her thighs and legs are very good, but there are some parts that are not perfect enough. If she is even a little bit thinner, it will look better."

This evaluation caused Bai Ning Rou's face to turn red from embarrassment.

Many students also looked at Bai Ning Rou, pointing at her figure, discussing.

Zhou Tian had successfully diverted his attention.

However, Bai Ning Rou was so embarrassed that she immediately ran away.

After the joke, things were calm again.

The students' enthusiasm had been completely aroused by Zhou Tian.

Many people were eager to give it a try. They all said that they were sick here, and that there was something sick there as well. They wanted to become the next test subject.

Faced with such a situation, Zhou Tian could only open the God's Eye and look for the patient himself.

He did find one. It was a girl. She was pale, gentle, and quiet. She wore glasses. She didn't like to talk, so she just sat there quietly.

"The student sitting at the sixth table in the third row, I think you don't look too good. Is there something wrong with you?" Zhou Tian immediately chose a person.

"Ah? Teacher, you called me?" The girl was obviously shocked.

"If you have any disease, you can say it now. I will treat it for you."

"No, Teacher, I have always been in good health!" How could I be sick? "

"Do you think that's the right thing to do? If you are willing to say it, your sick teacher can treat you. "

The girl was silent for a while before she said, "Teacher, actually, I was diagnosed with a tumor last week …"

Ah!" Xiao Jun, why didn't you tell us! " The good friend sitting beside her exclaimed.

"I said that Xiao Jun was always in a daze these few days and often hid by herself crying. I thought it was her boyfriend that bullied her, but I didn't expect it to be like this." Another person said.

It was indeed a tumor, and it grew near the chest. However, it was a benign tumor, and currently, it did not pose much of a threat to the human body.

Zhou Tian wasn't surprised. To him, this wasn't really a big deal, it was just that the location of the tumor was a little special. However, to a true doctor, this kind of protection between a male and female didn't exist.

"Do you believe in teacher's medical skills?"

Tears welled up in Xiao Jun's eyes as he felt puzzled.

Zhou Tian continued to say, "I can cure your tumor today, but this is not a good place to do so. You can come and find me in the afternoon or at night. I will definitely be able to cure your illness."

"Really? "Teacher!"

"Really." Zhou Tian confirmed.

"Un, I believe in teacher!"

After saying that, Xiaoyu burst into tears. Such an illness was not only a form of torture for her, but also a huge burden for her parents. Thus, she didn't mention her illness to anyone and only wanted to drag it out for one day at a time.

Zhou Tian looked at all the students sitting below and said, "Students, I hope you all can clearly recognize that it is not worth the loss to keep a secret. Every minute and every second is precious! "If you guys were to practice medicine and save others in the future, you would have to uphold your professional ethics of saving lives like fire. One more minute and you will gain hope."

Zhou Tian had won the applause of the entire hall. The medical professors sitting in the back also nodded repeatedly in agreement with Zhou Tian's words.

Zhou Tian remembered that the old man had once told him that healing was not a simple treatment, but a treatment of people!

This saying made a lot of sense, as he had always abided by it.

Due to the good atmosphere and effect of the class, as well as the requests from the students, the class that was originally only two classes ended up with four classes.

After all, this was the most important part. The so-called "practicing medicine in the classroom" was only a way to achieve this goal.

After four consecutive lessons, Zhou Tian felt that his strength was slightly insufficient. However, he was in a good mood. This kind of teaching was worth it.

When Zhou Tian was on his way to the cafeteria to eat, he was stopped on the way by Bai Ning Rou.

Feeling that he was in the wrong, Zhou Tian smiled and said: "So it's the second lady of the Bai Clan. I wonder what business do you have with me? If there's nothing else, I'll be leaving first."

"Stop!" What did you just say to me in class! Have you forgotten it now? "

She had never been evaluated like this before, not to mention it was in front of so many people.

"Actually, you know, I'm telling the truth."

It meant that her figure wasn't good? Bai Ning Rou's anger was even greater as she shouted, "You bastard!"

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