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In the center of the altar sat a black-haired man. His hands moved faster and faster until they were nothing but blurry shadows. His hands formed hand seals one after another, sending out beams of golden light.

Sitting in the center of the altar was a pure coincidence. The person who was sitting in the center of the altar was none other than Fei Yu who was preparing to refine Flying Sword s, and just now, he was just preparing to place a few defensive arrays around the altar. Although refining Pills s should not be dangerous, it was better than not being prepared at all. Just in case!

Moreover, at this moment, the effects of the array formation were two-way. It could not only prevent external interference, but also prevent the leakage of the internal fire. The flames used to refine pills were incomparable to the ordinary flames in the mortal world. After all, this was Fei Yu's first time refining a pill, and he could not guarantee that he would not be able to control the True Fire. Taking out the medicinal cauldron left behind by Shen Nong, although the cauldron was not some immortal equipment, divine instrument s or the like, it was still a rare top-grade medicinal cauldron, with a fist-sized four-legged two-eared furnace flying out, it instantly grew to half the height of a human, its entire body was a translucent green, the green cauldron's body coiled around like jade but not jade, and no one knew what material it was made of, as it floated in front of Fei Yu.

His right hand formed a hand seal and "opened" the medicinal cauldron. Several types of medicinal herbs flew out from his hand, and as he placed the medicine into the medicinal cauldron, his hands danced, and waves of seals flew out. A purple flame flew into the medicinal cauldron, and it was the three kinds of true fire that Fei Yu had obtained after entering the aurine stage.

Fei Yu watched the progress of the pill refining with rapt attention. The refining process was not that simple, there were strict requirements on the order in which the medicines were placed, and any mistake would result in a complete loss of effort, seeing that it was already enough, Fei Yu made a seal and placed the main ingredient, the thousand year ginseng, into the pill. All pill refining had its main ingredient or ingredients, and the main ingredient usually had a taste or taste, which determined the medicine's effects and effects. The time had come, Fei Yu made a seal with his hand, and placed all the supplementary medicines he had prepared in. Three leaves worth of Poria Cocos, nine jasper stalks, one root of Sage Herb, two Salt Pond Fruits, seven leaves and nine flowers...

Fei Yu was finally relieved, this was the first time concocting pills, but luckily, nothing went wrong. Refining pills was not an easy task, if he made the slightest mistake in controlling them, all the Pills would be destroyed, and there might be some accidents, such as explosions, poisons, backlash, etc., and there were also many precious herbs used by Pills, hence he had to be careful in concocting pills no matter what.

Two hours had passed. Fei Yu felt that the zhenyuan had consumed a lot of energy and was close to being exhausted. He groaned on the inside, but luckily the Pills was soon to be refined successfully, and the medicinal cauldron suddenly burst out with a multicolored light.

"The pill has been formed. Time to collect the pills!"

He had to be careful when collecting the pills. Otherwise, the medicinal properties would be lost, or even lose effect. At the same time, his left hand took out a jade bottle, aimed at the medicinal cauldron, and made a hand seal with his right hand. "Collect", fortunately everything was successful, he casually kept the medicinal cauldron s and refined her into a virgin, after that, Fei Yu noticed that cold sweat was flowing down his nose and temples, refining pills was not simple at all!

Feeling that the zhenyuan in his body was no longer continuing, Fei Yu opened the jade bottle and saw that there were more than a hundred Pei Yuan Dan in the bottle. He took out a piece of Pei Yuan Dan that he had just refined and placed in his mouth, and as soon as the Pei Yuan Dan entered his mouth, it turned into a sweet and sweet liquid that flowed into his stomach, and suddenly a warm flow of energy rushed out from his dantian, and flowed along the meridians all over his body. Wherever it went, it was warm and comfortable.

Fei Yu was overjoyed, the effects of the Pei Yuan Dan were beyond his expectations, the refining ability was much better, he took out a few Pei Yuan Dan s, wrapped them in the zhenyuan and placed them in his mouth to consume them anytime. Fei Yu took out the chaos gold crystal s, then quickly took them out and held them in the air to support himself, with his eyes tightly shut and focused spiritual consciousness, he formed a seal with both hands and released the seal on the stellar nucleus according to the instructions given by Shen Nong Senior. Immediately, Fei Yu felt a blazing wave of energy pouncing towards him.

"Zi ?" "Zi..." "Zi ?"

After some thinking, the chaos gold crystal s that the Dragon King had tried his best to dissolve into a pool of golden red gold liquid that emitted a bright light, Fei Yu quickly made a hand seal and merged the two materials together, forming a sword embryo that was five feet five inches long, nine inches wide and one inch thick. Although the top grade chaos gold crystal s were top grade treasure materials, it was still inferior to the stellar nucleus s, and after being refined once by the top grade Sky Fire Quintessence, it had become a lot more condensed, causing the original six feet sword body to become five feet wide, Fei Yu quickly adjusted the shape of the sword until he was satisfied.

