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C17 A Real Ghost Story

The moon in the sky was obscured by dark clouds, making the forest seem all the quieter.

"Hey, why do I feel that there's a cold and sinister aura in front of you, causing people to feel a chill in their hearts." Ming Xia couldn't help but ask.

Zhou Tian didn't answer, but looked at the ghost and spoke again, "Don't do such small things. I come from the Central South Mountain, and exorcising ghosts to kill demons is my specialty."

At this moment, Zhou Deity opened his eyes and released a powerful aura. When the ghost felt the scrutiny from the divine eye, it felt as if it was being shined upon by sunlight. Fear came from the depths of its soul, and it was certain that it was no match for Zhou Tian.

"Why? I don't have any bad intentions."

Zhou Jun let out a sigh and his finger turned into a golden talisman as he quickly chased after the ghost. He stuck his hand on the ghost's back and the ghost immediately stopped moving.

Ming Xia was astonished. Although she couldn't see the ghost, she could see the golden amulet floating in the air. This was completely beyond her understanding. "You, you really can see ghosts, and you can capture ghosts, right?"

"Do you want to see that ghost?" There was a smile on Zhou Tian's face.

There were many legends about ghosts, but very few people had actually seen ghosts. The place where they came from was dark and unfathomable, desolate and uninhabited, with very few normal people entering. Secondly, even if an ordinary person were to enter the cave by accident, they would not be able to see the ghost's figure. One could only vaguely feel a cold sensation all over their body, giving them goosebumps and an inexplicable sense of fear.

"Yes, what method do you have?" Ming Xia hesitated for a long time before finally nodding his head. She was indeed curious, just what the devil looked like.

"That's easy. Close your eyes, and I'll tell you to open them before you open them. Do you understand?"

Ming Xia nodded and slowly closed his eyes. Zhou Tian turned around and used both fingers to lightly stroke Ming Xia's eyelids. Then, he drew a mysterious talisman, the 'Ethereal Opening' talisman, and then poured a strand of Zhen Qi into Ming Xia's ears.

The Ethereal Opening Sigil, as its name implied, allowed an ordinary person to see things that they could not see, such as ghosts and yin energy. As for the last true energy, it was to allow Mingxia to hear the ghost's voice.

"I can open my eyes now. How do you feel?"

"Haven't you seen what?" Ming Xia was stunned.

"Not over there, this way." Zhou Tian turned Ming Xia's small head in a direction.

Ming Xia looked over and saw a white figure appear before her eyes. It grew clearer and clearer as she swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked blankly, "Is that the ghost that lives here?" "Just looking at it, there's no such thing as a fiendish demon or demon. I don't feel scared at all. I just feel that the ghost on TV is even scarier and scarier."

"Who said that ghosts must be fiendish demons, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, or even letting their hair fall, and then having some kind of long tongue and big eyes. These are all movie and television works. As long as a real ghost does not mutate, it will become similar to a normal person, and its appearance will not change easily. " The only option left to him was science.

"Let's go closer and see."

Zhou Tian brought Ming Xia to the imprisoned ghost.

At this moment, Ming Xia was able to see the true face of this ghost. Aside from its feet touching the ground, its entire body was glowing with a white light. It looked no different from an ordinary person, except that its face was deathly pale.

It was a male ghost. According to his appearance, he was around nineteen years old. He had a handsome face and his eyes shone with fear.

Would a ghost be afraid? Ming Xia couldn't help but think.

"Now you should behave yourself. When I ask you something later, you'd better not hide it from me. Otherwise, I won't go too far with you and will destroy your soul."

Zhou Tian looked at the ghost, then with a thought, he put away the talisman on its back.

The ghost knew that he had met a true expert, so he no longer had any thoughts of running away.

"That's right, let me ask you, who are you, and how did you become a ghost?" Zhou Tian asked.

The ghost thought for a while, then said slowly, "I am called Monday Chuan, and I still don't know how to turn into a ghost, please enlighten me."

"How come you don't even know how you became a ghost?" Ming Xia interrupted.

The ghost looked at Ming Xia and faintly said, "Becoming a ghost isn't my choice. I only wanted to die and didn't care about it. Who would have thought that I would end up like this?"

"You died in this cabin."

Zhou Tian walked over to the wooden house and looked around.

At that time, I had the thought of seeking death, but I didn't want to harm the others, so I left the dorm room and wandered around the campus. When I saw that this wooden house was almost deserted, I thought that no one would come here, so I hanged myself here, but who knew that after death, I would become a lone soul that couldn't leave the area of this wooden house. On Monday, Chuan's eyes were filled with deep sadness.

Ming Xia was like a curious baby as he looked around at Monday. Finally, he couldn't help but ask, "Then what about the girl who died with you? Why didn't she turn into a ghost?"

