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Volume I: Beginner martial arts

Chapter I: Villages

Ye Feng, you are such a paranoid person!

Ye Feng leaned against the window and nonchalantly glanced down at the working women. Suddenly, such a thought popped up in his mind for no reason.

Due to his obsession, he had failed three times in a row. Then, he resolutely entered the examination hall for Tsinghua University's graduate students.

Because of his paranoia, since the age of thirteen, he had spent a whole nine years of his life without any regrets in order to pursue the goddess of his heart.

Since childhood, failure had always been like a nightmare for Ye Feng. However, just three months ago, the God of Luck came to visit him. On the same day, he received a notice of admission to the Tsinghua University School of Physics. The usually arrogant Goddess also lowered her head bashfully, tactfully indicating that she was willing to walk together with him for the rest of her life.

That day, his eyes were blurred and his memories were carved into his mind.

However, three days later, when Ye Feng was gently kissing the goddess' lips to feel her sweet fragrance, a sudden change brought him here.

It was a massive vortex that filled the entire sky.

In the last moment of Ye Feng's memory, the countless bright yellow lightning in the whirlpool wriggled like snakes, and collided with each other, making sizzling sounds.

The wind, the darkness, the deafening roar, the cries of the crowd.

At that moment, the world seemed to have come to an end.

His mind stopped, his consciousness fell …

After an unknown amount of time, when he opened his eyes again, he felt the red sun in the sky, the cool breeze, and the refreshing air mixed with traces of fresh grass and soil.

Then, a completely new world appeared in front of Ye Feng.

Beside him, there were towering mountains and lofty ridges. The forest was like a green sea, and there was also the cry of birds and the cry of beasts. It was clear and pleasant to hear. In the distance, the villages were scattered and smoke was rising. Faintly, one could see farmers wearing ancient clothing walking through the smoke.

It was like a paradise, like a different world.

Ye Feng was perplexed, but immediately fainted once again.

When he opened his eyes again, he was already lying on the big straw mattress on the bed. A dozen pairs of eyes were curiously sizing him up, causing him to feel very uncomfortable.

After all of their introductions, Ye Feng finally understood the situation he was in — the huge whirlpool had completely brought him to a strange world.

This place was a remote village that was close to a mountain and water. For the sake of eating and warming up, the hardworking farmers had to toil all day long.

In order to accept this fact, Ye Feng had taken a whole three months.

For three months, he was quiet, his face dull and pensive. When the villagers saw that he looked like a demented person, they did not know his name and called him a "dummy".

Today, was the one hundred days since Ye Feng came to this world.

"A hundred days!"

Ye Feng mumbled to himself in a daze, and then forced a smile.

In the past hundred days, the beautiful image of the goddess Wan-Er had often appeared in his eyes, his mind, and his dreams. At that moment, she had lowered her head and played with her hair. The huge whirlpool that engulfed the world and the deafening rumbling of thunder would often wake him up from his dream, causing him to experience the same disaster countless times in his subconscious.

"I wonder how is Wan-Er doing."

Thinking about Wan'er, Ye Feng felt sad in his heart, and then he let out a soft sigh.

The tower he was in was temporarily made of bamboo. The furnishings inside were extremely simple and crude. There was only a wooden bed covered in straw mats and a dilapidated chair. The name of the village was Chen Family Village, and all the men in the village were surnamed Chen. For a foreigner like Ye Feng, who came from an unknown place, this kind of treatment was already considered generous.

The red sun was setting in the west. It was evening. Outside the window, the women gathered in groups of twos and threes as usual, chatting and washing clothes, or slicing meat and picking vegetables. Their linen clothes were patched and greasy, rough and unadorned, without the slightest hint of feminine beauty.

After half an incense's time, there was a loud noise from the men at the village entrance — the men who had been farming all day had returned.

The women immediately put down their work and went up to welcome him. This scene played out every day at sunset. The villagers' lives were very regular, strictly adhering to the principle of the rising sun and the setting sun. Thus, this was also the time when the village was the most lively.

Ye Feng looked at her for a long time. Suddenly, someone called out from the other side of the door: "Uncle Dummy, my mother is calling you to dinner."

He opened the door and saw a strong looking young man walking in and making a face at Ye Feng.

Ye Feng recognized him. He was the son of the village's eldest sister-in-law, named Hu Zi. Madam Chen originally married into the outer village, but at such a young age, her husband died. Since she didn't want to stay in the village anymore, she brought her son back to the village. Now, this little fellow was already eight years old.

Ye Feng's eyes were a little dull. He mechanically bent over and picked him up and said: "Hu Zi, today … …. "What's for dinner tonight?"

"There are sweet potatoes, wild vegetables, and dried meat." Hu Zi counted with his fingers and answered seriously.

"Alright, after dinner, I'll fold a bamboo dragonfly for you."

"Do fools know how to break bamboo dragonflies?" Hu Zi immediately laughed happily.