Cultivator refining was actually to carve formations into various magical equipment refined from various materials in order to achieve the purposes of attack, defense, amplification, and so on. The quality of a formation was directly related to the quality of the magic treasure that was being refined. For example, Flying Sword s, ordinary Flying Sword s only had a few formations, because the formation engravings had to meet certain conditions within the Flying Sword:

It was not because the Flying Sword used it but because it had undergone a change after the Method of. Every array had to possess a certain amount of space, otherwise, it would be difficult to display the power that one should have, and one could even imagine the consequences if they clashed with other arrays.

Furthermore, the materials used must reach a certain level. The higher the level of the array, the more strict the requirements for the materials to be used as the carrier, and the materials below that level cannot display the power that the array should have, so much that they cannot withstand the energy pressure and were destroyed. Everyone can imagine what the consequences would be if a Cultivator suddenly broke while using a Flying Sword.

Once again formations could be superimposed, but even though the superimposed power of formations was great, the requirements for the raw space and the materials needed for the carrier were much more stringent.

Then why didn't the Cultivator refine some magic treasures that were larger in size and had higher quality materials for the carrier?

One had to know that a thousand kilograms of refined steel could be refined with a three kinds of true fire to produce a gram of the lower Mysterious Sky Fine Gold s. A gram of Mysterious Sky Fine Gold was only about one percent of the total volume of the iron and steel, so it could be imagined how much material a normal Cultivator's three-inch long Flying Sword would have.

Again, high grade materials were extremely rare. Hundreds of kilograms of Mysterious Sky Fine Gold were able to refine a single gram of taiyinjin, and would require a top grade Cultivator with nine types of True Flames to refine from the Mysterious Sky Fine Gold. It was obvious how difficult it would be to obtain high grade materials, not to mention a top grade material like the chaos gold crystal.

Furthermore, the larger the magical equipment was, the higher the grade of the materials required. The difficulty of refining a set of chopsticks would increase exponentially. Anyone could break one chopstick, but there were a few people who could. The cultivation world was the same as the ordinary world. The lowest level of characters would forever occupy the absolute majority, and even the experts at the peak of the cultivation world would only possess taiyinjin of the taiyinjin level. No one would want to refine a three-foot-long Flying Sword like me. Only Fei Yu, this weirdo, would technically come to this world to start cultivating. Without any guidance from a senior, I know almost nothing about the rules and regulations of the cultivation world, so I want to refine a giant Flying Sword.

Whether it was in terms of the materials or the primal space, the Flying Sword s of Fei Yu could not be compared to the other Cultivator s. The primordial space had been increased by hundreds, or even thousands of times, and the materials were of several levels, which determined that Fei Yu could inscribe tens of millions of arrays within the Flying Sword. Fei Yu moved both his hands, and one after another, the zhenyuan s sword began to be slashed with spiritual consciousness s after arrays, attacking, reflecting, accelerating, defending, increasing in speed, gathering elemental energy, chanting and state ?

For a aurine stage Cultivator like Fei Yu, he would still be unable to refine high grade materials, and top quality material like the chaos gold crystal s and stellar nucleus s were not something that Cultivator could refine. Fei Yu clearly knew that this Flying Sword s refinement opportunity was only given to him once, and to him, refining them once again might take tens of thousands of years, thus, no matter what kind of attack or defensive formation, as long as he knew, he would be able to imprint everything into the Flying Sword s. Gradually, Fei Yu felt that the zhenyuan s within his body wouldn't last for long.

Using the spiritual consciousness, he drew various formations in the Flying Sword, and had to complete the array formation before it cooled down. Otherwise, even if the Flying Sword took the effort, after a few replenishments from the Pei Yuan Dan, it would finally complete its entire array formation. In a short span of time, the zhenyuan would exhaust itself several times, but fortunately, there was only a small portion of it left.

He subconsciously adjusted his breathing, steadied his mind, and sent a strand of spiritual consciousness into the sword.

He clasped his hands together and formed a spell sign with his hands. Seven colored light gathered in his hands and he growled. A stream of light flew out of his hands and entered the Flying Sword.

"Buzz ?" Buzz Buzz ? "Buzz, buzz, buzz ?"

The Flying Sword seemed to have felt something, and the sword released waves of light.


Disregarding his exhaustion, Fei Yu formed a sword seal with his hand and waved his right hand. The Flying Sword soared into the sky and, following Fei Yu's instructions, spiraled and danced in the air, not making any form of attack or defense, and finally stopped in front of Fei Yu. The sword that was originally six feet six inches long, nine inches wide, and one inch thick shrunk to five feet five inches long, nine inches wide, and one inch thick. There were also some quasi-immortal artifacts and divine instrument that were called sub-immortal artifacts. Each tier was also divided into low, middle, high, and top grade, and each tier had a certain natural symbol, which could only be achieved after a long period of time had passed. Could it be that the Giant Tyrant Flying Sword that Fei Yu refined did not have any other symbols, but Fei Yu felt that this Flying Sword should have at least the standard of immortal artifacts, and in fact, Fei Yu had insufficient experience in observing it.


