Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C9 Comparative Medicine?
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Divine Doctor with Super Vision/C9 Comparative Medicine?
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C9 Comparative Medicine?

"I can give you acupuncture once a week. Although it can't completely cure your old illness, it can still reduce your chance of it happening."

Bai Jin Cheng waved his hand and smiled: "Don't forget, I am also a student of medicine, so I know my own body very well. You should put your medical skills in the hands of someone who needs more help, so don't worry about me, this old man. "

"Moreover, Master has left as well, and I have lost a part of my worries."

Zhou Tian sighed. The affection he had for his old man for his master and disciple was indeed deep. No wonder his old man wanted him to find him as soon as he got off the mountain.

"Oh right, can you come straight to school tomorrow?" Bai Jin City suddenly remembered the purpose of this invitation.

"Sure, I have nothing important to do here. It would be a good thing if I could impart my knowledge to more people as soon as possible."

"As expected of Master's proud disciple. He's already so kind-hearted at such a young age. Truly great."

He had originally thought that Zhou Tian's medical skill was only that of a child who had never seen the world before. It was normal for him to be proud of himself, but he didn't expect Zhou Tian to be so calm and confident.

Bai Jincheng was interested in taking the test, so he continued, "Nowadays, Chinese medicine is no longer the only medicine. Many people believe in western medicine, thinking that Western medicine has quick results and can cure difficult diseases. What do you think?"

Zhou Tian smiled. He indeed didn't know much about western medicine, but when he went down the mountain, he had also seen what western medicine was like. He said, "In my opinion, western medicine is more like a treatment for growing seedlings."

"Oh, what do you mean?"

Bai Jin Cheng's expression was grave, and he didn't like Zhou Tian's answer. Although he knew Zhou Tian would surely inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, to belittle other schools of healing this way would go against the conscience of the physician, Hai Na Bai Chuan.

"I am not belittling western medicine. A truly healthy body is able to improve its own immunity so that it cannot be cured, or even become ill. Western medicine, on the other hand, is more of an irritant therapy, such as a variety of cells, they use a variety of drugs to stimulate the cells to carry out a variety of immune processes, so as to achieve the treatment of the disease. However, everything has its own ways of survival and destruction. Forcefully stimulating the cells is no doubt an overdraft of the cells' life limit. For the human body, this is not necessarily a good thing. "

Flowing through the crowd without a trace of hesitation, this truly shocked Bai Jincheng. He really did not expect Zhou Tian to say such an opinion.

Doctor should have Hai Na Bai Chuan's broadmindedness, these words were not bad, Zhou Tian was not belittling Western medicine, he was just giving his opinion, he was not opposed to using Western medicine to treat diseases.

Bai Jin City then chatted with Zhou Tian for a long time before asking him to go to the administration office to look for the staff on duty and register them. At the same time, he wanted to take out the key to the school dormitory.

Besides letting Zhou Tian live in the school, Bai Jin City also had its own selfishness. He wanted Zhou Tian to stay in the Jiangbei Medical School for a longer period of time, which was definitely a good thing for the Jiangbei Medical School.

In the administration office, the teacher on duty had an expression of disbelief at first. Such a young person was a medical assistant, and tomorrow he had to teach his students? However, Zhou Tian had the certificate signed by White Jade City, so he could only let Zhou Tian take the key and leave.

Jiangbei Medical College never lacked money. In order to retain all kinds of medical talents, they tried to make people as impeccable as possible.

An assistant's dormitory, like Zhou Tian's, already had all the facilities and environment that could only be found in high-end apartments.

Two bedrooms, one living room, plus a kitchen, all kinds of latest appliances, the master bedroom is also equipped with a special Apple computer.

Zhou Tian wasn't too picky about where he lived. If he studied medicine in the Central South Mountain, living in a thatched cottage or even sleeping outside was a common thing.

After making a phone call, he went back to tell his aunt about the situation. Seeing that it was still early, Zhou Tian prepared to go out to visit the school.

Just as he closed the door, a twenty-seven-year-old man from next door walked in and said, "Professor Bai tried his best to dispel public criticism at the meeting and recommended a young man as an assistant professor. I assume that's you."

Zhou Tian nodded.

The man looked at Zhou Tian and sneered. "I was wondering what kind of person could make Professor Bai think so highly of him. It's actually a brat like you. I really don't know if you've learned anything about medicine."

"Oh, is your medical skill very good?" Zhou Tian was speechless. Why was there such a person everywhere?

The man looked very arrogant as he laughed, "Have you seen the Yellow Emperor's Internal Canon? Have you seen Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine? "

Zhou Tian rubbed his nose and said, "I thought you would say that you can recite even the 'Compendium of Materia Medica'. It seems that I have high expectations for you."

