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C12 Principal

It was good that Fei Yu did not ask, but this time, mist started to rise in Lin Nuo's eyes again, and shee looked like she was about to cry: "Fei Yu, I ?. I... I... How about you? How are you doing after a year? You won't leave immediately, will you? " Lin Nuo "I" only said this sentence in the end. Fei Yu could vaguely feel that Lin Nuo had something to say, but didn't say it in the end, and Fei Yu also didn't continue pursuing the matter. In fact, the little miss was most concerned about how long Fei Yu wanted to stay here. If Fei Yu said that he would leave very quickly, then he would have to hurry up and let Fei Yu understand his feelings. Then, thinking of the promise he made with Big Sister You Lan, he couldn't help but look at Fei Yu with bashfulness and anticipation. "I have some things to do here this time, so I might have to stay here for a long time." "Oh!" Lin Nuo was overjoyed, the courage she forcefully mustered to confess disappeared like a deflated ball. But it doesn't matter, there's still a long time left. Then this year, you and Big Sister You Lan must have went to many places, right? "Can you talk to me?" "Yeah, a year ago, I ?" Fei Yu began to talk about his year's worth of experiences with Lin Na. Of course, he would talk about his experiences that couldn't be talked about. Unknowingly, it was already afternoon. Under Lin Nuo's reluctant gaze, Fei Yu returned to his house. Evening, in Fei Yu's residence. Fei Yu pondered over and over again. How could he smoothly enter the Academy to look through all kinds of magic materials? To enter the academy to study was out of question. To infiltrate the library of the academy was out of the question ? In the end, he decided not to think about it anymore. He took the simplest method, and directly went to find the Principal to "talk" about everything. He made up his mind to discuss this with You Lan, then tidied up his clothes. Lan, I'll go talk to the headmaster once in a while. You stay at home. " Influenced by Fei Yu's survival years, Fei Yu was a bit of a man. He felt that it was only good to have women at home sometimes. I know, don't scare the headmaster. " You Lan made a small joke towards Fei Yu. The moment Fei Yu entered the entrance of Titan Magic Academy, he headed straight for the Principal Office. During the day, Fei Yu had already confirmed the principal's residence, and it was unobstructed. Very quickly, Fei Yu arrived outside of the Principal Office, thinking that he had to reveal his strength when he brought them back, he casually set up an isolation array. After finishing his arrangements, Fei Yu pushed open the door and stepped in. Behind the ancient and heavy table in the center was an old man who had been summoning a magic robe. Looking at the symbol on it, he had already reached the Magister level, with white hair, but was still in high spirits. He was not alarmed when he saw Fei Yu barging in.

"What do you want from me? Just say it directly! "

It seemed that the Cultivation Level in Fei Yu's state of mind was still somewhat weak and his strength had grown too quickly, causing his state of mind to become unstable. Fortunately, he had discovered it in time and was able to avoid the danger of him going berserk in future cultivation. Fei Yu was actually a little grateful to the principal now, so he spoke a lot more politely.

"Principal, Principal, I had something to ask of you, so I came up with this idea. Please forgive me for being so presumptuous."


Although he could not clearly see through Fei Yu's strength, he had a faint idea of what was going on. The first was that the person in front of him was an ordinary person, but that the ordinary person could pass through the tight security and enter his office without anyone noticing? The other possibility was that she was an expert, an absolute expert. That was why she said she needed something from him. This was rather unexpected.

"Then what is it?"

"I'd like to ask the headmaster for permission to inspect the school books."

"Oh? Why? Why should I agree to you? " The Principal sized Zhao Feiyu up with interest. Other than his normal clothes, which were black hair and black eyes, he did not attract much attention.

At this point, Fei Yu did not want to hide the truth, so he went straight to the point:

"I think that your school's collection, especially your magic collection, should have some reference to my cultivation, so I would like to ask the principal for permission to view the school's collection. There is no other reason."

"Tell me, I think you must be cultivating some kind of martial skill, I can't sense any Magic Ripples from your body." The Principal was obviously very interested in Fei Yu's answer.

Fei Yu also did not reply, he immediately released eighty percent of his Cultivation Level, and in an instant, the Principal felt like the sky had fallen, the ground had sunk, the Universe was destroyed, Fei Yu had only released it but it was immediately taken back, but with Fei Yu's Cultivation Level, even if he released eighty percent of the Cultivation Level, it was not something an ordinary person can receive. Even the Principal who had released eighty percent of his, had fallen down from his comfortable chair, his entire body was drenched in sweat as if he had just been fished out of a water lake, his face was pale white, and a trace of blood could still be seen at the corner of his mouth.

"God ?" Spirit... Level... You actually reached the god level? "

the headmaster said, his pale lips trembling.


"Heavens?!" When did a Divine level expert appear in the continent? "

Only after a long time did the headmaster recover from his shock and sit back down in his chair.

