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Divine Level Beast Card Master/C8 Divine Equipment Page Unicorn
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C8 Divine Equipment Page Unicorn

"Are you serious?" The corner of Ye Ming's mouth twitched as he looked at Huan and asked with a hint of fantasy.

"It's true. But don't worry, I have already prepared the ingredients to make the Divine Beast Card for you. Hurry up and start." Huan urged.

"Ye Ming, I think it's better for you to give up." The Nether Night sized up the current Ye Ming, sighed, and added, "If you try it now, you will really die.

Ye Ming swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and his face was slightly stiff. With his ability, it was not that he could not make the Divine Beast Card now, but if he failed to make the Divine Beast Card, he would definitely die without a strong enough cultivation base to back him up!

How could a Divine Beast Card be produced just like that?

"If you don't agree, I won't force you. Now, the choice is in your hands. "Huan didn't intend to force him and shrugged.

In fact, as an Artifact Spirit that had lived for thousands of years, in her opinion, Ye Ming was a very talented Beast Card Master. Even if the inheritance was missing, Ye Ming might still have a chance to restore it in the future.

The Divine Beast Record was the only complete inheritance of Beast Card Master, and Ye Ming was also the Beast Card Master who had the highest chance of becoming a supreme expert.

Furthermore, given Beast Card Master's current condition, it wouldn't be of any use when Ye Ming broke through to the Tenth Rank.

"Alright, I will accept the test." Ye Ming hesitated for a few minutes, then gritted his teeth and agreed.

The Nether Night opened its mouth but did not say anything in the end. It knew how Ye Ming felt. It wasn't easy to find Beast Card Master's complete inheritance. If he didn't do anything... If he just watched the inheritance disappear, he was afraid that Ye Ming wouldn't be able to pass the threshold in his heart.

Instead of waiting for an opportunity in the future, he might as well seize it now.

Ye Ming immediately took out a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote something to the Divine Beast Record.

"What are you doing? Writing a will?" Huan Huan asked curiously.

"Of course I'm trying my best to copy down the inheritance on the Divine Beast Record. At least I can retain a portion of the inheritance if I fail." Ye Ming said without turning his head.

If a Professionist wanted to write down the inheritance of his profession, not only would he need to copy down the content, he would also need to use his mind power to infuse his understanding of the realm into it.

Ye Ming could at most copy to the eighth step. If he wanted to copy down all the inheritance from the First to Tenth Rank on the Divine Beast Record, he would need to at least become a Rank Nine Peak Beast Card Master.

In order to make his mental energy more focused, he had already kept the Nether Night. In the next 20 hours, he finished copying all the inheritance from the first to the eighth step without any rest. He also added some of his insights into the Holy Power of the Life. If the owner of the Holy Power of the Life was watching, it would have twice the result with half the effort.

"The things you have written are enough to be placed on the fourth floor of the Myriad Beasts Academy's Compendium Pavilion." Huan yawned and said lazily. It was as if what happened next had nothing to do with her life or death.

Ever since the fifth floor of the Compendium Pavilion had been taken away by Ye Ming, the fourth floor had become the most important place in the Compendium Pavilion. The dozen or so ancient books inside were all about the inheritance and comprehension of one's own occupation written by a Professionist of the ninth step.

Although the inheritance written by Ye Ming was only at the first to the eighth step, considering the rarity of Beast Card Master, the value of the inheritance was even higher than the dozen ancient books.

Inheritances of occupations were the most important to Professionists. Inheritances of the seventh step and above were worth tens of thousands of gold. The rarer the inheritance of a profession, the more precious it was. It was not an exaggeration to say that... The things that Ye Ming wrote could be exchanged for several drops of Divine Beast Blood.

"You should rest for an hour and adjust your condition before taking the test." He said in an illusionary manner.

Ye Ming nodded and did not try to be brave. After twenty hours of writing down the inheritance, he was almost at his limit.

He took out the Holy Level Magical Beast meat and ate it in big gulps. He drank some water and closed his eyes to rest after he had eaten his fill. Then, Huan Dao appeared again. After an hour of adjustment, Ye Ming had completely recovered.

