Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C14 Dragon Lady Waking up
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Domination: Divine Doctor Hua Tuo/C14 Dragon Lady Waking up
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C14 Dragon Lady Waking up

Although she was protected by the Dragon Qi, but the gap between the Cultivation Level s was too big. Although the Second Elder did not use the Dragon Breath's power in a hurry, she was still beaten up to the point where she vomited blood and was severely injured.

What a strong dragon girl, Beli. She bit her teeth and made up her mind to give up on defense, pushing her body forward with all her strength. Even the dragon and ice cone crashed into the barrier.

On the other hand, there was no lack of dragon race in the Dragon Island. Setting up a strong barrier required more power from the s in order to easily alert the other dragon race s on the island, and if the situation was exposed, it would be troublesome, so, the barrier was not very strong, and it was only to prevent the situation from leaking out. Now that the ice cone had been knocked into the wall with all of its strength by Belis, it opened a gap in its defense, and as Belis was escaping in the wind, the barrier would rely on her knowledge of the surrounding terrain to chase after the two old dragons.

In addition, the actions of these dragons were not to be underestimated. It was also impossible for them to hunt down Belis in broad daylight. This was also the main reason why Belis was able to escape from death.

"Erzhang Lao, what do we do now?" Bu Te Li panicked and was at a loss of what to do. Murdering someone from the dragon race was a big sin, even his own grandfather would not necessarily protect him.

"What else can we do? We'll do it step by step. Keep your mouth shut when we get back, or else ?" "Hmmph ? Hmmm, you guys should go out a lot these few days. You know what to do when you see Beli." "Hmmm ? Hmmm ? You guys know what to do." "Hmmm ? You guys should go out for a few days ? You guys know what to do." ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Erzhang Lao glanced at the Dragon Warriors ruthlessly. His intention was obvious, the longer the dragon lived the more it kept its mouth shut. Second Elder Zhao was regretting his carelessness. He had not thought it through properly, yet before he could make a move, he had already chased the girl away. It was a pity that there was no medicine for regret that could be sold in this world! If that girl ran away, there would be endless trouble in the future.

"I'll go get their treasure." Seeing that there were good opportunities, Bu Te Li anxiously rushed into the cave. dragon race's obsession with treasures was well-known.

"Come back, you're still not leaving? Wait for people to find out, then no matter how much wealth you have, it'll be useless. Everyone work together to wipe out the traces and then leave quickly. Don't worry about those treasures, just be careful."


Thinking of the serious consequences, Bu Te Li was not interested in finding treasures anymore. Although it was a pity, compared to his own life, this life was still more important. He hurriedly destroyed the traces left behind by the dragon.

Using her familiarity of the environment, she left this dangerous place with the fastest speed possible. As she had Erzhang Lao's participation, she did not know if she would encounter any danger when she went back to dragon race for help, so she could only try her best to escape, using all her potential to increase her own strength. Beli's consciousness became more and more blurry, and she could only rely on her will to survive.

He did not know where he was, but after flying for an unknown period of time, his consciousness suddenly became fuzzy, his consciousness became blurry, and then, with a plop, he woke up with a start. He saw that he had arrived at a strange space, and landed on a small platform, surrounded by burning lava, as if there was a Big Sword in stone table Shanghai, and a stone bridge leading to a cave.

He followed the stone bridge to another space, and the scenery in front of him started to blur. He knew that if he were to continue like this, he wouldn't be able to survive even if he were to use the Arcane Art and get heavily injured by the Erzhang Lao.

No, he had to survive. Although it was dangerous, there was always a trace of hope. No, with the combined effects of heavy injuries and the backlash of the Arcane Art, she would definitely not be able to survive. She could use it, she might still have a chance to survive.

Slowly, the blood on her body started to strangely dance around her body, and it became more and more. Gradually, she disappeared into the blood-red color, and after a burst of blood-red light shone, and a huge egg that was as tall as a person appeared in the center of the stone table. It was quiet as it slept for a long time.

One day passed, and the huge egg quietly stood there. One year passed, and the huge egg quietly stood there, and ten years passed, and the huge egg still stood there quietly. A hundred years had passed in a hurry, and the huge egg did not change at all.

"Ka ?" "Crack ?" Ka-cha ? "Crack ?" Following a clear needle sound, cracks began to appear on the "dragon egg".

As the vibrations of the "dragon egg" became more and more intense, more and more cracks appeared, and the cracks also grew larger and larger. Suddenly, a blinding light flashed, and then disappeared, and the "dragon egg" also disappeared, leaving behind a tall blonde girl with a fat bottom. felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his chest. He could see all the mountains and valleys where the lady was, but she seemed to have just woken up, as she stretched her body in a tempting manner. Oh my god, are you really going to seduce me like that?

was dumbstruck. The girl seemed to have finally woken up and understood the situation in front of her. With a scream, she crouched down to cover her vital parts.

"Who are you? "Where am I?" The lady said.

