Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C7 Reencounter with White Clove
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C7 Reencounter with White Clove
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C7 Reencounter with White Clove

"Oh? What can you do to me? " Ding Junfei acted like a dead pig that was unafraid of boiling water.

"I have already treated your father's illness. He's at the police station right now, and he's going to have you arrested. "

Zhou Tian said indifferently.

Li Yong was baffled. This old man Ding has already become a vegetable. There are so many famous doctors in the central hospital who are helpless to do anything but this nephew of mine?

"Little Tian, is what you said true?"

"Uncle, this guy even poisoned his own father in order to return the bet. What a beast."

Zhou Tian pointed at Ding Junfei and enunciated each word clearly.

And at this moment, the demon had already collapsed to the ground, having no power to resist, "Impossible! "Impossible!" He muttered, unwilling to accept that his flawless plan had been exposed.

"Hmph, the Heavenly Dao is a good reincarnation, who did the heavens spare?" Ding Junfei, you better take care of yourself. My uncle won't even give you a dime. "There are only two outcomes waiting for you. Either you will be imprisoned for your entire life or you will be hacked to death by people from the casino."

Who would have known that Ding Junfei would fall into despair, his eyes glazed over as he knelt before Li Yong.

"Doctor Li, it's all my fault. I'm an animal. Please spare my life."

Li Yong's body trembled as he was forced to retreat.

When Zhou Tian stepped forward, that surnamed Ding hoodlum did not dare to move forward.

"Uncle, ignore him. This kind of person deserves it! "Come, let's go home now and tell this news to the aunt who is still worried at home."


Li Yong's face lit up as he raised his eyebrows. The panic in his heart was swept away, he only felt that the person standing beside him was not his nephew, but rather an otherworldly expert who was his savior.

On the way back, Li Yong asked softly as he drove.

"Little Tian, did you learn kung fu on the mountain?"

"Not really. I've drunk a type of medicine since I was young. My physique is dozens of times stronger than others. That is to say, my physical fitness is much stronger than the national athletes."

"Oh? What kind of medicine could have such a miraculous effect? "

Zhou Tian scratched his head and smiled: "There are a lot of spiritual herbs on the South Central Mountain that are not even recorded in the Compendium of Herbs. Once a person eats them, they will naturally have miraculous effects."

"Your aunt must be overjoyed to know that her nephew is so promising."

"Uncle, go home and rest. That rogue Ding Junfei must have made you restless these past few days. You must be exhausted. After a few days, you can reopen the clinic."

"Alright, with Little Tian's help, my clinic will definitely be famous, the more I do it the better." Li Yong seemed extremely happy.

Zhou Tian paused for a moment and said apologetically.

"Uncle, I'm going to the Jiangbei Medical School to be an assistant professor. There's an old professor who used to be my master's disciple, so he can be considered my senior brother. Can you send me over to have a look today? "

"It's okay, Little Tian. Young people should go out and try more. It just so happens that the Jiangbei Medical Academy isn't far from your cousin's Jiangbei No.1 Middle School. I'll be waiting for you two at the intersection soon. "

Li Yong turned the steering wheel.

Zhou Tian had an appointment with the old professor, and met him at the experimental building of Jiangbei Medical College to help him complete the admission procedures.

The car moved two kilometers and arrived in front of a majestic school gate.

In front of this medical school, there was actually a huge statue of Sun Simei. There were many familiar names on the statue: Gui Wei, Feng Xing, Zhang Haoran …

Zhou Tian couldn't help but cry.

The fellow disciples who came down the mountain did not forget the old man's kindness. Perhaps this old man's soul was above the ninth level of heaven, and they could comfort him.

Li Yong drove away first, and Zhou Tian stepped onto the gates of Jiangbei Medical Academy.


It was as if a sports car had lost control of itself as it charged towards Zhou Tian.

He dodged like a bolt of lightning, and the car crashed into the statue in front of the school gate. The originally stone statue split open with the front part of the sports car.

The car was bright and shiny, with a Lamborghini logo on it that was worth the money of the Liyong family.

A young man with a split head came down from the car and shouted at Zhou Tian.

"Fuck you, you tramp, you don't have eyes, how do you walk?"

Zhou Tian looked behind him.

"Oh?" "Are you talking about me?"

"Fuck, who else would it be but you? Dressed like a cabbage seller, don't tell me that you're a student of Jiangbei Medical University?"

This fuerdai, who drove a luxurious car, had an arrogant look on his face as he mercilessly threw all the blame on Zhou Tian.

Zhou Tian smiled, "Indeed, I am not a student of your Jiangbei Medical School."

"F * ck, then that's easy! I can tell with a glance. You're just a street hoodlum. Just you wait and see if I'll kill you or not."

He picked up an Apple phone, as if calling for someone to come over.

Zhou Tian couldn't be bothered to play martial arts with these rich kids. He quickly left while shouting and shouting.

