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C19 The Power of the Bai Clan

In this world, there were many things that needed to be done. Things that could be solved with a fist were often more direct and effective.

At the entrance of Bai Ning Rou's villa, the few security guards were quickly taken care of by Zhou Tian, leaving Li Chang Tian staring at Zhou Tian in shock.

"Now, where is your awe-inspiring presence?"

Zhou Tian just quietly watched Li Changtian like this, causing Li Changtian's heart to become flustered and his feet to become numb. He couldn't help but step back.

"You, you! Don't be complacent! I tell you! "If you hurt a single hair on my head, I'll have my father take you to the police station tomorrow!" Li Changtian said with a fierce face but a weak heart.

To be honest, Zhou Tian was speechless. Was it better to call him naïve or stupid? Was it better to just run away with his tail between his legs? Every time, he would 'viciously' throw out a few harsh words, as if this would save him the face he had lost.

Zhou Tian still had urgent matters on his mind, so he didn't want to delay and directly rushed in. With a gentle wave of his hand, he pushed Li Changtian ten feet away and directly fell onto the ground.

There was a sudden noise from behind.

More than a dozen security guards with batons rushed over.

It turned out that the abnormality of the four security guards at the entrance had aroused the suspicion of others, and the head of the Yu Jiang Garden naturally didn't want such a shameful matter to be known by everyone. He wanted to call over many security guards to deal with the trouble caused by the Circulatory Cycle Revolution as soon as possible.

Li Changtian, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly had his eyes light up. His savior had arrived! He couldn't help but think that Zhou Tian would definitely be struck by the batons in the hands of a group of security guards and would immediately lose his ability to move. At that time, he would be able to viciously trample on Zhou Tian's head a few times! This way, he could regain the dignity he had just lost!

Li Changtian peeked at the back a few times and realized that Bai Ning Rou wasn't watching. Otherwise, he would lose a lot of face this time! Next time, he wouldn't even have the face to show his face in front of Bai Ning Rou.

Looking at the approaching security guards, Zhou Tian finally shouted, "Second Miss of the Bai Family, you wouldn't wait for me to subdue them before coming out, right?"

Bai Ning Rou, who was enjoying the show, couldn't help but to say, "What a disappointment."

The door opened, and Bai Ning Rou slowly walked out.

At this moment, Bai Ning Rou was wearing a dark blue long skirt, her body was graceful, and she walked over with a smile.

Li Chang Tian quickly crawled up from the ground, and hastily brushed off the dirt and grass on his body. He then pretended that nothing had happened and walked over to Bai Ning Rou, saying, "Sister Bai, why did you come out? I alone am enough for the things here! As long as I give the order, those security guards will immediately suppress that thug! Then put the shackles back on and press them on the police station. "

"Ah, where are the thugs?" Bai Ning Rou had a puzzled expression on her face.

"It's that tall, thin, dog like person who seems to be a bit rustic!" Li Changtian immediately pointed at Zhou Tian.

In fact, Zhou Tian was tall and slender, with a calm expression and a graceful bearing. As he stood there, he was the focus of everyone's attention. But would Li Changtian praise him that much? It was good enough that Zhou Tian was not described as a rodent.

Upon hearing Li Changtian's description, Bai Ning Rou couldn't help but laugh out loud and say, "Oh, you're talking about that guy with the sharp mouth, monkey like cheeks, deep eyes, and thirty percent human and ghost like features?"

When Li Changtian heard this, he immediately felt that Bai Ning Rou was indeed Bai Ning Rou. She was really amazing when it came to talking, it was exactly what he wanted! That's right, that's the one! The ugliest! "

If it wasn't for the fact that he knew Bai Ning Rou wanted to tease him, Zhou Tian would have long retorted about Bai Ning Rou's aesthetics. What kind of lousy insight was this!

"You're mistaken this time. Although he has a face of ridicule, he is still my friend. I was the one who invited him here, but I forgot to tell the guard." Bai Ning Rou slowly said.

This shocked Li Changtian. He dared to be a bad person for nothing. Furthermore, he had not even succeeded in being a bad person, yet he was pushed down to the ground. This caused him to lose a lot of face.

"What are you still standing there for? You didn't come looking for me just to fight, did you? "

With that, Bai Ning turned around and returned to the villa. Zhou Tian tactfully followed behind her.

Only Li Changtian and the group of security guards looked at each other.

Inside the villa, Zhou Tian explained his purpose of coming here. Bai Ning Rou was quite straightforward and directly gave Butler Lin a call, telling him to use the Bai Family's power to look for Xiao Xue.

"Don't worry, as long as your cousin isn't dead, then there won't be anyone in Jiangbei that our Bai Clan can't find." Bai Ning Rou's voice was filled with a strong confidence.

"How long before the results come out?" He could not wait too long.

Bai Ning Rou stretched her waist and said, "According to our usual speed, there will be news in an hour and we'll be able to find out exactly where your cousin is hiding in three hours. As for saving her, you can go by yourself."