"My name is Fei Yu, you should be dragon race right?"

"How do you know?" The girl stared at Fei Yu vigilantly. The moment she woke up, her identity was immediately exposed, causing her to be extremely nervous.

"Hehe, I also know that you used the True Dragon Blood Body hibernation technique."

"Who the hell are you? How do you know all this? " From the looks of it, as long as Fei Yu did not make any unusual moves, he would be affected by the most intense destructive force.

"Stop, don't misunderstand, it's like this ?" Fei Yu told the woman about his discovery of the dragon egg and other future events.

"Oh, so I should thank you for saving me?" The woman still hadn't let down her guard. Who knew what hidden motive this person had.

"No need." Judging from that girl's appearance, even a fool would know that she wasn't speaking the truth. Her vigilance was quite strong.

"Okay, you should at least tell me what to call you, right?"

"You can call me Alice."

Fei Yu realized that it was not very convenient for him to talk to Belis like this, it would be hard for Beli to let go of her guard and let You Lan come over. It seemed that there would not be any danger, so he called for You Lan through the "homocentric" in his heart.

"Lan, where are you? What do we do now? "

"AHH!" Fei Yu!? You have already been in the secret room for half a month.

"Alright, what's going on outside?"

"Very good, it's that little girl Lin Nuo who misses you to death. Every day, she would come over a few times to ask when you would be back. I... "I missed you too." You Lan said in a slightly embarrassed manner at the end.

"My good wife, I miss you too. Do you have any business now? If there's nothing else, send it over and see. That dragon race is a ? It's a woman, and she brought a girl's dress here as well. "

"Alright, I'll be there right away."

Moments later, a ball of white light appeared around Fei Yu, and when Beli saw that Fei Yu and the ball of light that was flickering with light, she became even more cautious. The ball of light disappeared in a flash, and You Lan's beautiful figure appeared in front of Fei Yu.

"Fei Yu." After not seeing Fei Yu for a long time, You Lan could not care about being bashful when she saw him and gave him a big hug. After a long while, You Lan and Fei Yu finally realised that there was an outsider present, and a blush started to crawl up You Lan's beautiful face.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm You Lan from Elves. You Lan handed the clothes over to the still Belis, and introduced himself as a spirit who loved freedom, to dispel Belis' wariness.

"Thank you, it's also a pleasure to meet you, I'm dragon race's Belis!"

"Have you just woken up?" You Lan asked Belis out of concern.

"Fortunately ?"

The two girls started to get familiar with each other very quickly, chattering non-stop.

As alien race, the two girls quickly got to know each other and chatted non-stop. She quickly dispelled her wariness towards Fei Yu and You Lan and started to chat happily. You Lan suddenly remembered that Beli had just woken up.

"Belis, are you alright after waking up just now?"

"Not bad."

"Let Fei Yu examine you. Fei Yu's medical skills are very good."

"Medicine, what is medicine?"

"It can heal wounds like a priest. Fei Yu's hometown has become a doctor."

"Oh," Beisi cautiously looked at Fei Yu and You Lan. Seeing that Fei Yu and You Lan didn't seem to have any bad intentions, she said, "Fine, what do I need to do?"

"Just extend your right hand," Fei Yu replied indifferently.

"Ah?" Is that all? "

"Then what do you think will happen?" Fei Yu asked in response.

"Oh, I don't know." Alice stretched out her right hand, a little embarrassed. Fei Yu placed his right hand on Belis' smooth wrist and closed his eyes.

After Fei Yu received the spiritual consciousness, he immediately entered into Beli's body and saw that the structure of her body was no different from that of a normal person's, it was just that her meridians were thicker and tougher, and Fei Yu could feel that the energy contained in her body was much more than a normal person's, and also far stronger than an ordinary person's, it was just that she could not feel the flow of zhenqi inside her meridians, and her dantian also did not have any zhenqi's accumulation, but instead, it was replaced by some of the floating golden energy in her veins. It should be the Golden Dragon's qi, but she was clearly extremely weak.

When Fei Yu opened his eyes, he knew that Fei Yu had finished his inspection and asked, "How is Beli's body? Are you alright? "

"Fortunately, other than a bit of forced use of the Arcane Art, which caused my body to be slightly weak, everything else is normal. However, it is possible that the Cultivation Level will fall a bit."


Fortunately, it was expected that she would be weakened and her Cultivation Level would fall as well. Forcefully using the dragon race's Arcane Art twice in a row was already considered fortunate enough to have such a result, so what else could she possibly ask for.

However, Fei Yu still felt that something was amiss. What was it exactly? Ah, I remember now. Yes, it was a contract, the same feeling that You Lan had when she inexplicably made the contract, could it be ??

You Lan told Fei Yu to come and ask about his situation everyday. It was clear that Lin Nuo was interested in him, but Fei Yu did not have no feelings for him at all, after all, with a young and tender beautiful sister by his side, who could remain calm and collected, even if it was a monk, he should still be able to go back to normal, right? This was the first time Fei Yu came to the academy to study magic for a long time. Fei Yu was not a monk, but he already had You Lan and he liked You Lan so much.

