Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C4 Step into Jiangbei
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C4 Step into Jiangbei
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C4 Step into Jiangbei

Behind him was a fat uncle.

"I heard that my fire jar can even save people, I hurriedly came to see how this is done."

"Oh? Is this your fire pot? " the butler asked.

"Yes, my wife is tired from all the work and her body is aching. I have specially brought several fire jugs from my hometown to help her get rid of the cold air."

"Don't worry, as long as this thing can save our Young Miss's life, the Bai Clan will definitely give you a huge reward."

"Me doesn't want money, if this thing really can save people, then I didn't bring it all the way from my hometown in vain."

The greasy middle-aged man had a simple face, as if he was a laborer.

"Sir, the fire jar is here. Please save the little miss."

Zhou Tian opened the box. Inside was a row of transparent glass bottles, and beneath them was alcohol. This alcohol was used to heat the fire and to better attach the bottles to the patient's body.

The cupping can be used as a tool to produce negative pressure by burning fire, so that it can adsorb on the surface of the body and cause local congestion, so as to achieve the functions of promoting meridian circulation, promoting blood circulation, relieving swelling and pain, dispelling wind and dispelling cold, and so on.

Zhou Tian stepped forward and helped Bai Ning Rou up.

He channeled his force through his palm, releasing a cloud of white smoke.

When everyone saw this, they were amazed and thought it was some kind of trick.

The white mist poured into the transparent jar and then wrapped around Miss Bai's neck.

The white mist in the pot turned into a few drops of water, and the fire jar was tightly stuck to Bai Ning Rou's neck.

Thus, Zhou Tian took out a few more jars and used the same method to absorb them onto different parts of Bai Ning Rou's body.

"What's so special about it? Isn't it just an ordinary brazier? Did he really think that a Godly Doctor was some sort of miracle? How could this thing possibly cure an illness? " A voice of doubt came from the crowd.

Everyone's eyes were fixated on Bai Ning's slender and delicate body. Her beauty was gorgeous to behold.


The surface of the transparent can was covered with a layer of frost.

What happened next made everyone's eyeballs bulge out.

"Cold poison, dispel!"

Zhou Tian shouted.

Cold was coming out of the transparent jar. The neck was frosted and the frost was frozen.




After a few loud sounds, the can shattered into pieces and scattered into the carriage.

"Second Miss, Second Miss!"

Seeing this scene, the butler hurriedly went up and took Bai Ning Rou's hand as he asked with concern.

The cold poison was too fierce! This was a poisonous gas that was unique to the ice cave at the peak of the Central South Mountain. How could Miss Bai be affected by it? Zhou Tian couldn't help but feel puzzled.

"Respected passengers, we have arrived at Jiangbei Station. Those who need to alight, please come to the door of the coach and alight in an orderly manner."

A call came from the train radio.

Zhou Tian quickly took out a small pill from his pocket.

"Give it to her to eat and recover in a few days. "I'm sorry, I still have urgent matters to attend to, so I'll have to get off first."

"You …"

The steward was preparing to stop Zhou Tian. After all, this illness had only been pulled out of the fire pot, and it could already be cured?

Zhou Tian stuffed the pill in his hand into the butler's hand and hurriedly got off the car. No one on the scene dared to stop him.

Qi Cheng went up to check on Bai Ning Rou's condition.

He mumbled, "If that can cure Miss Bai's illness, would I still be able to sit as the hospital director of the city center? "Humph!"

Bai Ning Rou's complexion gradually regained its rosiness, and her heartbeat gradually became steady.

"How is this possible? Miss's various life functions are slowly recovering. Impossible, this is absolutely impossible! "

"What is it? "Does Mr. Qi not want Miss to be cured?" Butler's voice was cold.

Qi Cheng's face turned pale.

"No, no …" Yes. How would I dare? "

One had to know that if something happened to the Miss, he would definitely be involved.

That youngster had only pulled out a pot of fire and cured the illness that he couldn't even tell the cause of?

Bai Ning Rou slowly opened her eyes, her gaze was filled with ripples, looking forward to the day.

"Uncle Lin, are we there yet?" I feel so dizzy. "

Seeing that Bai Ning had woken up, the housekeeper's tensed nerves finally relaxed. He let out a long breath and explained to the Miss.

"Miss, you've gotten a bad disease and fainted. It was all thanks to a young man in the carriage that you were saved."

"Young man?"

Bai Ning Rou's head swelled. If she used even a little more strength, she would have an unbearable headache.

The steward then realized that Zhou Tian had given him a pill in his hand. The pill looked like it was made from the condensation of herbs. It had a sweet smell and was dull in color.

"Miss, quickly eat this medicine."

Qi Cheng, who was standing aside, felt extremely awkward. It was as if someone had snatched a piece of fat from his mouth, or as if he had just retrieved a cheap life from the Road to River Styx.


At the exit.

Zhou Tian's gaze was unsettled as he scanned his surroundings. The middle-aged woman appeared in the carriage once more.

"Sir, we were really fated to meet. How about it? Has the patient been treated? " The young woman held the child in an enthusiastic manner.

"I'm pretty close."

"Sir, your medical skills are truly outstanding. Where are you heading to? If you can't find a place to stay in Jiangbei, you can stay at my place first." The woman extended an invitation.

