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C3 Pyretic Poison

Qi Cheng said in disdain.

"They say I killed someone? Do you know anything about medicine? "I'm the Director of the Department of Jiangbei Central Hospital, and an honorary professor at Jiangbei Medical School. How can a little kid like you compare to me?"

The man in the carriage held his head high. His titles were plastered to his face like gold powder. He was very proud of them.

Zhou Tian sneered.

The famous doctors at the bottom of the mountain were all acting in such a manner. The butler even looked down on him. If he tried to force the treatment, it would definitely stop him and bring him trouble. He could only wait and see, to see how skilled Qi Cheng was in medicine.

"The poison in this girl's body is not cold, nor can it be treated as a cold." If you believe me, she can be saved. If you don't believe me, she will definitely die! "

"Don't try to scare us anymore, our Bai Family is no pushover. We're only two stops away from Jiangbei Province. Don't try to stop Director Qi Cheng from treating Miss right now."

"Forget it." I would like to see how capable he is. "

Zhou Tian gave a long sigh and began to eat the melon.

The two bodyguards behind him were confused. They didn't even understand how a young man could easily beat them up.

As the saying goes, once a day is bitten by a snake, ten years are spent in fear of being bitten by a rope. The two burly men met up with Tian Zhou and feared the wind. It was as if they had seen a ghost and didn't dare to approach them.

In another carriage, a burst of ridicule for Zhou Tian came from across the aisle.

"This brat actually dared to hit a member of the Bai Clan, he must be tired of living."

"Since he stopped Professor Qi from treating the patient, he must be planning something bad."

"I think this kid doesn't know any medical skills. He just wants to take advantage of Bai Ning Rou by using the name of treatment."

Zhou Tian remained silent.

Bai Ning Rou was lying on the bed, her body emitting a white Qi, the cold poison had already invaded her body, she wouldn't be able to live much longer.

Originally, he had only needed to use a little bit of strength in his palm and use a multi-directional acupuncture technique to dissolve the cold poison. But now …

Professor Qi took out a long needle from his bag, placed the medicine inside, and injected it into Bai Ning's snow-white arm.

A moment passed.

Sweat trickled down the butler's neck.

Bai Ning's face was as pale as a corpse. It was impossible to tell that her condition had improved in the slightest, but it was even more severe. With a single glance, one could tell that this girl was about to die, and would be leaving this world soon.

What a beautiful body!

Zhou Tian sighed.

The old man said that he wanted to help the world and cultivate to the Dao, but I had the intention to save him, and the heavens stopped me. What a pity! What a pity!

The girl will not live to see the train.

The steward asked with a trembling voice, "Mr. Qi, why is the young lady still unwell?"

On the other side, Qi Cheng was scared out of his wits like an ant on a hot pan. He was in a hurry and was muttering to himself.

"There's no reason, how could it be like this?"

"Qi Cheng, it's fine if young miss's illness isn't cured, but if young miss is dead, then you should know the methods of our Bai family." There was a hint of threat in the butler's voice.

Qi Cheng was so scared that he almost broke down.

Originally, he wanted to rely on the Bai Clan to rise to the top of the central hospital and take the top seat. Now, if he really did manage to kill Bai Ning Rou, then Old Master Bai would have to skin him alive.

"I'll keep looking. There's no reason."

From the medicine box, he took out a few emergency medical equipment and listened on Bai Ning Rou's body. However, he couldn't find the cause of the disease.

If he couldn't cure it, he would definitely suffer from the Bai Clan's revenge. If he wanted to live, he would not be able to do so. If a life was worth a life, the Bai Clan's methods would always be merciless.

At this moment, a passenger from Coach No.5 walked in from outside the door.

"Hey, Little Godly Doctor, I heard that our River City Medical Academy's Hua Bai Ning Rou is sick. Did you save her?"

Those who didn't know the truth were stupefied.

Little Divine Doctor?

Who was he calling out to?

If there really was a godly doctor here, then it must be Professor Qi. No one was more skilled than him in terms of medical skills.

"Little brother, who do you call the young Divine Doctor?" The butler quickly asked.

"It's me!" Zhou Tian said in a low voice.

"En, it's this young Divine Doctor. He just returned from cultivating in the Southern Mountains. Truly amazing!" It will definitely be able to cure Miss Bai's illness. "

The passenger added.

When the housekeeper heard the three words, Central South Mountain, his heart was filled with reverence.

It was rumored that there were ten genius doctors in China, all from the Central South Mountain. That was the heaven for the sick, the coffin of the god of death.

However, she had been so rude to him just now, how could he save her?

The steward immediately became a servant as he spoke in a low voice.

"Sir, we will definitely apologize to you personally in the future for what happened just now. Can you help treat our Miss's illness now?"