The book had a total of 1.9 million words and was divided into 52 volumes. Although he had read it before, he hadn't even completely understood the knowledge within, let alone memorizing it backwards. He said in a manly tone, "You are obviously looking for trouble here, who can recite the words in this book now!"

"I can."

After Zhou Tian finished speaking, he decided to leave. There was no point in competing with such a person.

"Stop!" Do you think that it's really that amazing to recite the 'Compendium of Materia Medica'!? "

"Yes, it's true that ordinary people are unable to recite the 'Compendium of Grass'."

The man was so angry that he was about to burst into flames. Every time he spoke, Zhou Tian's words would come back to him, and it was even doubled.

The man took a deep breath and continued, "Now we must focus on the medical skills! It was the ability to cure illnesses! It was not his reciting ability! "If you have the guts, compete with me!"

After listening for a long time, Zhou Mo came to a realization. He thought that the other party was looking for a sense of superiority intentionally. He didn't expect that the other party was here to spar with him.

"Why would I want to compete with you in medicine? You are just a nobody, and I am a talent recommended by Professor Bai. If you lose compared to me, it only proves that my medical skills are higher than yours, and I don't need to rely on defeating you to improve my reputation. However, if you win, wouldn't that mean that you've gotten a heavenly huge advantage over me? In the future, you can step on my failures to increase your fame. No matter what the result is, it seems that I will suffer a loss. " Zhou Tian wanted to tease him.

The man clenched his fists, wishing that he could punch Zhou Tian's smiling face. He gnashed his teeth and said: "I, Xu Wen Lei, would not do such a thing! That teaching assistant of yours was originally mine! Who knew that Professor Bai would recommend you like that! That your medical skills are ten times better than mine! I am not convinced, which is why I came to you to compete! "

From the sound of it, that old man really knew how to cause trouble for him. Although it was true, it was hard to accept, especially for someone like Xu Wenlei who was proud and arrogant.

However, Zhou Tian said, "This is just one side of your story. How can I believe that your character is as reliable as mine?"

"Just how are you going to compete with me in medical skills?" Xu Wenlei almost couldn't hold back his anger.

"How about, if you lose, when you see me in the future, you call me teacher?"

"Good!" "Whatever you want!"

Xu Wenlei didn't hesitate.

Are all the students of traditional Chinese medicine so impetuous? Zhou Tian couldn't take it anymore and shook his head.

Xu Wenlei directly brought Zhou Tian to the infirmary.

Jiangbei Medical College's infirmary was different from other schools. Ordinary schools' infirmary was usually used to treat minor headaches and headaches, and the infirmary here possessed all sorts of sophisticated medical equipment that allowed it to operate directly here. Furthermore, as a student of Jiangbei Medical School, he understood the general knowledge of medicine. He would solve all the minor problems himself, and only the major illnesses and difficult illnesses would come here to be consulted and treated.

There were also a number of medical professors who were in charge here, and they were not much inferior to the large hospitals outside.

Many people were secretly mocking the students of Jiangbei Medical University for being so good. A headache patient was usually made up by a medical expert.

The teacher on duty at the infirmary clearly knew Xu Wenlei, so he enthusiastically greeted him. When he heard that Xu Wenlei was going to take over for him, he became even more happy.

"Do you really want to compete here?"

"What? Are you afraid?" Xu Wenlei snorted.

"I'm afraid that you will lose too badly. You will not be able to lift your head in front of the students later." Zhou Tian spoke very naturally.

Xu Wenlei obviously didn't appreciate this favor and said: "The competition is split into three rounds with two victories. When it comes to each patient, we'll each give a different treatment and then see who's the most effective. The winner!"

"Fair enough."

Zhou Tian naturally didn't have any objections to this rule. He looked at the time. There was still an hour before the time for eating. If everything went well, he could have a meal after the competition.

Since he had nothing else to do, Zhou Tian started to walk around.

Looking back and forth, he discovered that there was indeed a human side to western medicine, each kind of equipment was very precise, and the corresponding symptoms of each kind of medicine were also very clear. For beginners, it was undoubtedly better to be a beginner, and there was no need for them to be curious about the traditional medicine, just to see what kind of disease you had, and then to directly compare it with the medicine used by the patients. It could be said that the knowledge in the books could be imitated, and the speed of treatment was much faster, after all, not all Chinese doctors could obtain the true essence of Chinese medicine like him.

After a moment, he saw a medical book on the table and sat down to browse through it.

"I already knew this book, 'Essay to Western Medicine', from three years ago." Xu Wenlei somewhat looked down on him.

He waited for ten minutes, but still no one came.

Compared to Zhou Tian who read the books with relish, Xu Wenlei couldn't sit still. He wished he could vent the anger in his chest earlier.

Fortunately, the heavens seemed to hear his prayers as a male student ran in with one arm wrapped around his stomach and wailed, "Doctor, Doctor, my stomach is swelling up badly! Quickly think of a way to cure me! "

Someone had finally arrived!

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