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Even though it was in the darkness, Du Lei was still able to immediately recognize Ye Zifeng's steel-like face. The light in his tiger like eyes shone brightly, without anger, and with just a casual look, he gave off an invisible pressure. His knees trembled, and he could not help but kneel down.

"Old man, what realm is this Ye Zifeng at, I feel like my chest is stuffy …" "It feels so bad." Du Lei transmitted his voice to Old Daoist Ghost.

The ghost head clicked his tongue and said, "Sigh, since you are not experienced enough, I will tell you. Cultivating this level will allow you to comprehend the true qi of nature and condense it into a star seed in your dantian. "After the human body's meridians undergo nine transformations, it can become a powerhouse at the peak of the 9th level of the Body Tempering Stage, possessing a strength of 3000 jin."

"Above that is the Spirit Refinement Realm. "The five energies ascend into the essence, the qi refines into the divine, the star seed becomes incomparably resplendent, and the spirit is incomparably transparent. The perception is extremely powerful, and the power of the spirit controls the true qi, unleashing attacks and combining martial skills, its power is even greater."

"However, the Void Seizing Stage is a higher level and is a cultivation that many people cannot even hope to reach. In the dark, he escaped into the void and found a star that belonged only to him among all the stars in the sky. He forcibly seized it and used it for himself, using the power of the void to influence his entire body. Just by using the force alone, you can shatter an entire palace! "

At the end, Elder Gui shook his head, "As for the later realms, they shouldn't exist in the Luo Yu Dynasty. Let's not talk about them."

Ye Zifeng was a first stage Void Stealing Stage expert, his strength was already astonishing, adding the Martial Extreme Heaven Technique, his combat power would increase threefold in a short amount of time, and his power was astonishing, shaking the heavens.

At this moment, when Ye Zifeng looked over, Du Lei's heart couldn't help but race. The ghost head had just awoken and used some sort of method to hide his aura, but looking at Ye Zifeng's eyes, could it be that he discovered it?

If Ye Zifeng were to know that there was such a treasure as a soul on his body, he would definitely die!

Ye Zifeng strode towards the small hill, and Du Lei broke out in a cold sweat. However, in this critical moment, several powerful auras approached from behind, stopping Ye Zifeng in his tracks.

These people were all famous elders of the Martial Extreme Martial School. Each of them was at least at the fifth level of the Refinement Realm. Even though they were old, their eyes were like torches, and they were full of vigor and vigor.

"Sect Leader Ye, we asked you to come to the meeting room to discuss business, why did you suddenly come here?" The leader of the group, an elder named Xu Tieling, glanced at the charred rock that was broken by the divine lightning. He didn't find it strange.

In the Sobbing God Continent, this kind of vicious heavenly lightning was nothing out of the ordinary. If Ye Zifeng was shocked by this heavenly lightning, he would probably be unable to explain himself.

Ye Zifeng turned around, looking around at the mountain rocks, and then looking up at the sky, he slowly spat out a few words, "I seem to have felt it just now … the aura of the soul. "

Everyone's hearts trembled as they looked at each other.

"Forget it." Ye Zifeng waved his hand and looked towards the sky where the black clouds were dissipating. "I must be overthinking things. What are you guys looking for me for? "

Elder Xu replied respectfully, "Sect Leader Ye, of course, there will be a battle for the elites of Luo Yu Dynasty in three months. This time, we will discuss which three spots to report to our Martial Extreme Martial School in three months' time."

The elite list of the Luo Yu Dynasty would be updated every five years. Every powerful sect had three slots to participate.

Ever since our last defeat at the Burning Sky Valley, our life force has been deteriorating. However, Liu Ling and Xia Mengyan have both participated in this competition. However, the third spot has yet to be chosen. Elder Xu analyzed.

The few top echelons of the Wu Ji Sect were discussing amongst themselves while Du Lei listened attentively from the side. He did not know much about the elite rankings of the Luo Yu Empire. After all, he was just a servant previously.

However, after hearing "Xia Mengyan", Du Lei couldn't help but clench his fists.

