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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C14 The Changing Character of Xu Wenlei
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C14 The Changing Character of Xu Wenlei

Seeing that Zhou Tian didn't say anything, Xu Wenlei became a bit more cautious. He softly asked: "Teacher, are you angry with your disciple?"

Zhou Tian opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by Xu Wenlei, "Master, your disciple knows that you're angry that I didn't attend your lecture this morning, but you can't blame me for this. In order to prepare these things, I was busy last night until three o'clock, got up early, and then went to see if there was anything else I forgot to buy."

When Zhou Tian closed his mouth, he realized that he had nothing else to say.

Xu Wenlei said excitedly: "Master, do you know? Yesterday, after I told my grandfather about the matter of comparing medical skills with you, my grandfather was overjoyed. "Later on, I found out that my grandfather was once treated by someone from my bloodline. He owed someone his life and even now, he still hasn't returned it."

Our line? Alright, his words were quite skillful.

Zhou Tian could not bear to listen any longer and interrupted, "Can you let me say something first?"

"Of course! You are my master! Who dares to not let you speak! " Xu Wenlei's face was full of surprise.


Who else could it be? Do you not have any points in your heart? Zhou Tian was too lazy to bother with him and said: "Are you really Xu Wenlei? The one who fought with me yesterday? "

Xu Wen Lei immediately stood up and said: "Teacher, of course it's me! Could it be that someone is using my name to become your disciple? Who is so shameless!? "

After hearing Xu Wenlei personally admitting it, Zhou Tian was truly speechless. He hoped that someone would pretend to be him.

"Master, master, why aren't you saying anything now? Was he thinking about the person pretending to be me! Don't worry, leave this to your disciple. I will definitely find that person! Also, I want to see who has the guts to do so! "

"Master, I've made some tea, do you need me to do it?" Xu Wenlei asked again.

"No need."

Towards Xu Wenlei, who was like a chatterbox, Zhou Tian had no other choice.

Xu Wenlei happily slapped his thigh, "I knew it. The tea set is too vulgar. It definitely won't enter your eyes. Our line of descent is just different from those bewitching bitches."

If I had wanted to, you would have said, "Master, I know our line respects the teachings of our teachers and teachers, and the traditional etiquette cannot be ambiguous. This is a true medical expert with a long history, different from those coquettish bastards outside." Zhou Tian silently thought.

Xu Wenlei went on to explain a lot, and finally said: "Master, when can you learn medicine for the disciples?"

"Stop!" I haven't agreed to take you in as my disciple yet! " Zhou Tian felt that he could no longer remain silent.

"But Master, haven't we already made an appointment that day? Could it be that you want to go back on your word? "


Zhou Tian couldn't help but want to smack his own face to make sure that his mouth was as sharp as possible.

"I'm younger than you. When I walked out and was run into by someone, your face looked bad."

"It's nothing! I don't mind! Besides, master, aren't the ancients right? If you have a disciple who's older than you, then wouldn't that mean that you have even more respect for your medical skills! " Xu Wenlei's face was full of smiles.

"That makes a lot of sense."

Zhou Tian nodded in agreement before reacting. Damn, this bastard had gotten me a bewitching soup again!

"But I'm still here as an assistant, I don't have much time to teach you."

"This is even more unimportant. Master, you only need to spend a little bit of time with the followers." Think about it, if I were to master my medical skills in the future, would others ask me how my master taught me? I was just saying that my little medical skill was only the result of some casual pointers from Master. People would admire your medical skill even more if they did that, wouldn't they? "

Zhou Tian really wanted to think about it and discovered that Xu Wenlei's words made a bit of sense.

He was fooled again! Strange, it has only been one night and his personality can already change greatly? Even his mouth had become this strong? Could he have been possessed by some demon?

Zhou Tian opened his God's Eye and scanned Xu Wenlei's body. He discovered that everything was normal, but he was missing a tendon! He was dead set on him!

"You go out first. Let me think about it."

At this point, they could only send him away.

Surprisingly, Xu Wenlei's face was full of joy as he said: "That means, master, you're willing to consider taking in a disciple as an honorary disciple! "It's alright, your disciple will definitely pass your test, you can rest assured!"

What? Honorary disciple? Test period? Where did this guy come from? However, it didn't seem to be too bad. Zhou Tian waved his hand and said, "Mmm, you can leave for now. We'll talk after you pass the test."

"Thank you master, thank you master. I will not let you down!"

Xu Wenlei thanked him a million times and left.

He could be considered to have left. Zhou Tian let out a light breath and lay down on the bed. His body was still weak, and he could still hear the faint buzzing in his ears.

Xu Wenlei, who was walking down the stairs, had an excited look on his face. He couldn't help but give a victory sign and then stood under the tree, laughing until he was about to twitch.