"Mr. Principal, do you have any doubts now?" There is a common ground between magic and martial arts, so I think that magic should be beneficial to my Cultivation Level. " This was not because Fei Yu lied to the Principal. With Fei Yu's Cultivation Level, it was very easy for him to analyze the magic and martial skills in one go.

"Alright, you can check the library materials in my school tomorrow."

"Oh, the principal believes me so?"

"What other advantages can a strong man like this derive from mine? Of course I do. "

"Oh yeah, please keep my situation a secret, Principal. I don't want to think about those sage rank professional on the continent, otherwise, it would be bad if there were any unexpected conflicts."

"Of course, of course, it seems that this is the only way. May I ask sir to condescend to the librarian? It would be convenient for you to act without anyone noticing. "

If the Empire took any extraordinary measures to obtain him, the consequences would be unimaginable. After all, if they were to fight with a Divine level expert, no matter how many armies the Empire had, it would be useless, and once they made a move, it would be unknown how many people the Walter Empire would have left. Although it would be difficult to fight four on one with two fists, but the difference in strength was not that great, so once the difference in strength was too great, the disparity in numbers could not be made up!

"Then I will have to thank the Principal. This is just a small token of my appreciation, I believe it will be beneficial to the Principal's Cultivation Level." Giving a sweet apple with a slap, Fei Yu gave the principal a Pei Yuan Dan before he left.

After Fei Yu left, the Principal looked at the fragrant Pills on the table, the Principal believed that an expert like Fei Yu would not harm him, and that he would not be able to retaliate if he wanted to. Furthermore, the Principal could feel that just sensing the medicinal fragrance entering his stomach caused his entire body to be relaxed, and the magic Cultivation Level that had not progressed by even an inch for so many years also had the potential to break through. He did not hesitate to grab the Pills and swallow it, in front of the great opportunity to break through the Cultivation Level, he did not have the steadiness that the Principal should have.

Fei Yu never thought that the matter would go so smoothly, but the old man who was the Principal shocked him. He never thought that he would eat the Pei Yuan Dan even before he walked out of his room. At the very least, he had to check and prepare before eating. This was truly beyond Fei Yu's expectations. This was actually because Fei Yu still did not understand how enticing the "Saint level" profession was, and it could be said to be a fatal temptation, let alone this little old man who had stayed in the Magister realm for a few years and had not progressed even an inch. On the other hand, the Principal believed that a strong Ranker like Fei Yu would not use such a low level method to deal with him, so he did not doubt Fei Yu's words at all.

There was nothing he could do about it. Principal had agreed to it so readily just now, making him have a good impression of her. Forget it, help him, I believe that Walter Empire has gained another set of Pharaoh tonight.

Seeing the Principal hurriedly swallowing the Pei Yuan Dan, Fei Yu knew that the Principal's current Cultivation Level was unable to endure all of the medicinal power. He thought, since the Principal agreed to his request so readily, causing him to have a good impression of the Principal, helping him now was also good.

The headmaster only felt a cool fragrance from his mouth all the way to his lower abdomen, and then the fragrance turned into a cool breeze that flowed all over his body, and the magic power that was gathering in his body became restless, and then the chaos started to revolt, and the magic power tore at Magician's weak body, causing him to feel as though his entire body was going to be torn into pieces. Crap, the headmaster thought to himself why did he eat the Pills just now in such a hurry, and did not think that he could endure the medicine, and it was too late for him to regret.

Just as Principal Fei Yu was about to return to the Underworld, he suddenly heard a loud shout. Calm down, let me help you, then put a hand behind his back. Fei Yu didn't know how to train magic in detail, so he could only let the Principal calm down and think of a way to help the Principal absorb the medicinal power. The moment the Principal heard Fei Yu's voice, he immediately calmed down. With the help of a god level Master, he was sure that he was safe, and his mind calmed down.

Fei Yu placed his right hand on the Principal's back, and a dense wave of zhenyuan quickly flowed into the Mage's weak body. Fei Yu carefully maneuvered his strong zhenyuan to prevent himself from being destroyed by the medicine. The zhenyuan was flowing inside the village head's body, healing Zhao Rui's damaged body and soothing the chaotic magic. Gradually, all the pain disappeared, and the principal felt an indescribable sense of comfort.

Fei Yu retracted his right hand. The principal was still immersed in the joy of breaking through yet to achieve a breakthrough, and only after a long time did he finally wake up.

"Thank you for your help. I forgot to ask, how should I address you?"

"You can call me Fei Yu. Congratulations Principal for successfully breaking through the Saint level and entering the Pharaoh."

"I don't dare to. If it wasn't for sir, I think I would have died just now. If there's anything I can help with in the future, I would be willing to help."

Although he had successfully broken through and became one of the few sage level expert, the Principal knew that his strength was insignificant like an ant in front of Fei Yu, so he remained courteous and did not dare be disrespectful in the slightest.