"Since you asked for my help this time, I'll treat it as if you owe me a favor." Bai Ning Rou suddenly said.

He owes me a favor? Zhou Tian was stunned. If he remembered correctly, Bai Ning Rou still owed him a life saving favor.

Bai Ning Rou blinked, as if she could read Zhou Tian's thoughts. She sighed lightly, "I remember that someone said before that saving a doctor was one's duty, and didn't need to repay any kindness. Naturally, I am too embarrassed to ask others for help anymore, but a little girl like me does not have that much ability. A little favor is necessary for me. "


What else can I do? I can only agree. However, Zhou Tian knew that the reason why Bai Ning Rou said that was to help him find the little boy.

In the Jiangbei territory, under Bai Ning Rou's order, all the forces of the Bai Clan, whether open or covert, were mobilized.

One River Gang, one of the three northern gangs, was best at smuggling drugs and making huge profits. In the eyes of many of the powerful nobles in the North River Region, the Jiang Clan had always been at odds with the Bai Clan. Five years ago, there was a rumor that the Jiang Clan had kidnapped an important figure of the Bai Clan. However, no one knew that the faction behind the Jiang gang was the Bai family. The kidnapping case was just a self-directed game.

Today, all the gangsters of the Jiang Gang had been dispatched to investigate the gangs, gangsters, and even criminals in every region.

Finding someone in the gang was undoubtedly the best choice, because many gangsters were inextricably linked to the gang. Only by living in the dark could they get to know each other better.

The Jiangbei Police Department's Chief, Li Gui, suddenly appeared in the police station today and listed the case of Snowy's disappearance as a major kidnapping. He mobilized the large scale police to carry out a search and even personally called Zhou Tian's aunt to show the police department's determination, as well as promising that Snowy would be found in one piece.

She was still discussing the matter of calling the police with Li Yong, but who would have thought that the police chief would actually call her personally to ask about this matter? This really confused her, as Li Yong's mind was spinning faster, and she felt that this matter had something to do with Zhou Tian.

"Hey, is that Tian? You, since when did you have a relationship with the police? The police chief himself has called. " Zhou Su immediately called to find out what was going on.

Chief of Police? Zhou Tian never thought that the Bai Clan's power would be so terrifying. Just by the command of Bai Ning Rou, they were able to make a police chief act like they were facing a formidable enemy.

It seemed that Bai Ning Rou had really put in a lot of effort this time, a favor wasn't too bad.

Zhou Tian explained to Zhou Su, but did not say that it was because of Bai Ning Rou's help. He could only say that he happened to know the Chief of Police and had a good relationship with him.

"Since when did you have a relationship with the police chief?" Bai Ning Rou smiled on the side. She would never tell Zhou Tian that the Li Changtian he had ruthlessly beaten was the son of the police chief.

"Weren't you the one who called the police chief?" Zhou Tian asked doubtfully.

"Where did I get that much face? When I meet him, I have to call him Uncle Li." I only asked his underlings to help me investigate. If I really want to ask them to contact Uncle Li, then I'll need my grandfather to make a call personally. " Bai Ning Rou was also suspicious.

The two of them looked at each other in shock. Since it wasn't Bai Ning Rou, then who would be the one to call Chief Li Gui?

"Could it be that your grandfather helped you?" Zhou Tian guessed.

Although her grandfather doted on her, he wouldn't casually make a call just because of her. After all, with his grandfather's status, personally making a phone call was definitely because something big had happened, if she was kidnapped by a criminal, then that's more like it. Although Zhou Tian's medical skills were good, but he shouldn't have that weight.

Bai Ning Rou made a call back to investigate. The news she got was that the old man didn't make any phone calls, and didn't ask for the police station's Chief Li Gui's help.

After receiving such an outcome, the two looked at each other again. What the hell was this? Could it be that the Chief of Police had nothing better to do today and wanted to sell a favor to the Bai Clan? But it didn't seem necessary.

Outside the door, Li Changtian saw Zhou Tian and Bai Ning Rou talking and laughing in the room. The jealousy in his heart burned hotter, he wanted to rush in and drag Zhou Tian out to give him a good beating.

"I must let you have a taste of my power! "No matter if you are a dragon or a snake, when you come to Jiangbei's territory, you must crawl on the ground!"

Li Changtian picked up his phone and dialed his father's number.

At the Jiangbei Police Department, Li Gui was leisurely sipping tea while sitting on a recliner in his office.

Actually, with his identity, he didn't need to do it himself. Most of the time, he wouldn't be in the police station unless something major happened.

He wanted him to help a little boy, to help that kid save that cousin of his. He also said something, that kid's medical skills were superb, he had helped her before, and asked him to repay the favor, so he personally went to the police station.

"Du du!"

"Little bastard, what trouble have you caused laozi again?" When Li Gui saw the caller ID, he spoke without a care.

"Dad, this time it's me who got beaten up!" You must help me vent my anger! "

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