Divine Level Beast Card Master/C10 God Equipment Illusion
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Divine Level Beast Card Master/C10 God Equipment Illusion
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C10 God Equipment Illusion

"What kind of test does it have to do with me?" Ye Ming asked.

"Illusion, an illusion created from your past memories. If you can break free from the illusion or persist until the end, you will pass. On the contrary, you will fail. " Illusion realm.

When Ye Ming heard this, he couldn't help but have some doubts in his heart. As the current owner of the Divine Beast Record, he was very clear about Huan Huan's current strength. Although Huan had already recovered, it wasn't so easy to create an illusionary realm that trapped him, whose mental energy was already close to Tier 8. Not to mention, it would be difficult for him to break free.

An illusion that could make it difficult for him to break free could only be an illusion above Tier 8.

As expected, Huan continued, "With my current energy, I can't maintain a rank nine illusion realm, so I invited Chu Chen over.

At this time, a dry cough sounded. Chu Chen appeared beside Huan, looking at Huan and Ye Ming with some awkwardness in his heart.

The reason Chu Chen felt awkward was because he didn't tell Ye Ming about the test before. If Ye Ming didn't pass the three tests, then even if Beast Card Master didn't pass the test, he still wouldn't be able to complete the acceptance of Huan.

Huan Huan had saved his life before, but he was more or less willing to make do with the person who had chosen to complete the exchange.

"Senior Chu Chen, I heard that you stipulated that the person who gets the recognition of the Divine Beast Record can become the next dean of Myriad Beasts Academy. What's going on?" Ye Ming asked first.

He had been wanting to ask this question for a long time. He didn't have the slightest bit of greed for the position of dean of the Myriad Beasts Academy.

"Cough... This is also my agreement with Huan Huan. After Beast Card Master reached the seventh step, furthermore, since you can obtain the recognition of the Divine Artifact, if you can pass the test, you will have a chance to become a Rank Ten Supreme Expert. Naturally, you will have the qualifications to become the next dean of Myriad Beasts. Ye Ming, you are also a member of Myriad Beasts Academy. You must not decline this matter. " Chu Chen said.

" Senior Chu Chen, I have no experience in managing an academy. Furthermore, I have never intended to become the dean of an academy. " Ye Ming said with a bitter face.

If he failed the test, he wouldn't need to consider this matter, but if he succeeded, it would mean that he would still become the next Myriad Beasts Academy.

He would try his best to pass the test, but this didn't mean that he would also try his best to become the next dean of Myriad Beasts.

In fact, he was still a little reluctant to become the dean of Myriad Beasts Academy, one of the seven great academies.

"Anyway, you haven't passed the exam yet. It's not too late to talk about this after you pass the exam." Huan said.

Chu Chen also nodded and said, "When you pass the illusion realm, you might change your mind.

"Alright." Seeing the two of them say so, Ye Ming somewhat gloomily nodded his head.

"When will the second test begin?"

"Now." Chu Chen said.

"So fast!" Ye Ming was a bit surprised. He had just finished making the Divine Beast Card not long ago. Shouldn't he rest for a few more days and wait for his spiritual force to recover before starting again?

"Don't worry. This illusion will test your mind and will, not your spiritual energy. It will start when your spiritual energy is weak and unprepared. Now you can enter the illusion realm. " Chu Chen said.

Ye Ming suddenly felt that Chu Chen's eyes had become unusually glaring. He, who was already in a weakened state, suddenly felt a strong impact on his soul. His vision darkened and he fainted.

"You just need to knock him out and then use the illusion technique on him?" Chu Chen asked.

Huan nodded slightly and said, "The illusion technique is related to Ye Ming's past. We can't let him be on guard. Whether he can pass the test or not will depend on himself. By the way, how are your preparations for the third test?