Ye Feng did not say anything as he carried Hu Zi out of the house. Before he had even arrived at the east side of the village, he heard his wife Chen shouting: "Why is this little bastard not back yet? Did he go somewhere else to play? Just like his damned old fogey, I won't let you worry. "

Hu Zi was so scared that he trembled and shrank into Ye Feng's arms. Ye Feng subconsciously held him closer.

In this small village, Madam Chen's voice was famous. As long as she opened her mouth, everyone in the village would be able to hear her. However, she only had a sharp tongue, but a soft heart. She also felt sorry for Huzi, so even though she always said that she wanted to hit her child, she didn't really do anything about it. In this regard, Ye Feng had long since gotten used to it.

Ye Feng quickened his pace, blankly looked at elder sister-in-law Chen, nodded as a greeting.

Madam Chen was used to seeing Ye Feng in a daze, so she did not answer. She just wiped her hands on her apron and then carried a bowl of food into the house.

Compared to Ye Feng's room, Sis Chen's room was more exquisite. The middle part of her house was separated by a mud wall and was divided into a living room and a bedroom. In the middle of the living room was an ancient long table. There was some dried meat and sweet potatoes on the table, the most important meal of the day.

Hu Zi was clearly very hungry. He grabbed a sweet potato and started chewing on it.

Sis Chen raised her hand to hit him, but the little guy immediately hid behind Ye Feng and stuck out his tongue at his mother.

Ye Feng smiled blankly.

"This little bastard has no rules at all. Come, come, you idiot, sit down and eat a piece of dried meat. This is good stuff, it was brought out by the joint hunting team of a dozen villages near us from Dragon Mountain. "

Ye Feng randomly grabbed something, and it was hard to tell if it was dried meat or sweet potatoes, so he stuffed it into his mouth.

Regarding the hunting team, Ye Feng had long since heard of them, but he had never personally seen them. It was said that the hunting team had a total of about 50 people. Each of them were elites selected from more than a dozen nearby villages. It was the hunting season so they had already entered the mountain before he had arrived and hadn't come back yet.

Aunt Chen said as she ate, "It's been about three months. The hunting party should be returning soon. It'll only be two days. If we're lucky and get one or two snow foxes, our village will have spent all of our money this year."

Ye Feng suddenly asked: "What is a Snow Fox?"

This almost mechanical response immediately aroused Sis Chen's interest. She looked at Ye Feng and said: "Scared?" Even Snow Fox doesn't know? As expected of a fool. Snow Fox was a low level demon beast. Its speed was very fast, but it didn't have much attack power. This kind of thing was the favorite of the women in the city. A complete Snow Fox skin could be exchanged for two ingots of dog head gold. There are only a thousand families in our village. Two gold coins are enough for us to eat for a year. "

"Oh …"

Sister-in-Law Chen said, "From the looks of it, you don't even know what a demon beast is! Actually, I've never seen it either. I heard from my damn man that demon beasts are very powerful things. The highest level demon beasts seem to have some sort of innate ability. "That's all I know. If you want to know more, you have to ask the Village Chief. He has a map."

Ye Feng nodded and thought for the past hundred days. He had been immersed in sad memories and couldn't extricate himself from it. He also couldn't give up on Wan-Er. Now that he thought about it, since transmigration had become a reality, what else could he do other than face it?

Then, he might as well understand this world.

He made up his mind and hastily ate his dinner. Just as he was about to go out and look for the village chief, he heard a commotion coming from the village entrance.

Then, a man's weak yet heavy voice came out, "Somebody come quickly... "Quickly, go find the Village Head..."

What happened?

Ye Feng was startled and was about to rush out of the door, but elder sister-in-law Chen had already rushed out.

When Ye Feng arrived at the entrance of the village, he saw that it was already packed full of people. Half of the thousand families of the Chen family were actually gathered there.

Ye Feng squeezed his way inside, and before he even got close, he already smelled an extremely strong smell of blood.

The smell of blood brought with it a hint of corruption, which seeped into his nose and mouth and made his back turn cold.

Because of this, Ye Feng had made ample mental preparations for the upcoming situation. However, when he was in front of the crowd and saw the scene on the field, he sucked in a breath of cold air. His chest and abdomen began to churn uncontrollably.

On the ground, seven people were placed side by side.

To be exact, there were seven corpses.

Among the seven corpses, three of them were already highly corrupt. Black mucus covered the damaged chain armor, revealing the pale white ribs. The facial features were also unclear. One could only tell from their figure that they were extremely tall and sturdy men. The other four seemed to have died not long ago. Their bodies were covered with huge wounds, and their limbs were incomplete. Their deaths were extremely tragic.

In addition to the corpses, there were three other people standing on the stage. They were all injured to different degrees, and their faces were filled with dejection.

The short period of noise had long since passed. At this moment, over a thousand people had gathered at the entrance of the village, but it was completely silent.

It was oppressive and oppressive, and the air seemed to have solidified, making it difficult to breathe. Some of the women couldn't stand the scene any longer and ran to a secluded place to vomit. The men were a bit better off, but most of them had pale faces, not daring to look at them again.

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