With a thought, Fei Yu immediately transformed into a streak of flowing light. With the help of the endopsia, he quickly found the location of the Flying Sword, and within his dantian, he saw a small sword that was not much bigger than a Jindan flying around the Jindan. From time to time, a line of zhenyuan would fly towards the Jindan from the inside of the Flying Sword, and after a while, another strand of zhenyuan would fly towards the Jindan.

Fei Yu exited the endopsia state, and meditated for a long time to recover some of his energy. The zhenyuan s could be replenished by the Pei Yuan Dan, but the enormous energy consumption required one's own body to slowly recover.

He removed the defensive array and put the unknown egg back into his storage ring. Then, he looked around to see if he had missed anything. He then controlled his sword to fly out of the lake.

Summoning out You Lan who was sleeping in her body, with a ray of colorful light, You Lan charmingly appeared beside Fei Yu. When You Lan appeared, without saying anything further, she tightly hugged Fei Yu, her face filled with hidden bitterness.

"How long did you let me sleep?"

"It's very short, just a few hours." "Oh, really?" You Lan was slightly moved and hugged Fei Yu tightly.

"Lan, look at the treasure I refined." Fei Yu offered out his Flying Sword s as a gift. Everyone who was in love were all idiots, not to mention Fei Yu, the guy who was arranged by his parents to get married in his previous life.


You Lan looked at the Flying Sword that Fei Yu had taken out in shock, it quickly flew around the two of them, the overbearing and vigorous sword body, its entire body was glowing with a brilliant light, it was a work of art and not a killing weapon. Following the quick rotation, it drew out a rainbow in the sky, allowing You Lan to sense that the sword contained a destructive force within it.

"divine instrument? Fei Yu, you created a divine instrument? "

"divine instrument?" Fei Yu really didn't know much about the weapons classification in this world, even towards the original world, he was still able to understand the criteria from the Shennong's Grimoire s.

"I don't know what the so-called divine instrument looks like, but I refined this set of Flying Sword." Fei Yu only spoke the truth.

"Oh, I have also never seen a divine instrument before. I only guessed it because I felt that the sword contained a great amount of terrifying energy." "Let's not talk about this anymore, Lan, shall we travel across the continent together?" Yes, You Lan nodded her head, You Lan had always had her own opinion on the matter, but this time, she did not object. Fei Yu controlled the Flying Sword and carried You Lan. He leapt onto the Flying Sword and soared to the sky, and after controlling the sword to fly around the mountains a few times, it whizzed past. You Lan did not panic. One year later, on the streets of Walter Empire's capital. From not too far away, two people, a man around twenty years old, dressed in tight warrior clothing, black eyes, black hair, yellow skin, carrying a thick two-handed greatsword on his back, holding onto a female mage who was wrapped in a mage's robe with his right hand. However, looking at the Big Sword on the swordsman's back, he knew that the man was not someone to be trifled with, so no one went forward to provoke him.

After a while, the man spoke up. "Lan, we're going to stay here for a while. Let's go pick out a house first!" It turned out that the two of them were You Lan and Fei Yu. One year ago, after Fei Yu had refined the Flying Sword, the two of them flew around the continent, after one year of travelling, Fei Yu had a rather deep understanding of the continent, during the journey, Fei Yu had become interested in magic and the cultivation techniques had different effects. Although there were different paths, they all used unique methods to control the energy of heaven and earth, both of them had unique effects, although the might of cultivation techniques were powerful, but they were not something normal people could use. With this thought in mind, Fei Yu decided to temporarily settle in the Rigidite City's capital and think of a way to enter the Custer College to learn magic. On this day, the two of them arrived at the Rigidite City's capital city. Fei Yu decided to first buy a house and settle down, and in the past year of roaming the continent, he had looked for trouble with Magical Beast s. He obtained a few High level magical beast Crystals and had over a million gold coins. When they arrived at Mercenary Union, the two of them did not know each other in this place, so they could only find a house and post it as a quest. Quest Announcement: Buy a good house near Custer College. The reward for providing accurate information is 10 gold coins. Quest time limit: 3 days. " "Okay, please wait a moment." The young miss Mercenary Union accepted Fei Yu's magicrystal card and checked it before saying, "Your rank allows you to post this mission. Please leave your contact details and deposit." When the mission was completed, the issuer would cancel the mission and the deposit would go to the Mercenary Union, not returning it at all. Once the mission was completed, and the issuer was not willing to pay, the reward would be paid by the Mercenary Union, but the issuer would be wanted by the Mercenary Union, which was why very few people dared to violate the mission. In addition, the mercenary association would collect 5% of the reward as a service fee, and if the reward was for equipment or other items, the reward would be reduced by a price.

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