"Stand still, don't even think about running. Someone will come and take care of you later. "

Zhou Tian walked a few steps before stopping abruptly.

He turned around and saw that the base of the Medicine King that the other fiends had broken and was on the verge of collapse. A gust of wind blew past and the Medicine King lost his balance and was about to fall down.

"To humiliate the Medicine King statue is to humiliate my sect. To humiliate my sect is to bully yourself and those who bully me are to return it tenfold, a hundredfold!"

"Little tramp, what the hell are you talking about? "You're out of luck today, you dared to offend my Jiangbei's number one marshal, young master Wu."

A group of people surrounded them from the school, glaring at them like tigers stalking their prey. They were no different from hooligans on the streets.

Everyone came forward to pay their respects as they saw the youth driving the luxurious car.

"Whoever dares to offend President Wu Ming, that person is not giving us any face, a dead end!"

"Exactly, even Young Master Wu dares to offend him. Do you know who the Wu Young Master's family is?"

"Aiyo, why did you make our Wu Shaoke like this? This is a 3 million yuan Lamborghini! Today, this big guy is going to skin him alive!"

At this moment, Wu Ming lit a cigarette using his numbers. His eyes were filled with disdain.

Zhou Tian never thought that Jiangbei Medical University would fall to such a state. With money, one could go to school and do whatever he wanted. He had been here for such a long time, yet the security guards were still pretending to sleep inside the sentry pavilion.

"Those who are unrelated should leave. Today, I just want him to apologize and take care of the statue."

Everyone roared with laughter.

This Wu Ming was their Taekwondo president, and he was even a Third Stage Black Belt martial artist. He was already at the level of a national Taekwondo athlete. Aren't you courting death?

"Good!" "This fellow, if he wants to spar with me, I will teach him a lesson and let him know who is father and who is son."

Wu Ming assumed a relaxed posture.


Zhou Tian snorted coldly.

He didn't expect that the registration report would start on his students today. This is good as well. As an associate master teacher, I'll teach you a lesson first.

Wu Ming had a venomous look in his eyes as he attacked viciously. His foot was as heavy as Mount Tai as it headed straight for Zhou Tian's head.

If he was kicked, this kick alone would cause a concussion.

However, Zhou Tian had the Nine Mystical Wind Eyes. The moves were all as fast as lightning. In his eyes, they were all like slow movies.

He dodged lightly, causing Wu Ming's foot to miss.


Zhou Tian walked forward and slapped him.

A palm print appeared on Wu Ming's pale face.

"You …"

Wu Ming was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He immediately launched an even fiercer attack. His legs, fists, were like rapid fire bullets as they bombarded over in turn.

On the other hand, the experts of the Heaven-Revolving Saber Empire kept dodging, causing all of Wu Ming's attacks to miss.


"Don't be so cocky, if you get punched by laozi, then go cry in the hospital."

"Again?" Zhou Tian asked again.

Everyone was shocked.

Zhou Tian caught Wu Ming's fist with one hand and squeezed his neck with the other.

The members of the society who had rushed over did not expect that young master Wu, a third phase black belt expert, would be powerless in front of this tramp three. He was simply beaten up.


Wu Ming let out a roar like a pig being butchered.

With a gentle push from Zhou Tian, he collapsed in front of his dilapidated luxury car.

"Damn it, I don't believe it. [A poor loser like you actually has this kind of power. Where is your teacher?] What is the purpose of this visit? "

Wu Ming was still unwilling to admit defeat as he asked harshly.

"I am a little Daoist from the Three Purities Monastery. Now, come to your school and be your associate professor. You can call me Teacher Zhou."

When everyone heard this, they felt a chill down their spines.

He was secretly glad that he didn't make a move just now. Otherwise, he would have been punished by the academy for beating a teacher. At the very least, his credits would be deducted, and at the very least, he would be expelled.

Wu Dai took a glance and mocked.

"Isn't the Three Purities Monastery the place where swindlers gather? "Hmph, to become an associate master teacher, that is to say, you have not stepped into the ranks yet. Why would I be afraid of you?"

This rich second generation was used to being domineering, so how could they bear such grievances? Zhou Tian had completely destroyed his face in front of everyone.

Even at the risk of being expelled, Wu Ming was determined to fight Zhou Tian.

Just as he got up, ready to risk everything to fight Zhou Tian to the death.

A deep voice came from the back of the stone statue.

"Young Master Wu, others have spared your life, you better cherish it."

Two people came out from the back.

Zhou Tian looked carefully and discovered that the one who was speaking was the Chief Steward of the Bai Clan on the train, and the other was the school beauty he had saved, Bai Ning Rou.

At this moment, Bai Ning Rou was wearing a qipao that covered her entire body. She had an ancient aura about her, her hair was slightly curled up, and her face was white and red.

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