Last night, his grandfather had told him that if he wanted to successfully acknowledge someone as his teacher, he had to be capable and shameless! He insisted that all the doctors in the Zhou Tian branch did not want to take advantage of the agreement, so it was not very effective to make an agreement with them. It was best if in a situation where he did not feel disgusted, he would spout a bunch of good words, making him feel that he was sincere, but it was just that annoying, and then he would be given a way out of this situation, and with your talent, it would basically be fine as an honorary disciple.

At that time, Xu Wenlei had even asked his grandfather, "Why didn't he use this technique to join the Medicine King?" His grandfather turned and left.

It was because he couldn't bring himself to be disgraced.

As it turned out, the older the better.

As for becoming the only disciple, Xu Wenlei actually didn't even dare to think about it because it would be too difficult and too harsh.

"This student?" Teacher? Are you all right, sir? "

A female student walked in front of Xu Wenlei and looked at him with a worried expression.

"It's fine, it's fine." Xu Wenlei waved his hand.

The female student seemed to have thought of something and said, "Sir, if there's anything wrong with you, you can look for my teacher. His medical skills are very good, so please don't go around complaining about it."

"I'm really fine. I'm a doctor myself."

What could have happened to him? It was too late to be happy.

Xu Wenlei looked at the direction that female student went. It seemed like he had just come down from there. Could it be that the teacher she spoke of was her teacher?

"It feels like something is up."

Xu Wenlei couldn't help but follow behind the female student.

Outside the Zhou Tian dormitory.

"403, this is Teacher Zhou's dormitory, right?"

Xiao Jun calmed himself down and knocked on the door.

"Please come in. The door is unlocked."

It wasn't that Zhou Tian had forgotten to lock the door, but that Xu Wenlei had forgotten to close it when he left.

Xiao Jun pushed open the door, still feeling nervous. He only entered after stopping for about two minutes.

Xu Wenlei, who was following behind Xiao Jun. Seeing this, rubbed his chin and said with certainty: "This female student has been waiting outside for so long. I knew it. Something must have happened."

"Teacher Zhou, I'm here." Xiao Jun said timidly.

"It's good that you're here. Close the door first, or else it'll be bad if someone sees you."

Xiao Jun walked out and closed the door before returning to the room. He did not stand, nor did he sit. He was very nervous.

"Heh heh, he even closed the door. What's with that bad influence? There must be a good story." Xu Wenlei carefully went to the corner of the wall and squatted.

"There's no need to be so nervous. It's not like teacher will eat people."

Zhou Tian smiled and then pulled up all the curtains.

Xiao Jun then sat down with his legs crossed and placed his hands on his knees.

"Teacher, is what you said this morning true?"

"Of course, do you not trust your teacher?"

Zhou Tian placed the needle bag on the table and took out five silver needles. First, he used his zhenqi to wash them. After all, treating a tumor was nothing compared to treating a minor illness.

"Take off your jacket first. Relax a bit."

F * ck! This amount of information was too much! He had to take off his shirt first. Was he going to have to take off his clothes later? His master really knew how to play. Xu Wenlei was completely shocked when he heard this. He had always thought that Zhou Tian was a modern Daoist that didn't like women. However, nowadays, Taoists seemed to have gotten married and had children.

Although Xiao Jun had already made preparations before coming here, when the matter came to an end, she would inevitably become nervous again, and would not dare to make a move for a long time.

"I know this kind of thing is always embarrassing for girls, but you can't let the teacher help you out, can you?"

"I'm sorry, teacher. I … I have no experience, so I'm afraid."

This is the first time for a lady like you, master!" She had only been a teaching assistant for a day, yet she was able to hook up with a little girl like this. Speaking of which, that female student was pretty good-looking. She actually didn't have a boyfriend.

Zhou Tian wasn't in a hurry. To him, this really wasn't much. If he had to say something about men and women not being intimate with each other, then how could he even talk about treating the patient?

This was a psychological barrier. He had to let her pass by herself, otherwise, if he really started the treatment, wouldn't it cause a lot of trouble? Of course, Zhou Tian could make Xiao Jun fall into a coma, fall asleep, and wake up. Everything would be OK, but this way, many things couldn't be explained.

Xiao Jun gritted his teeth and finally let go of his shy heart. He took off his shirt, revealing his snow-white skin.

Only a blue undergarment was left on his upper body.

"Take that off too."

Zhou Tian's face didn't change at all.

If there was such a thing as shock, greed, or even a critical look in his eyes, it would definitely cause a shy girl like Xiao Jun.

Xiao Jun's face was burning as he lowered his head to console himself: This is just a cure, just a cure. I am not allowed to let my thoughts run wild! After some thought struggle, he slowly untied the strap on his back.

"Teacher, will it hurt?"

Seeing the shiny silver needle in Zhou Tian's hand, Xiao Jun felt a little scared.

"That won't happen. Teacher is very experienced in this sort of thing, so there's no need to worry." Zhou Tian concentrated and prepared to use the needle.

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