Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C18 Sister's Disappearance
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C18 Sister's Disappearance
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C18 Sister's Disappearance

The rising sun shone brightly in the east.

In the small forest by the lakeside, a figure arrived. He pushed open the door of the wooden house and entered.

In less than an hour, the figure left again.

The same two classes were held today, and once again the students were amazed by the insight of the medical world.

After class, Zhou Tian felt a little uneasy. When he returned to his dorm, he divined that it was a trap.

"Will anyone around me be in trouble?" Zhou Tian pondered.

"Could it be aunty and the others?"

Zhou Tian stood up. In this world, his aunt was the only family he had left.

At this moment, his phone rang.

Zhou Tian picked it up and saw that it was his uncle, Li Yong, calling.

The moment he picked up the call, Li Yong's anxious voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"Little Tian, Little Tian, Little Snow has disappeared!"

"Uncle, don't be in such a hurry. Tell me slowly, what happened?" Zhou Tian said.

"Last night, Snowy called and said that she wanted to go home tonight, but I waited with your aunt until 11 PM. Snowy still hasn't come back, and we called her back, but there's no one there to answer her call either." Last night, Snowy called and said that Snowy was going home tonight, but I waited with your aunt until 11 PM. They all said that Snowy had left the school, which made me and your aunt extremely anxious. When the time comes this morning, we were still nowhere to be seen, and we had no idea what to do. Your aunt and I only have this one daughter. "

Cousin was kidnapped!

This was the first thought that appeared in Zhou Tian's mind. According to his uncle's words combined with today's divination, this was the only possibility.

"Your aunt was careful that it might affect you, so she didn't call you. But I know that you once saved the life of the second lady of the Bai Family, so uncle wants to beg you to find the Bai Family and borrow their power to find Xiao Xue. You must promise uncle!" Li Yong's voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"Uncle, please relax for now. I will definitely find my cousin and bring her back. "But first, you have to answer a question. Have you received any strange phone calls and called the police?"

Zhou Tian thought about it more. If it really was kidnapping, then it was out of hatred and money.

As for his cousin, a high school student, she probably wouldn't have any enmity with anyone, so it was highly likely that the kidnappers would ask for money.

"Strange phone number? As for the police, your aunt and I are also quarreling because of this. Your aunt was afraid and wanted to call the police, but I'm really afraid that if Snowy is kidnapped by the criminals, then the police might cause the kidnappers to tear the tickets. "

Li Yong said a few more words before hanging up.

If he wanted to find someone in the entire Jiangbei, it had to be the Bai Clan.

The Bai Clan's reputation as the first clan in Jiangbei was not just for show. Many members of the Bai Clan were in the political world, in the business world, and even in the underworld, both black and white occupied the top positions.

Zhou Tian soon found the place where Bai Ning Rou lived. It was not difficult to find out who was that famous person called Bai Ning Rou. The most difficult thing was to find out how to get in there and see her.

Yujiang Courtyard was known as the richest and most luxurious garden in Jiangbei Province. People who came here were either businessmen or rich and powerful.

Once Zhou Tian arrived at the entrance, he was stopped by the four security guards.

"Halt, this is Yu Jiang Hao Garden, not just any cat or dog can enter!" A security guard reprimanded.

Zhou Tian couldn't be bothered to lower his head to argue with them. He tapped lightly on the air and four streams of zhenqi entered the acupoints of the four guards, stopping them immediately. They could only watch as Zhou Tian walked in through the main door.

Opening his God's Eye, he looked for Bai Ning Rou's figure. In less than a moment, he could see her figure.

The reason why he was only using the God's Eye now was because its range was limited. The higher his cultivation level, the greater the range of the God's Eye's detection was. If he could wait until the day he became an immortal, then his divine eye would be able to shine through the entire universe. At that time, as long as he opened his divine eye, he would be able to search the entire world.

With Zhou Tian's current cultivation level, he could only use the divine eye to illuminate a radius of a thousand meters.

Yujiang Courtyard, Building C.

At this moment, Bai Ning Rou was in a bad mood. She had only come here to stay for a short while, but there were quite a few people who wanted to leak out her whereabouts. The young masters who had thought themselves to be arrogant came over one after another.

At this moment, Chief Li's only son, Li Changtian, eagerly ran over.

As the saying goes, one does not hit a smiling person. Even if Bai Ning Rou did not like him, she still had to give him some face and exchange a few pleasantries with him.

"That white girl, I asked someone to bring you this necklace from France. It is definitely worthy of your perfect skin."

Li Changtian grinned as he looked at Bai Ning Rou.

This left Bai Ning Rou quite speechless. To be honest, if this wasn't the Imperial Family Courtyard, she would have already ordered the guests to leave.

As for pearls and necklaces, she had been used to them since she was young, so she was not interested in them at all. Furthermore, many of the people who sent gifts would not even think that she, Bai Ning Rou, was that kind of person that lacked gold and silver? Furthermore, how many families could be richer than the Bai Clan? To be able to show off these kind of things in front of her was simply a disgrace.