"Liu Ling has a strong foundation and is very strong. And Xia Mengyan is the daughter of Wang Chao and the Xia family. I also trust in her abilities and talent." However, Ye Zifeng suddenly changed the topic, "But this third person is still unable to find it. Although the Wu Ji Sect is powerful, they have gradually lost their new blood in recent years, and there will be a day when the Wu Ji Sect faces a situation where they are in dire straits. You elders must live in peace.

Suddenly, the dark green Zhen Qi around Ye Zifeng's body burst out like a gale, wreaking havoc in all directions. It was clearly the wind, but it felt as heavy as a thousand kilograms.

Du Lei and Ye Zifeng were separated by nearly a hundred feet, but they were still crushed to the point that their bones were hurting. This was the qualitative change of changing the color of one's true qi. It was extremely terrifying.

All the Elders bowed, begging for the Sect Leader to calm his anger!

Xu Tieling said solemnly, "Sect Leader, we will definitely strengthen our disciples' training. Within three months, we will definitely choose a third person. This place is rather remote. I hope that Sect Leader can head to the meeting hall and carefully discuss the detailed plans."

The gale dissipated, and the forest returned to its original tranquility.

Ye Zifeng controlled his emotions very well. At this moment, his Qi had converged, but it had become graceful again. He nodded lightly, waved his sleeves, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared from this remote place with the elder.

Ten minutes later, when Duré was absolutely sure it was safe, he finally climbed out of the grass and sat on the ground, panting.

"Now, it's finally safe."

A shadow flew out from Du Lei's sea of consciousness and transformed into an old man dressed in dark robes. His facial features were distinct, his long black hair fluttered in the wind, and a smile hung on the corners of his mouth.

Just as Du Lei was astonished by the ghost head's appearance, the ghost head suddenly moved. His right hand opened up and pulled out the soul in Du Lei's sea of consciousness, holding it in his hand.

"Hehe, little demon, it's been hard for you to activate it. In my previous life, I died because of this very soul, but now, after I've absorbed the soul's power and thoroughly studied it, it will shake the world and create an even more stunning miracle!"

With that, the ghost head stepped forward and pointed his finger towards Du Lei's heart. His methods were ruthless, swift like a gale, and even if he did not even have a thousandth of his strength left, it was still more than enough to defeat Du Lei with just his remnant soul.

Only, Du Lei did not dodge in the slightest, and did not move in the slightest. There seemed to be dark lightning surging within his eyes as he silently chanted something.

Suddenly, just as the ghost head was about to take action, a light flashed in his eyes. With a flick of his finger, the soul in the ghost head's hand seemed to be attracted by something and actually wriggled for a while. Following that, a dark bolt of lightning shot out from the soul to Du Lei's forehead, forming a line of lightning.

The lightning only lasted for half a second before it disappeared. However, the current Du Lei was completely different from before!


The old ghost hand stopped in front of Du Lei, he sensed something, and said in shock, "No, how is that possible, you … You actually made a contract with a soul! "

"Hehe, old thing, these few days, while you are sleeping, I have been studying the contract between you and it. The divine soul is originally a spiritual object, and during the Berserker Lightning Primordial Body, it was close to me. Naturally, I can probe the foundation of this contract and learn from it. If I can't learn this contract, I would rather have it disappear from the face of the earth than to fully activate it.

Du Lei looked straight at the ghost head and powerfully said, "There is no such thing as a meat pie falling from the sky. Since you have helped me, you must have a reason for doing so. Now that I have activated my soul and completed the contract with it, even if I die, my soul will die. To put it bluntly, you and I are just grasshoppers on a rope, with the divine soul now being mine, even if you possess the greatest of abilities, what can you do to me?! "

"Little bastard, there will be a day when I will kill you!" The ghost head knew that he had been exposed, and he had no other way, so he finally revealed the truth.

Du Lei waved his hands, "Do whatever you want. In any case, before I become strong, if this treasure, the God Soul, is discovered, I will definitely die. Sigh, what should I do? "Worry."

If Duré died, wouldn't Elder Ghost be buried with him as well? … Seeing how harmless Du Lei was, the ghost head couldn't do anything to him. He knew that he died at the hands of this brat.

"Brat, you have guts." Although the ghost head was not satisfied, he still said in a bad mood, "I will reluctantly increase your strength. Today, I will give you my first lesson, you better listen to me obediently."

Elder Gui had already been completely controlled by Du Lei. At this moment, he could only use his rich experience to show off and find a sense of balance.