"Making the Divine Beast Card will definitely attract the attention of the experts from the Myriad Beasts Academy. Let's go somewhere else," Huan asked.

Ye Ming nodded in agreement. In fact, neither Chu Chen nor Huan wanted Beast Card Master's identity to be exposed. Beast Card Master's complete inheritance was a deadly temptation to Beast Card Master who could make the Divine Beast Card.

The Myriad Beasts Academy was now ranked at the bottom of the seven academies. It could not withstand another blow. As for whether he would be considered a missing person if he left this place, he was not worried.

Professionists often went into seclusion to cultivate, and he often went into seclusion here for the longest period of one month. While he was adjusting, he had already hung a sign that he was going into seclusion behind the door. The protective barrier had also begun, and even if Farn came, he would not disturb him.

Huan Huan clapped her hands. Ye Ming's vision changed. In the next moment, he had arrived in a spacious and dimly lit space.

"This is my Beast Spirit Space. Making it here will not attract the attention of any experts." Huan said. Then, she clapped her hands again. One by one, containers containing golden Divine Beast Blood appeared beside Ye Ming.

"Master is Beast Card Master, who possesses the holy power of the light element. His Divine Beast Card is also of the light element. Master had a total of 36 light element Divine Beast Card, and apart from that, he also stored 31 different types of light element Divine Beast Blood. Among them, there are three containers that contain enough Divine Beast Blood to make you a Divine Beast Card. Choose one." Huan Dao said.

After saying that, three containers filled with golden blood came to Ye Ming's side.

Why were the possessors of the Holy Power of the Life the most suitable to choose the Beast Controlling Master, Summoner, and Beast Card Master professions?

Ordinary Professionists usually chose Summoning Beast or Magical Beast with the same attribute according to their own holy power. If they chose other occupations, it would easily cause conflicts in attributes. It would affect their cultivation speed. Although it wasn't that no one had many different types of Magical Beast or Summoning Beast, it was rare to see achievements.

As the possessor of the Holy Power of the Life, whether it was the Magical Beast or the Summoning Beast, even if Ye Ming chose different attributes at the same time, it wouldn't cause any rejection, nor would it affect his cultivation.

When Ye Ming heard this, he began to carefully observe the Divine Beast Blood in the three containers.

The difficulty was too great, so it definitely wouldn't work. He should choose a race with a lower rank, but what race could become a Divine Beast be considered a race with a lower rank? So now he could only choose a gentle Divine Beast.

The first one was the Ancient Holy Dragon. He had once gone to Devil Dragon Valley to take a risk for this. He had also made it once, but unfortunately, he had failed. This time, his holy power was not as strong as before, so he definitely couldn't do it.

The second one was the Holy Light Vine. It was a light element plant, and it was also a Divine Level Magical Beast. It had the ability to imprison and heal. Moreover, it had a gentle temperament, so the difficulty of making it was much lower than the Ancient Holy Dragon. It was a good choice.

Suddenly, Ye Ming's expression changed. He picked up the last container containing the Divine Beast Blood and asked, "Huan, this is the Divine Beast Blood of that Divine Level Magical Beast?

As a Tier 7 Beast Card Master, he had once researched the Divine Level Magical Beast. He knew that there were more than a hundred kinds of Divine Level Magical Beast, but he actually had no impression of the aura of this Divine Level Magical Beast.

Huan looked at the Divine Beast Blood vein and replied faintly," It's the Light Unicorn. It can be said to be the most gentle light element Divine Level Magical Beast in Shengyuan Continent. Compared to the first two, it's relatively easier for you to choose this one.

Ye Ming nodded and said, "Alright, then I'll choose this one.

With his current situation, he should choose as easily as possible.

" Okay, then you can start. " Huan nodded, turned around and disappeared into the darkness.

The other containers also disappeared the moment Huan left, leaving only Ye Ming and the container with the Light Unicorn and Divine Beast Blood in this space.

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