"I'm sorry, a few minutes ago, your young lady's illness could still be cured, but now I am powerless."

Zhou Tian did not directly refuse. Instead, with a heavy face, he analyzed the situation.

Qi Cheng sneered on the side.

"It was just a few glances and you revealed the illness of the young lady. Aren't you being a little too sloppy?"

"Yes, sir, come over here and check on the Lady's illness. Look again, how can there be no cure?"

At this moment, the housekeeper's heart was on the edge of his blade. He was afraid that something bad might happen to Bai Ning Rou.

Zhou Tian's eyes changed several colors in an instant, but no one noticed.

The old man from the Three Purities Monastery had broken the medicine pot in his home when he was young and had inherited the legacy of the Medicine King, Sun Simei. From then on, he had roamed the mortal world for hundreds of years, and only at the age of two hundred did he concentrate on cultivating the Dao of the Heavens, hoping to break through his bottleneck and ascend the flying path to immortality.

However, last week, at the golden age of a hundred years, when he was undergoing heavenly tribulation, he leaped into the ninth level of heaven. However, because of the medicinal pills in his body, he failed the heavenly tribulation, and his divine form was destroyed.

At the end of the day, he passed down the Medicine King's legacy to his only disciple, Zhou Nanchuan, like a family heirloom.

Especially those pair of Nine Mystical Phoenix Eyes, the Divine Bird Eyes from the ancient times. It had been refined for more than a thousand years and was tainted with a lot of spirit energy. Now, it was completely turned into a pair of spiritual eyes that could see through, question and examine.

Of course, even if the matter about the Spirit Essences were to be revealed, only a few people would believe it. At that time, those ignorant and ignorant bystanders would mock me, Zhou Nanchuan, as a lunatic.

He walked over to Bai Ning Rou and gently touched the bridge of her nose with his arm.


A feeling of numbness spread throughout his body.

"There's one way to save them, but …"

"But what?"

The butler hurriedly asked Miss Bai when he saw her weak and lifeless lips.

"I need to use a fire jar to expel the cold poison."

A fire jar?

Everyone was amused when they heard this. This method of health care could actually be used to treat illnesses?

"Sir, don't joke around. Even if the fire jar is useful, where did the fire jar on the train come from?" The steward's face was heavy.

"Tell the train to broadcast that someone must have it. Tell him to come to Coach No.8 as soon as possible."

The reason Zhou Tian was so sure was that he had seen through everything with his spiritual eye. In Coach No.10, two sections away from him, there was a middle-aged man with a food bottle in his suitcase.

Seeing this young Divine Doctor in front of him being so serious, the housekeeper had no choice but to treat him like a living horse. He had to trouble the staff on the train to carry out an emergency broadcast.

Qi Cheng couldn't figure it out. Just what disease did Bai Ning Rou have? At this very moment, he absolutely didn't dare to treat Miss Bai as a lab rat and use any drugs on her.

But seeing that Zhou Tian actually wanted to use a cupping method to treat his injuries, it was simply a joke in the medical realm.

"You use a brazier to treat illnesses?"


"What a joke. I've been in the business for so many years, but this is the first time I've heard of someone treating a patient with a can of fire." Qi Cheng pretended to be arrogant and teased.


"What kind of medical skill is that?" Tell me about it. "

"Chinese medicine!" Zhou Tian gave her two words.

"Chinese medicine? In this day and age, is there anyone who wants to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat illnesses? How many people are willing to go to the hospital to see a Chinese doctor? "

"What are you not going to look at?" Zhou Tian didn't expect that other than Chinese medicine, there were other types of medicine in this world. If there was, why didn't this old man teach him anything?

"You can't even tell the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine, and you still have the nerve to boast that you came from the Central South Mountain. In my opinion, you are a liar!"

Only now did Qi Cheng realize that the young man in front of him was an honest man. However, he knew very little about medicine. What kind of medical skills could a man who couldn't even differentiate between traditional Chinese and western medicine know?

Zhou Tian smiled.

"The history of Chinese medicine is vast and profound. Even this old man has cultivated for hundreds of years without being able to completely understand it. How can you and I have the qualifications to talk about it?"

These words caused some of the other onlookers in the carriage to question him.

"Oh? When he said that he came down from the South Mountain, must it be true? "

"Brother, what you say is reasonable. Zhongnan Shan will not give a graduation certificate, and that so-called genius doctor is already a legend from many years ago."

"Let's not talk anymore. Let's wait for everyone to eat the melon."

A few minutes later.

"It's here, it's here! The fire jug is here!" The flight attendant rushed over with a box.

God, how did this young man know that there was a fire can in the carriage?

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