"Kid, although you are already at the 3rd level of the Arterial Tempering Stage, you must have sufficient skills to protect yourself. Martial skills, true soldiers, and battle talismans, all of these are things that you need."

"Long-ranged, close-combat, Elemental, and Body Refinement, as long as it is a battle skill that increases offense and defense, it will be a martial skill." From bottom to top, the Martial Techniques are divided into seven levels: Chen, Xing, Earth, Sky, Emperor, and Immortal. Each level is also divided into the upper, middle, and lower grades. "

"And this true weapon is a weapon used by cultivators to stimulate their true qi. Its form and attack style are all sorts of strange and all kinds of methods, from bottom to top, it is divided into Spirit Treasures, Xuan Artifacts, Phantom Weapons, Dao Weapons, and Divine Weapons."

The ghost head stroked his beard and sincerely pointed out, "As for the Dou Symbol, once your strength has reached a certain level, I will tell you."

"Old bastard, after hearing your words, you should have quite a decent martial skill right? If you don't want to give it to me, then forget about it. Since I don't have the ability to protect myself, it's none of your business even if I die." Du Lei looked at the ghostly figure in front of him and said indifferently.

"Okay, okay. Since I have such a broad mind, of course I want to give you a martial skill." The ghost head said with a smile that was not a smile, "But I will. None of you are qualified to learn it. I have already forgotten about those low level martial skills. Your sect should have that Martial Skill Pavilion or something. If you want to go in and choose a book, you can use it. "

The Martial Skill Pavilion was a place where only outer sect disciples could enter and read. A little servant like Du Lei absolutely didn't have the qualifications.

Right, the monthly outer disciple test is in three days. How about I first pass that test? Duré calculated in his mind.

Three days later, Du Lei swaggered out of the Wu Ji Sect's entrance.

Once they succeeded, ordinary people could become outer sect disciples and outer sect disciples could become inner sect disciples. Of course, the assessment was different.

Every first half of the month, there would be such an examination. Du Lei was just in time to take it.

With Du Lei's cultivation at the 3rd level of the Pulse Forging realm, he could still barely become an outer disciple, because the lower limit of an outer disciple's cultivation was at the 3rd level of the Pulse Forging stage.

Once he became an outer court disciple, he would be given a permit token with a seven day time limit in the Martial Skill Pavilion, in addition to an iron sharpening sword.

If she became an outer sect disciple and said goodbye to her status as a servant, then Xia Mengyan would no longer have the qualifications to command Du Lei, nor would she have the qualifications to kill him. Moreover, the biggest reason why Du Lei came was because of this martial skill.

Just as Du Lei was preparing to enter the Dragon's Gate, a few young men and women came out. The leading man was also a servant under Xia Mengyan's tutelage, his name was Liu Hao, and his face was currently gloomy. He originally thought that as a peak of the second level of the Refinement Realm, he would be able to pass the test.

Wang Yuxuan, who was also a servant, held Liu Hao's arm as they consoled the people behind them. She didn't have any cultivation, but she was pretty and was Liu Hao's girlfriend.

As soon as they left the house, they ran into Duré.

Liu Hao was not in a good mood to begin with, so when he saw Du Lei, his eyebrows twitched, and he laughed. "Yo, isn't this the little trash who was given a poison pill by Miss Xia? "Why are you here today?"

Duré did not want to cause trouble, so he ignored them and brushed past them.

"Halt!" Beside Liu Hao, Wang Yuxuan turned her head and shouted. She pointed at Du Lei's nose and loudly reprimanded him as if he was an elder educating a child, "Didn't you hear anyone talking to you? Ah? "Do you not have ears or what? Get over here and stand there. Useless thing, did you become an idiot from eating poison pills?"

Du Lei stood still. He originally didn't want to stir up trouble, but this wasn't the first time Wang Yuxuan had mocked him in such a manner.

Turning around, Du Lei sneered and said: "Why don't you take a piss and look at yourself. A woman without cultivation, relying solely on the seductive work on the bed, is already fine with a fool like Liu Hao. Your work environment is Liu Hao's bed, not outside this Spring Dragon Gate. As long as you have a bit of an occupation as a guard, you won't lose your sense of propriety here, right? "

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