Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C13 Bai Ning Rou's Worry
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C13 Bai Ning Rou's Worry
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C13 Bai Ning Rou's Worry

Bai Ning Rou felt that she was becoming angrier and angrier, especially when facing Zhou Tian. She herself wasn't clear of the situation, but that faintly discernible sense of familiarity made it impossible for her to show Zhou Tian her cold and noble face.

"Actually, I always had a question that I wanted to ask you?" Bai Ning Rou calmly looked at Zhou Tian.

It was within his expectation that this proud daughter of heaven would have the patience to talk to him, "Ask away, just treat it as an apology for your previous offense."

"That's more like it." "When I was young, I had a very good friend. Afterwards, he disappeared, and my father told me that he had gone up the Central South Mountain. All these years, I've been trying to find him." You are also from Central South Mountain, so I wanted to ask you, have you ever seen him before? "

"En..." That's it? " Zhou Tian was stunned.

"Can you tell me where he is? Please! " Bai Ning Rou had a face full of hope.

No one knew how many difficulties she had experienced in order to find this person. Every year, she would volunteer at the Central South Mountain just to find the person she was looking for.

The last time she suffered from the cold poison, it was also because she wanted to search every inch of the Central South Mountain and find that little boy that she could never forget.

Zhou Tian smiled bitterly, "I say, Second Miss Bai, what is the name of the person you're looking for? What did he look like? Is it round or flat? What are the characteristics of the body? How old are you this year? "You didn't say anything, how do you want me to help you find it?"

Bai Ning Rou's expression turned slightly embarrassed, then angrily said, "If I knew, I would have asked you to help me find it!"


Alright, what he said made too much sense. Zhou Tian was speechless.

"But, it's not like he didn't have any clues. I remember that when he was four years old, he went up Central South Mountain. Now, he should be 22 years old." Bai Ning Rou thought for a while and said.

"Twenty-two years old? Isn't that the same age as me? It can't be that the person you're looking for is me, right? " Zhou Tian joked.

"Go to hell!" Bai Ning Rou angrily kicked him, "How could it be you, you bastard!"

"Hey hey, it's just a joke, why are you being so serious? "Look at the looks in the eyes of the surrounding people, you are a great celebrity in Jiangbei Medical University. At the very least, you should pay attention to your own behavior."

Zhou Tian glanced at the onlookers.

"It's all your fault!" Bai Ning Rou became even more embarrassed and angry. She kicked him again and said, "Come with me to a place where there's no one to talk."

In truth, he was also quite curious about that good friend of Bai Ning Rou's from when he was young. According to Bai Ning Rou's explanation, the child had already gone to the Central South Mountain when he was four years old, and they hadn't seen each other for more than ten years, yet Bai Ning Rou still wanted to find him. It could be seen that she had an extraordinary charm, and knew how to pick up girls since she was little, no wonder Bai Ning Rou didn't have a good impression of the other boys.

Zhou Tian thought about everything along the way.

Very quickly, Bai Ning Rou brought him to a quiet place, which seemed to be a medical room.

"This medical room was provided by the school for me alone. Without my permission, even the principal would not be able to enter." Bai Ning Rou explained.

Zhou Tian purposely smiled, "I understand. This is called the privilege of nobility."

"Humph!" "Whatever you think." Bai Ning Rou sat on the chair. Seeing that Zhou Tian was still standing there foolishly, she couldn't help but say, "Don't you know how to find a place to sit!"

After Zhou Tian sat down, Bai Ning Rou said again, "I think it's very likely that he went to the Central South Mountain to learn medicine from your master. So, can you tell me, more than ten years ago, which children followed your master in learning medicine? What were the names of the children? Where are they now? "

"…" Zhou Tian was silent for a moment before he said, "Ten years ago, Master did take in a lot of disciples, but after a year, they left the mountain early due to lack of talent in medicine. I was the only one who continued to follow Master."

He paused before continuing, "If your good friend really did go to the Central South Mountain to learn medicine from my master, then a year later, he had already left the mountain."

So it was like this, he was going down the mountain! Bai Ning Rou's face suddenly changed, her delicate body slightly trembled, and she muttered to herself, "Then all these years of hard work, is it just a joke? He obviously went down the mountain, and yet I still went up to the mountain to find him. I, I … "

Facing this kind of Bai Ning Rou, Zhou Tian's heart ached, and he couldn't help but say: "Just now I was just talking about one of the possibilities, what if your good friend didn't learn medicine from my master and instead went to another place in the Central South Mountain? The Central South Mountain is so big that even I have not stepped into it, let alone you. "

"Then it's decided. Next time, you will accompany me to Central South Mountain to find someone!" Bai Ning Rou suddenly said.

What kind of brain circuit is this? Isn't her change in attitude way too fast? How can I say this to her? Zhou Tian sighed, "I say, Second Miss Bai, since you can't find anyone, you shouldn't drag me down with you. You've gone to Zhongnan Mountain so many times, don't you need to drag me along?"