"And this, this is the pebble from the Persian Empire, it's the most precious one." Li Changtian had a fervent expression on his face.

Unbeknownst to them, Bai Ning Rou was currently calculating the time in her heart. After 15 minutes had passed, she was preparing to send out the order to leave.

He had spent a lot of effort to 'coincidentally' meet Bai Ning Rou at this point, so he naturally needed to grasp the opportunity. However, no matter what he said or what he gave her, Bai Ning Rou would always have a cold and unflustered smile on her face, occasionally making conversation with him, which left him with no choice.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from outside the door. It sounded like a security guard's voice.

For top characters like Bai Ning Rou, the front door of the villa was also guarded by a different line of defense. With eight security guards taking turns to guard it, it was quite extraordinary.

After all, this was a luxurious garden, he naturally couldn't let the Bai Clan lose face.

At the entrance, Zhou Tian was stopped by two security guards, while the other two stood to the side, blocking the way.

"Excuse me, do you have an appointment with our Miss?" the security guard asked.

The attitude of the security guards here was as different as heaven and earth from that of the security guards outside. They were very polite and respectful.

A person who could act as a security guard here naturally wasn't a person who was looked down upon by a brainless dog. Moreover, anyone who could enter here was either a rich or powerful individual, even if they couldn't compare to the Bai Clan.

Forget it, since there was some commotion here, Bai Ning Rou would naturally come out. Zhou Tian did not choose to fight. Instead, he loudly said, "I'm old acquaintances with your Second Miss, and I even saved her life!"

"Stop bragging and look at yourself!" The security guards cursed silently. They had been security guards here for several years, and had already mastered a pair of Fiery Eyes of Truth. With one glance, they could tell the extent of a person's wealth.

"Then please wait here for a moment. Let us report to the second miss."

A security guard turned around and ran into the villa, reporting the situation in detail to Bai Ning Rou.

"It really is that bastard. He actually came here. However, is it that easy to see him?" Bai Ning Rou snorted in her heart. Since she wanted to tease Zhou Tian, she pretended to be thinking about it as she said in confusion, "I don't think I …"

When Li Changtian saw this, he knew it was his chance to show off. He immediately said, "Sister Bai, sit down first. I'll go out and see which family's young master dares to spout nonsense there!"

Bai Ning Rou didn't stop him, she just made Li Chang Tian run out in a hurry, and said with a chuckle, "Making you pester me to no end, it's time to make you suffer a little."

She knew that Zhou Tian's martial prowess was not ordinary, and if he wasn't even afraid of Wu Ming, how could he be afraid of Li Changtian?

The first was that Zhou Tian had offended most of the rich and powerful people in Jiangbei, so there was nowhere for her to hide. If that happened, she could come forward and protect him, and at that time, Zhou Tian would have to work hard to find the little boy for her. The second was that Zhou Tian had ruthlessly slapped most of the rich and powerful people in Jiangbei's face. She was also very pleased with this result, and that so-called rich and powerful people, there weren't many people who were pleasing to her eyes.

The moment Li Changtian came out, he started to have an arrogant and domineering aura. He even walked with the wind in his body, unlike the perturbed and submissive manner when he was in front of Bai Ning Rou.

"You brothers have to work hard for this young master later. If you do this well, then you will definitely get rewards."

Li Changtian was full of confidence, and wanted to prove it to Bai Ning Rou.

The moment they arrived at the door, Li Changtian took a glance at Zhou Tian and knew that Zhou Tian was definitely not a wealthy family, nor was he someone from the circle of nobles in Jiangbei.

People like them, who were born into a clan, would always have a 'sense of wealth' on them. For example, from the way they dressed, to the expressions between their brows, to their bearing and conversation, most importantly, they didn't have that kind of noble aura.

After he saw through this point, Li Changtian arrogantly looked at Zhou Tian and said, "Where did this little beggar come from? The safety of the Wealthy Garden Yu Jiang is getting worse and worse. The so called Wealthy Garden Number One is about to give its place to this lowly one."

"Where's your second young miss? Why didn't she come out? Where did she come from?"

The Circulatory Cycle Revolution was a typical 'you bully me by an inch'. Furthermore, since Bai Ning Rou did not appear, perhaps she was hiding inside to watch the show. If the matter got out and caused a bit of a commotion, she would naturally come out.

"Brat, you dare to talk to me like that, do you know who I am!" Li Changtian was furious.

"Are you the son of the governor? Or is he the illegitimate son of a high official in the capital? " Zhou Tian then pretended to be enlightened and said, "Could it be that you're the little beggar that the old beggar gave birth to?!"

With every word that Zhou Tian said, the anger in Li Changtian's heart increased.

"You're courting death!" Until the very end, Li Changtian was too lazy to waste his breath and waved his hand, "All of you, attack! Not caring about life or death! If there's anything you need me to do, let me handle it! "

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