"There's no need to be courteous, just call me Fei Yu. You can also blame me for not explaining beforehand when I gave the medicine to you, for causing Principal to suffer."

"Pavilion..." Oh... Fei Yu, please call me Lan Te. "

However, this single step of distance had caused many people to be unable to cross it even after dozens of years. Lan Te even thought that his Magister was the pinnacle of his entire body, he never thought that he would reach the Pharaoh overnight, so on one hand, he was unimpressed by Fei Yu's unbelievable Cultivation Level, and on the other hand, he was extremely grateful to Fei Yu for helping him become a Pharaoh master.

"Alright, since there is nothing else, I will take my leave."

"Alright, I'll send you off."

Principal Lan Te respectfully let Fei Yu out of the door, and Fei Yu secretly waved his hand to retrieve the array, flying out into the sky.

The next day, Fei Yu came to the Academy early. Sigh, Lin Nuo was truly too annoying, making it difficult for him to get rid of the little girl and come to Library.

After entering the room, he went to the curator's room and saw that the curator, Melis Nuskal, had shown him a letter written by the principal before receiving a golden crystal card. It was said that it was a proof of reading ? a reading certificate.

"Young lad, I do not know why the Principal thinks so highly of you, to actually send you a gold book proof card, but there are some matters that need to be explained. The Library has different Magic Barrier s depending on the type and level of the books stored, only when one's martial arts and magic Cultivation Level reaches a certain level can one pass through the corresponding barrier. And some of the more valuable books are only read by people with the permission of the Principal. If you want to force your way in or destroy the barrier, you will be hit by the barrier's counterattack. At the same time, the barrier will send a warning to the school and you will be dealt with seriously by the school. "

He paused for a moment before continuing, "There are three ways to use the different Magic Barrier s in the Library:

First, to destroy the walls of the Magic Barrier or the library, it was basically impossible. First, the Magic Barrier was jointly set up by a few Magister s, in order to destroy it, one had to approach the, and the walls of the library were made of extremely hard black iron rock s, both magic and physical defense were astonishingly high; Second, the Cultivation Level reached the corresponding standard, as long as the Cultivation Level reached the requirements of the Magic Barrier, one could ignore the obstruction of the Magic Barrier;

The golden book in your hands is just a Magic Barrier permit. With it, you can ignore any Magic Barrier in the Library and freely browse through all kinds of books. There are even some precious books. What was even more special was that the golden book certificate could be borrowed, while the other books could only be viewed and studied in the library. But I must give you a piece of advice, don't blindly train in a way that is higher than your level of Cultivation Level, otherwise it will be harmful and useless. Alright, that's all I have to say, you can go and see the Secret Scriptures. "

"Thank you for your advice. I will take note."

Fei Yu thought that he did not expect Lan Te (Principal) to trust him this much and gave him a golden book to use. Fei Yu followed the instructions on the door plate and found the Magic Book Collection Vault. In the following half a month, Fei Yu met with You Lan and Lin Nuo everyday and chatted with them. Through research, he discovered that the so-called Elemental Magic was formed through different ways of condensing Magic Elements, which allowed the condensed Magic Elements to be released according to certain rules and forms with certain special effects. There were also some other non-Elemental Magic which were achieved through the spiritual force's direct use of magic objects, such as undead magic, Spatial Magic and so on.

As for the so called magic power, it was the result of the spiritual force and its resonance strength.

spiritual force, that is the amount of spiritual force you have to control. Without enough strength, spiritual force warriors are unable to activate magic, so the strength of the spiritual force determines the highest level of magic you can activate.

Resonance strength, which is the amount of Magic Elements that you can control under a certain amount of spiritual force. The more you can control, the stronger your resonance strength is, and the stronger your attack power is, the shorter the time it takes to activate a spell, or even a few low-level spells!

As long as there was enough magic power to activate, it would be sustained for a period of time, producing a specific magic effect. As long as the magic array was not damaged during the process, it would not stop. Of course, it had to replenish the consumed magic power in a timely manner.

's cultivation techniques also had some similarities. The spiritual cultivation must reach a certain realm where one had a strong spiritual force in order to control them, through spiritual force s, they could control them, and through spiritual force s, they could control them. When releasing the Method of, they must also use certain methods such as hand seals, runes and arrays to activate the zhenyuan, and mobilize the elemental energy of heaven and earth, so that they can release the elemental energy of heaven and earth according to certain rules and forms to achieve certain specific effects.

When Fei Yu was immersed in his world of magic, when he changed the books he discovered an old leather book in the corner of the bookshelf. The book had a skin that had already turned yellow, luckily it was in the Magic Barrier, otherwise it would have been full of dust. He picked it up and looked at it curiously. It really was an introduction, just a single sentence. Fei Yu casually flipped open the contents of the book and read it with relish. Suddenly, Fei Yu was stunned.

"Dragon, race, secret, magic, truth, dragon, blood, body, rest, sleep, and magic." Fei Yu read the words out loud.

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