Zhou Tian's gaze wandered around.

"Thank you for your kind intentions, madam. I have a relative in Jiangbei who said that he would pick me up here. I've already memorized your address, so I'll pay you a visit another time."

"Alright, then I'll be leaving first. My husband should be waiting for me and my child outside. I still need to tell him the good news that I'm pregnant."


Zhou Tian responded and the woman quickly left. In the distance, there was a middle-aged man with eyes. He was gentle and refined looking. Beside him was a luxurious car that was worth a lot of money. He kept a low profile and was quite luxurious.

His guess was right, this young woman really did marry a rich husband.

But where was my uncle?

Zhou Tian seemed a little disappointed. He had clearly said on the phone that he would be in Jiangbei today. Had his uncle forgotten about it?

When he was three years old, his parents had dropped him off in a car accident on his way back up the mountain. Both of them had died, and he had become an orphan right after going up the mountain. And the only relative left in his father's generation was his aunt.

In the mountains, he had heard that his uncle had opened a small clinic in the northern part of the river. Relying on his graduation from a famous university, the clinic had become extremely popular, earning him millions of yuan a year for the past two years.

His aunt's family in Jiangbei city was not one of the upper class, but they were rich families in the middle class.

Since the old man was dead, he had no choice but to go to his aunt's house. Although there were still a lot of friends cultivating together, they all competed with each other on the mountain as if they were enemies. It was hard to guarantee that if you begged him at the foot of the mountain, they wouldn't turn hostile.

Moreover, the path of cultivation was long, not something that could be achieved overnight. The old man had to cultivate for two hundred years before he finally entered the Deity Transformation Stage. To be able to step into the Nine Heavens tribulation and become an immortal, he had truly failed.

There was a risk to Immortal cultivation, so one had to be careful when transcending tribulation. Even if Zhou Nanchuan were to undergo the Heavenly Tribulation, he would never dare to do so. Besides, he had not reached that level yet.

If he failed to transcend the tribulation, it would mean death in body and soul. The blood that he had spent all his life training would be reduced to smoke.

However, the old man had said that he was someone with exceptional talent. It was rare for him to be able to reach the realm of taste within ten years. He would definitely be able to become a doctor in the future.

In the teachings of the Medicine King, Sun Simian, cultivation methods were divided into nine realms: the realm of taste, preservation, focus, color change, essence cultivation, fragrance retention, infinite, and the realm of true Immortality.

The so-called taste is when you imitate the Divine Farmer and taste the Hundred Herbs, when the old man brought his disciples to study the knowledge of the herbs. At that time, Zhou Tian stood out.

After more than ten years, Zhou Nanchuan had long since been tempered and reborn anew, becoming a powerful warrior.

A middle-aged man with white sideburns waved to him while he was deep in thought. He forced a bitter smile out of his troubled face.

Zhou Tian came back to his senses and walked over to ask, "You're Uncle Li Yong?"

"Yes." Little Tian, you're finally back. Your aunt is at home looking forward to the stars and the moon. "You have grown up into a big guy after so many years, I bet your aunt doesn't know you anymore."

The man in front of her deliberately spoke in a humorous tone.

Zhou Tian responded.

The memory of his aunt was still fresh in his mind. When he was young, she didn't have any children, so she doted on him and almost treated him like her own daughter.

How could he forget his loved ones' kindness? Now that he was back, he decided to protect his loved ones.

However, why was Uncle Li Yong always so weird? He picked him up in a white car and drove him to a small district in Jiangbei Province.

"Uncle, how's your clinic going? I've learned some medical skills on the mountain, so I can come over and help you. "

Li Yong paused, but didn't say anything.

"Uncle?" Zhou Tian asked again.

"Oh, my God, I'm driving. I wasn't paying attention, what happened? "

Zhou Tian thought that his uncle must have something on his mind. Could something have happened to his aunt's family?

But Li Yong was in the front row, and Zhou Tian was in the back. Otherwise, he could read his aunt's mind and find out what was going on with her family.

Seeing that his uncle wasn't in his best condition, Zhou Tian didn't dare to ask anymore.

He changed the subject and asked softly, "Uncle, how far is it?"

"You must be tired after all this time in a car. Don't worry, after two more traffic lights, we'll be there. Your aunt has cooked a good meal at home to welcome you. "

"Sorry for the trouble."

Zhou Tian smiled embarrassedly.

While he was on the mountain, he was often left with little to no food and was almost sick of steamed buns and noodles. Now, he could finally have a taste of the delicacies at the foot of the mountain.

After the car passed the two traffic lights, it turned into a very high-end residential area.

"Uncle, the houses here are all very beautiful."

"Little Tian, while it's pretty, the houses here are not cheap. When we bought a few years ago, it was still over 30 thousand, your aunt and I still had over a million yuan in mortgages on our backs. However, the price of housing is already over 50,000 now. "

From these words, Zhou Tian could tell that his uncle was very proud of his investment. According to the rate of increase in the price of the house, this house was at least two million more expensive than before.

When he reached the tenth floor, his uncle knocked on the door.

A young girl opened the door. Her face was cold, as if she had just woken up.

When she saw Zhou Tian, she mocked him unhappily.

"Are you the wild child from that mountain?"

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