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C9 Trophoblast

There was a strange silence in the room.

He waited for him to speak.

The man pursed his lips. After a moment, he reluctantly wrote on the bed with his finger: There's something wrong with my throat. I can't speak.

"Oh? "So it's like that." "Didn't I see it?" When did it start? " Noticing the change in his expression, he added, "It's my duty as a physician. I am just asking."

So he still had to answer, didn't he! The man was about to run out of patience, and the movement of his writing grew impatient. What else could they do?

"Nothing." He undid the shackles on his hands and feet.

"Eat, the soup is getting cold." She sat back down at the table, picked up the bowl, and began to eat.

This time, he did not drag anything with him, but instead made the man raise his eyebrows. He sat up and rubbed his wrist, then looked at the tasty ribs on the table, his eyes filled with suspicion.

"What are you still standing there for?" "This meal is worth a bowl of medicine! It cost me a lot of silver. "

For me? The man sat down at the table in silence, not quite believing that women were so kind.

"Drink the soup first." He put a bowl of milky-white soup in front of him. "If you haven't eaten for a few days, eat some liquid food to nourish your stomach."

A rich fragrance wafted through the air, and the man couldn't help but take a sip.

It was unexpectedly delicious.

He did not have a lot of alcohol and sex energy, and he had eaten quite a few restaurant meals with the main house in the past, but they were all only for his stomach. No matter what was precious, after tasting it once and then forgetting it, he could not remember what it tasted like.

The bowl of soup in front of his eyes was enough to make him understand what it meant for the first time.

"This is the first time you've had, and probably the last, such a good soup of ribs."

The man ignored him and drained the bowl of soup.

The two of them could be considered to have enjoyed the meal. After a full meal, he piled the bowls together and raised his eyebrows. "Dummy, I'll cook in the future. You wash the dishes, do you understand?"

What mute!? The man clenched his fists as his face turned blue. He felt somewhat humiliated.

"You don't say what you are."

Why didn't you ask?! The man clenched his teeth and wrote on the table with his slender fingers: Qin, Yi.

His name was Qin Yi.

After entering the Netherworld Pavilion at the age of nine, he had become a secret guard of the Duke Hui Palace for six years after taking his apprenticeship. Master was skilled in long blades, and was proficient in concealed weapons. He calmly cleaned up subjects that threatened his position, and his hands were stained with the blood of the innocent.

He had lived like a shadow for nearly twenty years, but he had never thought that he would be so easy to deal with one day by a mountain village nun.

"I know." Luo Zhen said with a smile, "Then Qin Yi, go wash the dishes."

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes and pointed at his bare upper body.

"Oh, oh, I forgot about that." "I'm sorry. Your clothes were torn by the knife and I threw them away."

Without waiting for Qin Yi to react, she quickly added, "But I asked Big Sis Wang to find a set for her deceased husband. Please wait a moment!"

As he spoke, he hurriedly ran to the next room.

Qin Yi pressed down on his forehead. He was already numb to the weird words that came out of her mouth from time to time. Regardless of whether or not he was a late husband, he still had something to wear.

The farmer's clothes were simple and the material rough, but it was clean. Qin Yi's hands were long and his feet were long. When he put them on, he looked like a poor youth who couldn't afford cloth.

"Not bad, it's quite suitable." "It's convenient to work," he said without changing his expression. "Here, these are cloth shoes."

Qin Yi tried it out and found that it was okay, so he didn't complain.

"Then you rest at home and wash the dishes. I'll go out and get some bedding." He frowned and pounded his shoulder. I'm not going to make it tonight.

Leaving just like that? Qin Yi raised his eyebrows. Although he would do as he said, he didn't expect this person to really trust him.

In the end, she was still a village girl. It was better to be simple.

Qin Yi's eyes became gentle and his opinion of her slightly changed.

"Oh, right." "I forgot to remind you that I gave you some — not very good medicine — before you woke up."

Qin Yi, "…"

"Don't worry. There is a cure for the poison. As long as you consume the antidote once a month, your life will not be in danger." The pure female doctor kindly added, "Of course, only I can make the antidote, so don't think about running around."


Qin Yi carried the bowl and stared blankly at the charming figure walking further and further away as a mouthful of blood gushed out from his chest.

Where did this seductress come from?!

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