"But when I went to the Central South Mountain in the past, I didn't find anyone!"

"That doesn't necessarily mean you can bring me along. Will I be able to help you find the person?"

"But he disappeared from the middle of the southern mountain! You will be in charge of finding it for me! " Bai Ning Rou pouted, her eyes wide open.

Eh, this was yet another irrefutable argument. However, this Bai Ning Rou looked quite cute and fierce, and her appearance was completely different from before when she was cold and outstanding.

This was a rare opportunity, so Zhou Tian looked at it a few more times.

Realizing that she had made a mistake, Bai Ning Rou coughed lightly and immediately went back to her normal state. She gently picked up a cup of tea and took a sip.

Zhou Tian couldn't help but ask, "That cup of tea should have come a long time ago, right?"

It was just that she forgot to clean it up. Bai Ning Rou had the urge to puke, but seeing Zhou Tian staring at her, wanting to see her make a fool of herself, she couldn't help but say in her heart, "This bastard actually wants to see me make a fool of myself! How could it be so easy! "

Bai Ning Rou leisurely took out four or five pieces of paper from the side, wiped them at the corner of her mouth, spat out all the tea in her mouth, and then calmly threw them into the trash can. He even said softly, "This tea is really hot."

"Formidable, truly formidable." Zhou Tian was completely shocked.

"Humph!" Bai Ning Rou's eyes were filled with pride.

Seeing Bai Ning Rou's expression, Zhou Tian couldn't help but tease her. He also poured a cup of tea for himself, and when he picked up the teacup, he cried out, "It's too hot. Did you see that? It's so hot that my fingers are bubbling."

He even intentionally used his zhenqi to make his fingers turn red, as though he had been scalded by boiling water.

Bai Ning Rou was so angry that she was grinding her teeth, her eyes becoming more and more unfriendly.

"I can accompany you to the Central South Mountain, but the time has to be decided by me, otherwise, I won't go there." Zhou Tian gave a light cough.

Bai Ning Rou frowned and thought for a while before replying, "Sure, but only within a year!"

"No problem." Zhou Tian stood up. "Now that we're done talking, can I leave?"

Bai Ning Rou nodded and said, "The door is over there, do you want to leave?"


Walking around the campus, Zhou Tian felt that the atmosphere wasn't right. Many students couldn't help but stop and watch when they saw him. With his hearing, he could even hear their discussions.

"Look, that's the man that was walking together with Bai Ning and School Beauty Bai. Just now, they were flirting in the woods."

"It's true. I even saw the second lady of the Bai Clan kick him twice. As the saying goes, 'love is love.' I think the relationship between the two of them is definitely not simple."

"There's more! The two of them even entered the room together, a man and a woman. Think about it, what's so good about guessing, they must be together. "


Zhou Tian didn't really care about the gossip, but he was looking forward to Bai Ning Rou's reaction after hearing it. She would probably be so angry that she would jump to her feet.

Bai Ning Rou had actually heard it, but she didn't jump up and down. Instead, with a darkened face, she placed all the blame on him …

After dinner, since there were no classes in the afternoon and the student Xiao Jun might come to see him, he stayed in his room to read some medical books.

He didn't expect that no one would come and wait for him, so he came uninvited instead.

"Master, master, I have come to pay my respects to you!"

The sound was so loud that the entire building would probably be able to hear it.

This was the voice of Xu Wenlei from yesterday. Zhou Tian remembered it correctly.

"What do you want?"

"Yes, yes. Didn't I say I want to learn medicine from you? By the way, Master, can you open the door first? Otherwise, if I stand outside like this, the effect will be very bad, but this disciple does not care, if people think that Master is a stubborn and unkind person, then it will not be good. "

Zhou Tian put down the book in his hands and felt a headache coming on. It had only been a night, why did this Xu Wenlei's personality change 180 degrees? How could he be as confident and proud as he was before?

"Wait a moment."

He still had to open the door, otherwise, with Xu Wenlei's voice, everyone in the building would wake up.

"You, you …"

Zhou Tian was once again shocked. Xu Wenlei hadn't come empty-handed, but had brought a bunch of things.

What ginseng, deer antler, Maotai wine and other precious gifts.

"Master, can you help me?"

Alright, even master dares to give orders now.

Xu Wenlei busied himself for more than ten minutes before he finally sat on the side making tea with a face covered in sweat.

"Master, I really came to learn medicine from you this time. Look, I even brought a gift to acknowledge you as my Master." Xu Wenlei's face was full of sincerity. He then said in a small voice: "Master, do you need a cup of tea to become your disciple?"

"It doesn't matter. I have even prepared tea. Look, this is something that I carefully picked out. I'm wearing the Great Crimson Robe of the Wu Yi Mountain." It definitely suits your status. If you are not satisfied with it, then it's okay, I still have Fuding White Tea, Yunnan Pu'er, and even An Xi and Tie Guan Yin.

Zhou Tian sat silently on the other side. He really didn't know what to say. This guy's change in rhythm was too fast. He needed to calm down first.

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