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In the Divine Continent, Mount Guan occupied an imposing position. The great river flowed in all directions with a vast and boundless source of resources.

Jialan Dynasty spans five thousand kilometers, traversing eight thousand miles from east to west.

"My words are weird and disorderly. "What the hell."

The young man threw the book on the table in front of him. He didn't approve of the saint's words at all. Instead, his eyes were filled with disdain.

"The power of this world is first, the strange powers and gods are second to none, and they are merely the tools used to control the foolish man in his Jialan Dynasty. A group of fools, actually shook their heads and shook their heads all day long.

The youth's eyes were sharp as he wrote rapidly. The word "kill" appeared on the paper. His strength penetrated the back of the paper and his killing intent was dense.

The young man was not the child of an ordinary family. He came from a famous clan, the Jialan Dynasty, one of the eight great families. The three dynasties of Qi Family were the Prime Minister, and their power overflowed into the heavens. To live in such a luxurious family, one should be envious of them. But that was not the case, as he faced this Qi Family that was revered by everyone, the youth felt an unspeakable hatred.

The young man's name was Qi Yunxiao, and he was the third son of Prime Minister Qi Tianyun. His mother was the one who was once the favorite concubine of the Patriarch of Qi Family, Qi Tianyun.

Perhaps Qi Tianyun was too busy, or a new girl, his mother actually had an affair with someone, and Qi Tianyun caught her in bed. In a fit of anger, Qi Yuntian immediately ordered for them to be beaten to death. Then, rumors spread. Qi Yunxiao could be the bastard child born from her and her adulterous husband.

Qi Tianyun also believed the rumors and started to suspect that Qi Yunxiao was not his own son, so he gradually started to treat him coldly. In the end, he didn't even ask about it.

Suddenly, he lost his mother's protection, his father's love, Qi Yunxiao's world, and became narrow-minded. Everyone poked his spine.

His mother was disgraced, and Qi Yunxiao felt humiliated. All day long, he had been hiding at home, not seeing anyone.

However, he discovered the truth one day. It was a dusk. Qi Yunxiao climbed up a big tree in the back garden on a whim. Not long after that, he saw two figures walking over.

A man and a woman arrived. The woman wore a red qipao and a phoenix crown. The man followed her with a submissive expression.

This was Qi Yuntian's official wife, Lin Meifeng, and her housekeeper!

Qi Yunxiao hid himself in the dense leaf and held his breath to see what was going on.

"Bai Ling, that bitch, must die. I want her to lose her reputation, just like that bitch Bi Yun did back then."


Qi Yunxiao felt as if he was struck by lightning. The Bi Yun that the two of them were talking about was his mother. Qi Yunxiao had always been shy about talking about his mother, but now, from his words, he revealed a conspiracy.

"Lin Meifeng, you bitch, there will be a day when I will make you pay with your blood!"

Qi Yunxiao was certain that his mother hadn't committed adultery, and that Lin Meifeng had framed everything. She was jealous that her mother was doted on, so she did not hesitate to kill her.

When he thought of how his mother had not only been killed by Lin Meifeng, but had also made her bear the shame of her entire life, Qi Yunxiao felt as if a knife was being twisted through his heart.

At the same time, Qi Yunxiao knew that he couldn't overthrow Lin Meifeng with just a few words. You have to understand that Lin Meifeng is also a member of the Lin Family of Jia Lan Kingdom's eight great families. If he dares to spread this matter, not only would he not avenge his mother, he would not even be able to protect his own little life.


It was more of a scheme than a small amount of patience!

If he wanted to take revenge, he would have to gather his strength and prepare himself. After that, he would have to strike out with a thunderbolt and kill with a single strike. Only then would he succeed.

Hidden Dragon Institute.

Countless Qi Family disciples were lined up in a phalanx. In front of them stood a man who seemed to be around forty years old. This person was broad and strong; he had a pair of lantern-sized eyes that were extremely frightening.

"Not only can you not be bullied, you can also strengthen your body and extend your life. You can even become an immortal, and can live an eternal life by cultivating to the extreme. Next, I will teach everyone a set of fist techniques — — Octupole Fist. "

The man suddenly exerted force, and all the muscles on his body bulged, becoming as hard as steel and as hard as iron.

Bang Bang Bang...

The fist howled through the air, causing sand and rocks to fly everywhere.

The male Martial Master moved like a bow that had been broken. He struck out like a thunderclap, his punches and kicks were powerful and domineering to the extreme.

Gradually, the body of the male Martial Master was enveloped in a layer of red light. He was like a diamond war god, and his awe-inspiring might was inviolable.

The sound of bones and muscles rang out, and the male martial artist stopped his fist. The disciples of Qi Family seemed to be intoxicated by the sight as well, and some of them couldn't help but start to imitate him.

In a crack of the fake mountain, a pair of fervent eyes stared fixedly at the scene. Especially when the male Martial Master was cultivating, he was completely focused.

This person was none other than Qi Yunxiao!

Ever since he found out that Lin Meifeng was his sworn enemy, he couldn't stop thinking about revenge. Previously, he wanted to win his name, but every time, his reputation would be ruined. When Lin Meifeng's son humiliated him again, he finally knew why it was Lin Meifeng who was behind all of this.

Since he could not achieve success or fame, his revenge was still far away. Thus, he decided to focus on practicing martial arts.

He was not allowed to train in the Hidden Dragon Institute, so every day at midnight, when everyone fell asleep, he would secretly run to the Hidden Dragon Institute and hide himself. After that, he found a vantage point and peeked out a ray of light to watch the other clan disciples practice martial arts. Only after everyone had scattered their light did he stealthily sneak out.

Qi Yunxiao's actions could only be described as risky. If he was discovered, he would sneak into the Hidden Dragon Institute and his legs would be broken. Fortunately, he was very careful not to be found out.

The night was as cold as water, and the clear and cold moonlight illuminated the land, covering all sound.

A black shadow stood quietly in the vast underground.

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