They quickly arrived at Lin Nuo's dormitory. Fei Yu knocked on the door, and they all opened up quickly. Dan Nisi pushed open the door and walked out.

"It's you, Fei Yu. Quickly go and comfort your baby Lin Nuo, Lin Nuo has been thinking so much about you these past few days. Dan Nisi said half-jokingly half-seriously as she looked at Fei Yu.

"Huh?" Fei Yu was a little embarrassed. Although he liked Lin Nuo a little, but to be able to say the same things to him was a completely different matter.

"Hee hee, quickly go in. Lin Nuo is alone, I'm just about to go out, so I won't disturb you guys." With that, she left, leaving Fei Yu standing at the door awkwardly. Forget it, since she had come, then let's go in, Fei Yu walked into Lin Nuo's dormitory, with his back facing him, he climbed onto the bed and stared blankly at him.

"Dan Nisi, do you think Fei Yu will return soon? Or had he already returned? Do I still have to go to Big Sister You Lan's place today? " Lin Nuo had her back to the door, obviously treating Fei Yu as Denise.

"Ah!" Lin Nuo sprung up from the bed as if she had been electrocuted and threw herself into Fei Yu's embrace.

"Fei Yu, you're really back. Are you really here to see me? Am I dreaming? "

"Yeah, I'm back."

Fei Yu hugged Lin Nuo's back, and he didn't know how to deal with the situation in front of him.

"Are we leaving again this time?" After a long while, Lin Nuo finally raised her head and asked.

"I'm not leaving." Fei Yu comforted Lin Nuo for a long time before he finally calmed the little girl's excited mood, and after chatting with Lin Nuo for a long time, after promising to come visit her every day, he left Lin Nuo's dorm room to study magic, and the moment he came out of Lin Nuo's room, he was hastily invited by the Principal to his office.

"Mr. Fei Yu, please take a seat. I have no choice but to invite you to come over.

"You should just address me as Fei Yu. If there's anything you have to say, you can call me that." Seeing the Principal being bashful and hesitating, Fei Yu knew that the Principal was looking for him.

"It's about Lin Nuo."

"Lin Nuo? What happened to Lin Nuo? " Fei Yu raised her eyebrows, and asked with an unfriendly tone.

"It's like this. You also know that Lin Nuo's father is the Holy Knights of the Empire's Canaan Ge Mulinsi, and that Lin Nuo herself is a rare beauty, thus attracting the attention of many powers, wanting to obtain Miss Lin Nuo's favor. However, since Lin Nuo's father is the Holy Knights of the Empire's Canaan, using force will definitely not work, and can only allow the disciples of the family to get closer to Lin Nuo. Over the past few years, all of the powers have reached a tacit agreement to see who can obtain Miss Lin Nuo's favor first."

Lan Te looked at Fei Yu and did not have any excessive reactions.

"But because of your arrival, the various forces realized that you and Miss Lin Nuo are very close, and they do not want to give up on Lin Nuo, so they could only think of a way to separate you and Miss Lin Nuo, and they cannot take any action against Miss Lin Nuo, so ? "So ?"

Speaking of which ? Lan Te mumbled. So... So he didn't say anything else for a long time.

"So you want to use force against me or make me disappear?" Fei Yu continued, no one could see the expression on his face.

"Yes ?" "Yeah." Lan Te broke out in a cold sweat. If the Divine Ranker in front of him got angry, the consequences would be hard to say.

"Then why did you call me here ?"

"This... This... "This ?" The principal could not say anything.

"Alright, take your time. No need for this or that."

"Alright, you know that all sorts of forces are after Lin Nuo, and and the second son of the prime minister, Luo Jie, are the ones with the highest hopes of obtaining Lin Nuo's favor, but your appearance broke this situation, and now that all of the major powers are fully investigating the powers behind you, they will probably come to a conclusion very soon. At that time, someone might attack you, and I know that none of these would pose a threat to you, but you know that there might be the Second Prince and the second son of the prime minister, Luo Jie, and if anything happens to them, there will be serious consequences, can't be ? Can you... Please... At that time... "Have mercy ?"

"Hmph" Lan Te said as he sweated profusely, and just as he finished, he heard Fei Yu groan. Lan Te's legs went limp, and he almost fell to the ground. Although Fei Yu did not want to cause trouble, it did not mean that he was afraid of anyone.

"You better make them not bother me, or else I can spare their lives, but ?" Needless to say, physical pain was inevitable, or perhaps it would be better to create a few neutral humans.

"Also, you have to guarantee that they won't reach out to a place they shouldn't reach out to. Otherwise, don't blame me for being mischievous. You better pass my words on to them. If you don't believe me, just let them have their way." Lan Te suddenly felt that his surroundings were very cold, cold to the point that he felt that this was not an office, but an ice mountain.

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