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C5 Porcelain Uncle

"Xiao Xue, don't be rude, this is your cousin Zhou Tian." Li Yong's expression was extremely unsightly.

"What elder cousin? He doesn't look like uncle at all."

"You …"

Li Yong was so angry that his voice trembled as he pushed open the door and entered.

Zhou Tian saw a girl wearing a pair of cute little bear sandals. She wore a pair of short pink sleeves and a pair of short pants. This girl was called Li Xue, she was his cousin and he had heard of her talking to his aunt on the mountain. She was quite pretty and was three years younger than him, so she was still in her second year of high school.

"Look at what you're wearing. Didn't your mom tell you that Cousin Zhou Tian is moving in with us today?"

Zhou Tian appeared calm as he waved his hand and smiled.

"It's fine. Dress naturally, like a family."

"Family? "Who's with your family? Our family doesn't have any extra rooms." Li Xue put on a smelly face, not giving her cousin any face at all.


A slap in the face.

Li Yong was stunned for a moment.

"Zhou Su, why did you hit your child?"

A tall and cold woman with a temperament walked out from the back room. She was dressed gracefully and her skin was well maintained. She was in her forties and there was not a single wrinkle to be seen on her face.

"Aunt, you …" The image of his aunt that appeared in Zhou Tian's mind was almost exactly the same as the one before him.

"This daughter of yours is about to be spoiled badly by you, Li Yong. Despite being so old, he didn't know any manners. He was young, yet he still pestered her. It was fine if she was just a little spoiled. You dare to do this to your cousin today? Do you know how much he has suffered and suffered in the Three Purities Monastery? " Zhou Su swallowed her words and spat them out.

"But you can't hit children either." The one Li Yong doted on the most was his only daughter.

At this moment, Li Xue had been slapped, and half her face was flushed red.

Facing her mother, she didn't dare to object. Like a deflated ball, she lowered her head and said nothing.

"Li Yong, do you still think our family is not chaotic enough?" "Why are you still spouting nonsense when you didn't even make up for your own mess? Since when has it been your turn to speak in this house?"

Aunt had always been a domineering person, working as a manager in a sales company. However, his uncle was extremely obedient to his aunt. After twenty years of being together with her, he had long understood her temperament and used his usual method to change the topic.

"Look at you, Tian Tian has been on the train for so long and hasn't rested since. You two haven't even greeted each other." "What's more, if our neighbors see this, then won't they gossip about us behind our backs?"

Zhou Su's anger could be considered slightly dissipated.

She immediately grabbed Zhou Tian's head and cried out, "Little Tian, this will be your home from now on. No one will dare to kick you out. In this world, your aunt is your only family. If you need anything, just tell your aunt. "

"Got it, Auntie." Zhou Tian noticed that Li Xue had already snuck back into the room and locked himself up.

"Come, come, come. The dishes are all on the table. Let's quickly eat."

Uncle quickly followed suit.

Zhou Su gradually regained her calm and the three of them sat down at the table.

"Aunt, Little Snow, she …"

"Don't worry about her. Teenage children are always like this. When we finish eating, your uncle will go and bring her food." Zhou Su was very familiar with handling this matter.

At the dining table, Li Yong found a topic to discuss.

"Little Tian, what are you planning to do this time? At your age, you should be studying for a few more years. Rest assured, as long as you are willing, uncle will pay and send you to the same school as Xiao Xue. "

His aunt rolled her eyes at him.

"We can't let our child have a good meal, talking about all day long."

"Aunt, Uncle is right. I'm already 22 this year, and with my normal school age, I should have graduated from university. I should have made some plans."

Zhou Tian came up with a few sentences to discuss with his aunt. In truth, what he was planning to do was something his aunt didn't even dare to think about.

In the eyes of ordinary people, this was perhaps just wishful thinking. To those who possessed extraordinary talent, this was the most correct path to their lives. In front of a true cultivator, lawyers, merchants, and even scientists and astronauts were nothing more than small streams to rivers and small leaves to forests.

Seeing that his nephew had such fighting spirit, Zhou Su asked with interest, "What are you trying to do? "Tell Auntie that if you want to work at Auntie's company, that's fine too. I'm one of the top 500 in China, and I have great potential for growth."

"Oh, I learned some medical skills on the mountain and wanted to go to the clinic my uncle opened. I told him about it in the car, but he didn't seem to care." Zhou Tian started talking about how his uncle seemed to be in a daze while he was in the car. Zhou Tian was curious about what kind of trouble his aunt's family had gotten into.