"A martyred girl?" "Oh, you're talking about that girl who died before me. I have nothing to do with her, I don't even know her, and she didn't die here. I remember someone saying that girl fell into the lake and then drowned."

"So that's how it is."

Ming Xia laughed awkwardly.

Rumors could kill people. Originally, they had no relationship with each other, but they could still connect to each other and make up the sad and beautiful story of the two who died together to mislead others. Moreover, many people believed these rumors.

At this time, Zhou Tian had already entered the wooden house and was carefully examining it.

"Then why did you commit suicide?" Ming Xia asked again.

Monday, Chuan forced a smile, "It's just a moment of hesitation, if time can really start over, I will not choose to die so easily. As for the reason why I'm seeking death, it's actually very laughable. I have an illness and a terminal illness, so in order to not implicate my family, I wanted to die. "

"Now that I think about it, his death was truly too worthless. Not only do I make my parents, white-haired men, send off black-haired men and add to their suffering, I make them blame themselves for their incompetence. Perhaps, after so many years have passed, they are still blaming themselves for my death. Chuan continued on Monday.

Hearing this, Ming Xia's eyes began to tear up and his eyes became bloodshot. He even began to sob softly. This was a story of good feelings, it was hard not to cry.

Zhou Tian finally found an answer and walked out of the wooden house.

"Master, what did you find? I really want to know why I'm like this, that I can't die, that I can't be reborn, that I have to endure imprisonment. " On Monday, Chuan floated up.

If my guess is correct, when you killed yourself, the sun in the sky should have been covered by clouds. This is the time of day, in the end, your original body was slightly overcast. Although it is not some special physique, it is still very easy for you to become a ghost in this kind of situation. Zhou Tian analyzed bit by bit, then said: "Do you know, when a person transforms into a ghost, they can retain their consciousness? Most ghosts are delirious and often fall into madness, resulting in many incidents where the ghosts hurt people."

"So that's how it is." On Monday, Chuan was enlightened.

Ming Xia was confused as he looked at Zhou Tian with dissatisfaction. This fellow was extremely mysterious. Not only could he see ghosts, but he could also catch ghosts.

"That expert, do you have any way to help me escape this place?" On Monday Chuan looked hopefully at Zhou Tian.

Zhou Tian took out a piece of yellow paper from his bosom and gently bit open his ring finger. He then drew a talisman on the yellow paper with his blood.

This transcendent talisman could open the passageway between the Yin and Yang realms, sending the ghosts of the Yang World into the Underworld.

It was because the amount of energy needed to open the Yin Yang Twin Worlds was too great, that Zhou Tian used the Blood Drawing Talisman to increase the strength of the Superclass Talisman.

And that makes it more difficult to transcend ghosts than it is to exterminate them, many of which

"Thank you, master! Thank you, master!" Monday kowtowed.

"You are all pitiful ghosts in the human world. This place doesn't belong to you. Entering the underworld, rebirth, that is the true path in your life."

Zhou Tian inundated his true qi into the transcendent symbols. Immediately, the transcendent symbols glowed brightly and floated in the air, transforming into a dazzling golden door.

The moment this door was opened, a ghastly aura spread out in the surroundings, and even the moonlight dimmed a bit.

Waves of cold wind rose up, blowing away the leaves.

Ming Xia was so scared that he lost his balance.

"That is the door to the Underworld. You can go in by yourself."

Monday's Chuan bowed once again and walked through the door. After that, the door closed and once again turned into a talisman as it burned up.

The cold wind dispersed and the moonlight scattered down once more.

"That's it?" Ming Xia was still in disbelief.

"Otherwise, how complicated do you think it will be, and what kind of earth-shattering scene do you think it will create?" Zhou Tian laughed.

"However, I feel that it's a bit too simple. That's a ghost! What just opened was the Underworld! Shouldn't it be even more miraculous? " Ming Xia scratched his head.

Zhou Tian smiled and continued to look at the wooden house. This place was not a normal place. How could there be so much spiritual energy gathered here? Moreover, there seemed to be traces of a Spirit Convergence Array carved into the wooden house by an expert.

Furthermore, with the increase in temperature on Monday, the cold air didn't seem to have lessened. Perhaps there were other secrets.

However, it was not early, and there was still a burden to be had. Things that were too risky could not be easily tried.

"Let's go."

Zhou Tian turned around and left the forest.

"Hey, wait for me, I'm scared here by myself!"

Ming Xia immediately chased after him.

"You weren't even afraid of ghosts when you saw them earlier, why are you afraid now?"

"That's different! The unseen is the terrible thing. "

The two of them then left the Small Clear Lake and went their separate ways.

In the small forest, a ball of ghost flame was rising from the ground.

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