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C3 Self-control

In his previous life, he had been an orphan, gifted and hardworking, and had finally graduated from the University of Medicine. He had become the doctor of his dreams, but when he was on his way out to a meeting, he had met with an accident.

The brakes failed at the turn of the hill, and by the time she realized it, she was already rolling down the cliff with her car. With an earth-shaking rumble, the car exploded. She was firmly stuck in the driver's seat. Not even a skeleton remained, she had died a terrible death. That year, she was twenty-seven years old. Before she died, the jealous and hateful faces of her colleagues flashed through her mind, and she suddenly felt relieved.

Perhaps it was because his background was too miserable, and he had received the blessing of the heavens. When reincarnation was born in the Grand Xia Dynasty, which was not recorded in the annals of history, he actually clearly remembered the events of his past life. She, who had never had a mother or father, finally had a pair of gentle and kind parents. They treated her like a pearl and gave her ten years of life …

If not for that disaster.

"Se'er, as a doctor, it's no big deal outside of death."

"The Imperial City is just a tall wall, there are no extraordinary people living inside or outside. Even so, what is the difference between Tian Xiang and the cloth-clothed commoner? "

Father …

"Se'er, don't be afraid. Daddy can save you."


"Imperial Decree Day: Doctor Luo Ji is known as the disciple of an otherworldly doctor … The imperial court to practice medicine, because of the improper use of drugs, to King Zhao Mo... "This sin of going against one's will cannot be forgiven. A special order is to be put on death row, and we will execute him at noon …"

"Se'er, there are things that can and cannot be done in this world. Your father and the crane have been together for the rest of his life, yet he was unable to dispel the evil in people's hearts. He entered the capital empty-handed. He actually fell to such a situation …" The woman was dressed in prison clothes, her dirty long hair stuck helplessly to her wet face, and her almond eyes were filled with grief. "Mother once swore that we would die together and never part ways to get rid of each other, but I can't bear to see you die too!"

"Mother …" A tear trickled down the corner of his eye.

"Se'er, mother knows that you have high aspirations and are very smart since you were a child, but your millet body can shake mountains and rivers! "Your mother gave you her life's work in exchange for leaving the capital. You must remember, after you leave the city, focus only on yourself. Do not turn back!"

"Don't look back!"

"Mother!" His eyes widened as he watched the dark roof be stained red with drops of blood until it filled his entire field of vision. She suddenly regained her senses.

The river of stars extended out of the window for tens of thousands of miles, and the moonlight remained the same in the room. Only the heart-wrenching wail was still resounding in his ears.

He raised his arm to cover his bloodshot eyes. His heart ached.

"Father, mother, your daughter will definitely live on …" "We'll definitely live on …" She wiped away her tears and curled up on her side.

After eight years of calamity, she had finally broken free from the bondage of living under someone else and should be happy —

At least from tomorrow onwards, she would be able to start a new life with her head held high.

The next day, as soon as the cock crowed, he got out of bed.

She went out into the yard and removed the flagstones that had been pressed against the well. The water at the bottom of the well was clear and bright, clearly reflecting her reflection.

He went to the kitchen and found the bucket of water, tied it with hemp rope, and threw it into the well.

Although this old courtyard was old, the layout was very neat and tidy. From north to south, there were four rooms. From east to west, there was a wood house, two living quarters and a kitchen. Two of them were sleeping side by side facing south, sharing a wall, while the woodshed and the kitchen were on the two sides of the living room. The woodshed faced west, while the kitchen was facing east, sitting opposite to each other.

From the looks of it, Li Hanshan had probably fixed up the yard wall after he became rich, and the houses were made of blue tile and brick. Looking at the entire village, he was one of the richest people in the village.

After a simple wash, he walked to the bedroom on the east side and let out a long sigh with his hands on his hips.

It was simply amazing.

All the wooden furniture was destroyed. Broken legs, broken face, and even the ground under the big hole in the roof was charred black by the lightning.

Fortunately, it was not burned. It seemed that before the rainy season came, he would have to get a lightning rod installed as soon as possible.

"Shardbearer!" Widow Wang, carrying a bamboo basket, walked over and smiled at her. "You haven't eaten yet, have you? I'll send you some cakes. "

The smell of thick sweet potato pancakes assaulted his nostrils. He took the pancake and felt his eyes ache with gratitude. "Big Sis Wang, thank you so much."

"I should thank you!" Widow Wang pulled her to sit down and said happily, "Huzi's fever broke this morning. Sister's medicine is too effective!"

"That's good." His stomach, which had been empty for a long time, was filled with steaming food.

Widow Wang walked around the old courtyard and pouted regretfully. "How do you want to fix it, sister?"

"Clean up the east wing first." He washed his hands in the well water and looked at the half-human wall that had collapsed. "The bricks will make up the wall," he said.

Widow Wang pulled her and said in a low voice, "There's also the door. Don't forget it."

The gate was made of wood, and the posts on both sides of the gate had fallen off.

"Big Sis is telling you, you have to be more careful when you see a woman out there." Widow Wang glanced out of the corner of her eyes. "In this village, there are quite a few stinking men who deserve a thousand cuts."

He narrowed his eyes and nodded solemnly.

When the sun rose, more people came up and went to the fields. Many villagers stopped when they passed by and peeked their heads inside to take a look.

He tucked his skirt around his waist, bent down, picked up the brick from the ground, and threw it at the cart outside. When they landed together, their long hair stuck to their sweaty pink necks, revealing a blushing side of their face that was alluring and charming, causing the eyes of the villagers who had stopped in their tracks to light up.

Someone asked the helping Widow Wang, "Which family's girl is this?"

Widow Wang laughed, "This is Li Hanshan's distant relative, the female doctor. Don't offend them! "

The villagers immediately broke out into a flurry of discussion.

"Whoa, he's a doctor."

"Isn't that a medicine chest!?"

"This is the first time I've seen a female doctor. Is treating an illness okay?"

Widow Wang snorted, "She was the one who cured my Hu Zi!"

This time, the villagers were even more excited.

He straightened up, looked outside, and nodded.

Some of the villagers were honest and left with their dark and red faces. There were also some who looked at him with interest, but stayed for a while, before leaving.

He took them all in and continued to work quietly.

A thin, short man was lying on the wall, staring at his leg with a lewd expression.

"Li Er, your skin!" What are you doing!? " Widow Wang suddenly shouted, picked up half a brick and threw it at the short man.

The brick knocked against the wall, startling the dwarf. He glared at Widow Wang and left while cursing.

He lowered his head, his eyes dark and cold under his hair. He picked up the broken debris and lifted it in his hand. Then he raised his wrist, and the debris shot through the air, accurately piercing the wall where Li Er had been lying on the ground.

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