"The content of the third test is a little strange, and it came too suddenly. Although I deliberately delayed it, I waited for Ye Ming to wake up. It began. Furthermore, do I really suspect that Ye Ming will have the strength to take the third test after he breaks free from the illusion? " Chu Chen said helplessly.

"I can only say that Ye Ming's luck is bad. However, this illusion isn't a test of spiritual energy. I hope that he can recover his spiritual energy quickly in the illusion." The illusion said.


"Where am I?" Ye Ming opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bed. He felt a headache coming on.

"Ye Ming, you're awake. You fainted when you awakened your holy power." A middle-aged man in a white robe walked into the room and said.

"Professor Qin Tian, didn't you die?" Ye Ming was shocked when he saw this man. He sounded excited.

"It seems that you have slept muddle-headed. I am not Qin Tian, I am Qin Yuan. Qin Tian is my brother, and you are my brother's disciple." Qin Yuan shook his head and said.

Qin Yuan, the current dean of Celestial Spirit Academy, the head of the seven major academies. He was a Third Grade Tenth Rank Destruction Magic God, one of the ten strongest human experts. At the same time, he was also Martial Uncle.

Information about this person surfaced in Ye Ming's mind.

"Qin Yuan, Martial Uncle, you're not dead?" Ye Ming said with great joy.

"My brother will die later, and I will die later. Is there something wrong with your brain?" Qin Yuan frowned and placed his hand on Ye Ming's forehead.

A cold feeling came over. Ye Ming suddenly felt that he had woken up a lot, but he seemed to have forgotten something.

That's right! His name was Ye Ming. He was five years old this year. Not long ago, he was brought to Celestial Spirit Academy by Qin Tian to awaken his holy power. Because the awakened holy power was too strong, he fainted.

What kind of holy power did he awaken?

Thinking of this, Ye Ming couldn't help but raise his hand and concentrate on his hand. He saw a white energy light that looked full of vitality appear in his hand. He couldn't help but wonder, what kind of holy power was this?

The different types of holy powers in Shengyuan Continent represented different colors. The fire type was red, the water type was blue, the earth type was yellow, the wood type was green, the dark type was black, the light type was gold, and the lightning type was gold... These were the most conventional holy powers, followed by spatial type, time type, fate type, and other rare holy powers. These holy powers would change according to the professionals' cultivation. For example, no matter what kind of holy power Necromancer had at the beginning, it would change. When cultivated to a certain level, it would completely transform into the holy power of death.

Qin Yuan, who was standing aside, rushed in front of Ye Ming in a flash. He stared at the light dot in Ye Ming's hand and said, "The highest attribute, only the highest attribute is white. This aura... It's the Holy Power of the Life!

"Ye Ming, don't follow my brother and become Beast Card Master. This will only waste your talent. Summoning and Beast Controlling Master, these two occupations, which can be cultivated all the way to the Tenth Rank, are the most suitable for you." Qin Yuan said.

Ye Ming was stunned. He did not expect Qin Yuan to be so excited. Although Qin Tian had said that Qin Yuan would definitely persuade him to give up Beast Card Master's profession and ask him to reject Qin Yuan, he did not say that Qin Yuan would be so excited.

"Old brother, it's not easy for me to find an outstanding disciple. You will fight with me the moment you come back..." Qin Tian's eyes were immediately attracted by the holy power in Ye Ming's hand as soon as he entered the room. He rushed over as well.

"This holy power is the Holy Power of the Life that suits Beast Card Master the most! Sure enough, I didn't choose the wrong person. " Qin Tian's tone was excited. Qin Tian's appearance was about seventy to eighty percent similar to Qin Yuan's. However, he looked even older, and he was close to old age. In terms of cultivation base, Qin Tian was far weaker than Qin Yuan. He was a Tenth Level of Rank Six Beast Card Master.

"What did you say?!" Qin Yuan said angrily, "It's rare to meet someone with the highest attribute of holy power. How dare you make him Beast Card Master?! Isn't this wasting his talent?

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