"In the car? "Maybe I was too concentrated on driving and didn't care, but you wanted to come to my clinic, this thing..."

"Uncle, if it's not convenient for you, I'm going to Jiangbei Medical University to look for a professor. He received the favor of my master before. If you find him, you'll definitely be able to help me find a teaching assistant."

Zhou Tian quickly said, afraid that his uncle would be troubled.

At this time, Zhou Su gave Zhou Tian a piece of pork chop as she joked around.

"What's the future of that crappy clinic of his? Entering it would only destroy you. "You came from the Three Purities Sect. I heard that your fellow apprentices have all become famous doctors now. You shouldn't waste your talent in your uncle's clinic."

"What nonsense are you spouting!" If it weren't for Ding Junfei, would the clinic have reached its current state? "

Anxious, Li Yong blurted out the secret he had promised to keep from Zhou Tian.

"Ding Junfei? "Then who is it?" Zhou Tian asked.

"Nothing. "Hurry up and eat. After you're done, I'll take you and Snowy to the mall to buy some clothes." Zhou Su did not want to talk about it.

"Auntie, if I'm a member of this family, I should have the right to share the worries of this family. Tell me the truth."


The chopsticks in Li Yong's hand slipped as he shouted.

"Let me do it. I caused this, helping people treat their illnesses, but my medical skills were not good, so I had to treat people unconscious. The son came over every day to make trouble, but not only did he demand a lot of compensation, he even claimed that he would destroy my clinic. " Zhou Su added as she followed behind.

"Your uncle is a good person. No hospital would dare accept Old Man Ding's illness." Your uncle, with the kindheartedness of a doctor, had prescribed a few recipes. Who would've thought that old man Ding would faint after eating them? In the end, his son, Ding Junfei, came knocking on his door and demanded a million yuan in compensation. Your uncle and I bought a house, but we didn't have much money left. But as long as he doesn't lose money, he'll bring people over to make trouble every day. "

"What is this Ding Junfei's background?" Zhou Tian asked.

"He's just a scoundrel with no job and is a street hoodlum. It's said that he recognized the boss of a few gangs. He can call over a hundred people with a single phone call. "It's been two weeks since my clinic opened, and it's been a headache. I even said that if I don't see any money tomorrow, I'll smash the shop with my cell phone."

Li Yong's heart was burning with anger and indignation, but the patient did take his medicine and then pass out, so he couldn't be in control. Even the police thought that this was a civil dispute and couldn't be dealt with.

Zhou Tian paused for a moment as he roughly understood the sequence of events.

"Uncle, do you remember what kind of medicine you prescribed?"

"Bai Shi, Poria cocos, Ginseng, Astragalus, Cinnamomum cassia, Radix Angelicae Sinensis. I saw that Old Man Ding's body was weak, and he first prescribed a few ingredients to complement his body. Furthermore, my dosage was controlled very well, so there's no problem of overdose. I don't know what happened, but Old Man Ding fainted. "

Zhou Tian's heart trembled. What kind of demon was Ding Junfei, to actually do such a thing?

He said lightly.

"Uncle, you were hit by a piece of porcelain."

"What?" The two were stunned at first, but then they realized that their nephew's words made too much sense.

"I can't explain it clearly. Tomorrow, I will follow uncle to the store to meet that Ding Junfei." Zhou Tian continued.

Zhou Su disagreed, "No! "It's too dangerous, Ding Junfei and his group are all desperate criminals. The swords in their hands have no eyes, if you get injured, how can I comfort my brother's spirit in heaven?"

"That's right, Little Tian, this has nothing to do with you. "I've already borrowed the money, even if it's porcelain, we'll accept it. If that beast really has a father …"

"Uncle, where is that Old Man Ding now?" Zhou Tian felt that if he wanted to go to the clinic with his uncle, his aunt definitely wouldn't agree.

"Ding Junfei sent him to the hospital in the city center, where he stayed in the best VIP ward and charged us with all of this."

Li Yong's tone carried dissatisfaction.

He had obviously been soft-hearted. When he saw that Old Man Ding was suffering from an illness and wanted to rely on healing his body to help him recover, he had never thought that he would attract such trouble. Only now did he understand why so many hospitals had shut out Old Man Ding and refused to receive any treatment.

"Alright, I've finished eating."

Zhou Tian put down his chopsticks and started searching for the location of the hospital...

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